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[IDEA] Categories of power

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This piece from Wikipedia migh help us along in adding more realism to our RP. It will help guide the conversation when conflicts occur, for example related to "you can't do that your nations is not big enough".



Categories of power

In the modern geopolitical landscape, a number of terms are used to describe various types of powers, which include the following:


  • Superpower: In 1944, William T. R. Fox defined superpower as "great power plus great mobility of power" and identified three states, the British Empire, the Soviet Union and the United States. With the decolonisation of the British Empire following World War II, and then the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States is currently the only country considered to be a superpower.


  • Great power: In historical mentions, the term great power refers to the states that have strong political, cultural and economical influence over nations around them and across the world.


  • Middle power: A subjective description of influential second-tier states that could not quite be described as great or small powers. A middle power has sufficient strength and authority to stand on its own without the need of help from others (particularly in the realm of security) and takes diplomatic leads in regional and global affairs. Clearly not all middle powers are of equal status; some are members of forums such as the G20 and play important roles in the United Nations and other international organisations such as the WTO.


  • Small power: The International System is for the most part made up by small powers. They are instruments of the other powers and may at times be dominated; but they cannot be ignored.



This list can also be extend by other factors.


Other categories


  • Regional power: This term is used to describe a nation that exercises influence and power within a region. Being a regional power is not mutually exclusive with any of the other categories of power. The majority of them exert a strategic degree of influence as minor or secondary regional powers. A primary regional power (like Australia) has often an important role in international affairs outside of its region too.[22]


  • Cultural superpower: Refers to a country whose culture, arts or entertainment have worldwide appeal, significant international popularity or large influence on much of the world. Countries such as Italy,[23] Japan,[24][25] Spain,[26][27][28] the United Kingdom,[29][30] and the United States[31] have often been described as cultural superpowers, although it is sometimes debated on which one meets such criteria. Unlike traditional forms of national power, the term cultural superpower is in reference to a nation's Soft power capabilities.


  • Energy superpower: Describes a country that supplies large amounts of energy resources (crude oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, etc.) to a significant number of other states, and therefore has the potential to influence world markets to gain a political or economic advantage. Saudi Arabia and Russia, are generally acknowledged as the world's current energy superpowers, given their abilities to globally influence or even directly control prices to certain countries. Australia and Canada are potential energy superpowers due to their large natural resources.

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The question at hand focuses mostly on whether or not this idea is something world considering in guiding along our RP'S. Is it worth investing time and energy? Or will it make matters overly complex, resulting in less activity?

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I don't think that it would change that much whether we have this or not. We could use this as a backup for arguments tho.

According to those principles, the SSI would be considered either a low-tear great power or a high-tier middle power. The SSI would be a regional power for sure and maybe even an energy superpower since we do export a bunch of Uranium, as mentioned in the spreadsheet.

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