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Eurofuhrerian Diplomacy

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Greetings, my name is Lorenz Sommer, and I am the minister of foreign affairs for the Eurof?hrer. My country has a very interesting story to tell


Chapter 1: Dictatorship


The Eurofuhrer started out as an authoritarian state. Gradually we kept getting worse, and we became a ruthless dictatorship. Times were hard for the civilians. However, the men higher up had great power, as we were the WA delegate for a 700 member region, Union of the Fascist Nations. After the first leader was deleted by game mods, I was asked to step up in his place. The stress got to our then tiny nation, and we folded.


Chapter 2: Overthrowing


Eventually, the civilians overpowered our police, stormed the castle, and took over. However, sanctions from other nations from the fascist regime loomed over us. We took brief stops in some regions, looking to get away from crippling sanctions. Meanwhile, the new government was slowly giving people their freedoms back. We were going towards freedom, we just needed one more step.


Chapter 3: Europa


Once I found Europa, I knew that our nation would finally be free. After giving people the freedoms they desired, the first election was held. This was the first free election in the history of the eurofuhrerian people. After 4 more successful elections, we became a civil rights lovefest. We are now a source of knowledge, environmental beauty, and a bustling economy. We are looking for other nations to help us take that next step into the future. There is an international dinner at the Chancellor's Palace in Belgrade. If you are interested. I can give you the date and time,

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