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The Andallan Broadcasting Network, or simply ABN, is the largest commercial broadcast television and radio network in Andalla. Its main office is located at the ABN Broadcasting Center at Erik S. Dahlsen Avenue (ESDA) corner Olsen Avenue while its primary transmitter, the Millennium Tower, is located in Haugvange.

The ABN broadcasts primarily through its flagship television channel DSEA-TV (better known as Commonwealth TV or CTV), as well as through its flagship AM radio station DZMB-AM (Radio Andska 630). The ABN is best-known for its nationwide evening news program, Andalla Today, and its noontime variety program, Middandska, both of which are simulcast on CTV and Radio Andska 630.

ABN programs are also broadcast internationally with Andska TV, a subscription-based cable and satellite television channel with approximately 1.8 million subscribers worldwide. Andska TV is based in Porto Libertad, @Sunset Sea Islands, with major offices located in other countries with a significant Andallan diaspora.

The ABN maintains an online presence through its main website, abn.comAT Online (news.at.net), a standalone news website affiliated with Andalla Today, serves as the ABN's primary news outlet alongside Andalla Today.

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:pic: The AMS Birkeby underway to Kualoa.

Earlier, the AMS Lillund, AMS Birkeby and the AMS Karlsborg departed Holtrup, each carrying around 500 tons of relief supplies for the victims of Typhoon Aletta. The Karlsborg and the Birkeby carried an additional 300 tons of construction materials each, while the Lillund brought a few dozen light trucks to aid with the relief operations. All three vessels embarked a team of over a hundred Marines, engineers and volunteers.

Aletta made landfall on Rotuma Island in Kualoa two days ago, and has been battering the area since it made landfall. President Johansen said that he and the Andallan people are "praying for the victims of Typhoon Aletta".

Meanwhile, another typhoon hit the city of Andro in Orioni. Typhoon Notai, the worst experienced by the city in 5 years, made landfall a week ago and has since then moved on to the Bainbridge Islands. Windspeeds were reported to have reached up to 190km/h, ravaging nearly 20km of coastline and causing the cancellation of over 400 flights in the area. As of now, clearing operations are well underway.

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:pic: The M/V Kirsten Møller departing Holtrup.

Yesterday, the bulk carrier M/V Kirsten Møller sank in the Sea of Andalla.

28 crew members from 5 nationalities were aboard: 18 from Andalla, 6 from the Sunset Sea Islands, 3 from Cashar, and 1 from Kualoa.

The 294-meter-long, 45-meter-wide vessel, with a capacity of 180,043 deadweight tons, was hit and capsized by a rogue wave yesterday.

The Kirsten Møller was enroute to Porto Libertad from Brumundvik when she lost contact with ships nearby.

A Sunset Sea Islandian cargo vessel, the M/V Star Oceans, was 83.1 nautical miles (154 kilometers) away when her radar lost contact with the bulk carrier. Her captain, Akagi Masazumi, immediately set out to investigate the mysterious disappearance. Upon reaching the area a few hours later, the Kirsten Møller had disappeared.

5 survivors were picked up from the water: 2 Andallans, 3 Sunset Sea Islandians, and 1 Kualoan. All but Ariki Tepau, a Kualoan, had managed to launch the ship's freefall lifeboat. Tepau, who was on the bow at the time of the sinking, managed to climb on a floating plank of wood and made is way towards the lifeboat. The remaining crew members, unfortunately, did not manage to escape the sinking vessel in time.

According to Olov Strøm, one of the two Andallans who survived, the Kirsten Møller was hit on the starboard side by a 100-foot rogue wave causing the cargo to shift and eventually knock her off-balance.

The Coast Guard has deployed several vessels to the area to find the remains of the vessel.

According to the Kirsten Møller's operator, Sunstar Shipping, the Kirsten Møller was in good condition at the time of departure from Holtrup. She is fairly new, completed July 2013. The sinking was the largest maritime disaster affecting the company.

President Johansen and Sunstar CEO Arnold Hagtvedt expressed their deepest condolences to the families of the victims. Hagtvedt also stated that the company would be paying Å50,000 to each of the families affected.

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:pic: The ACAF B650 jet carrying freed VLA captive Johan Gustafsson, on final approach to Dalsgård Airbase.

On September 26, the entire nation rejoiced as 42-year-old Johan Gustafsson returned to Andalla.

It was July 2011 when he departed the country for Dieudonné, @Afropa to embark on a motorcycle journey across the diverse landscapes of the Europan nation. 24 hours after he arrived in Dieudonné, he was held at gunpoint near his hotel and taken as hostage for the Violetist Liberation Army.

Upon arrival at Dalsgård Airbase in Påderos, Gustafsson was greeted by President Johansen and other high-ranking government officials.

Vice President Ingrid Tansen, on the other hand, accompanied Gustafsson on the flight from Dieudonné to Zuidhaven, and onward to Dalsgård AB.

"I felt like a hero yet I am ashamed of doing very little for my country," said a humbled Gustafsson in an interview. "But I am thankful that my fellow Andallan brothers and sisters rejoice for the returning of even just one lost sheep."

"For 6 years, the nation has not stopped striving to free you from the hands of the VLA," said Foreign Minister Alexander Bendtsen in a short conversation with Gustafsson.

However, President Johansen also expressed his fears. "Things like these will happen again, but I am sure that the Andallan people shall work in full unity against it," he said.

In a statement released yesterday, Foreign Minister Bendtsen emphasized recent plans to improve diplomatic relations with Afropa in order to cooperate against the VLA.

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:pic: An L-30 similar to the one that collided with the unknown aircraft.

A Skandinavisk L-30 collided with an unknown aircraft above the skies of Sundby, Graesøy in the late afternoon of September 29.

"It's usual to see small aircraft flying over my field," said Sven Lundholm, 51, who was working in his rice field at the time of the collision. "It was a cloudy day, and the plane was flying low to avoid the clouds. Suddenly, a black object of around the same size appeared out of the clouds above the plane and deliberately collided into it, causing a large explosion."

Lundholm also stated that it happened too fast to make out what shape the aircraft was, how fast it was travelling, or how it looked like.

The unfortunate L-30 was being piloted by Oscar Hallstrom, 38, and was last recorded taking off from Sundby's town airstrip heading south-west towards the nearby town of Lillestrom.

Speculators and conspiracy theorists have created a couple of popular theories for the incident. One such theory is that an enemy nation actually fired a secret long-range surface-to-air missile at the aircraft. However, it has been debunked due to the fact that there is no known surface-to-air missile with such long range, and that Andalla has no enemies.

The Andallan Commonwealth Air Force and the Andallan Civil Air Safety Administration (ACASA) are currently conducting investigations in the area regarding the incident.

The collision was the 16th major incident regarding the L-30, Skandinavisk's second most widely-produced aircraft next to the L-20 "Lille Fugl".

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:pic: Åkerlund's personal SK-4-100, nicknamed the "Flying Schoolbus", at Thorbjørn Povlsen Møllerup International Airport in 2015.

Famed businessman and philantrophist Benjamin Åkerlund was aboard his privately-owned SK-4, heading to the @Sunset Sea Islands when he passed away in his sleep on the night of October 14.

The actual time of his death was unknown. His 49-year-old son Bjarke, was seated across him when his phone rang. However, he did not wake up as usual to answer the call. After several attempts to wake him up, preparations were made to have him rushed to the hospital upon landing.

Åkerlund was pronounced dead-on-arrival. After the autopsy, it was confirmed that Åkerlund had died a peaceful and painless death when his heart suddenly stopped around 40 minutes away from the airport.

President Klaus Johansen, accompanied by several businessmen and his bodyguards, was standing on the ramp of Ivan Petersen International Airport to receive his corpse, which was carefully-preserved in an air-conditioned box as no casket was available.

"He was a mentor, a good man, one who loved his country. But most of all, he was my friend," said Ernst Borstad, CEO of Borstad Holdings and closest friend of Åkerlund.

"I, and the Andallan people, all mourn the loss of Benjamin Åkerlund. Andalla will never forget his contributions to our society," said President Johansen, Åkerlund's classmate in elementary.

"When I heard the news, it felt like my heart became empty. Ben will always have a spot in my heart and, I believe, in others' as well. He was a dedicated man and he never settled for anything less than excellence," said Ingrid Åkerlund, his wife.

Aside from founding and co-founding numerous companies and organizations, including professional services firm AAA, he spearheaded numerous philanthropic efforts. He is best-known for his efforts in improving the quality of education in Andalla. His private jet, dubbed the "Flying Schoolbus", got its nickname from being used constantly to deliver free educational supplies and materials to schools and towns across Andalla. In late 2006, Åkerlund had nearly half of his jet converted to a cargo hold to allow for more materials to be delivered in one flight.

His philanthropic efforts will continue under the leadership of his eldest son, Kristoffer Åkerlund. "If he could come back as a voice guiding us, I'm very sure he'd tell us to continue his effort to continually elevate the standard of living in the less unfortunate places of Andalla."

AAA has yet to release details on the memorial service, but said in a statement that Åkerlund would've surely wished for his funeral to be "kept simple".

As was said in his will, all his money would be donated to other philanthropic organizations.

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:pic: President Johansen congratulating the new Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke, Dina Diva.

President Johansen uploaded a video of his wishes to @Variota regarding the results of the election to the official Presidential website earlier, before boarding the Presidential jet for his state visit to Ferrefaaierhafen.

"First off, I would like to begin by congratulating Dina Diva on her election as the Variotan Head of State," he said.

"To the other candidates, do not lose heart. Just because you have merely lost an election does not mean you can no longer make a difference in the everyday lives of the Variotan people. I wish you all just as well."

"As for the new Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke, I congratulate you again. May you guide lead the Variotan nation well. I must also remind you that leading a nation is very hard. Many responsibilities rest on your shoulders now. A heavy yoke lies before you. So I say, take it up, and lead the Variotan nation to the best of your ability. "

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OOC: Yay! First news post after nearly a month! The computer's alive again! :D


:pic: The AMS Åsmund Skramstad, a Thorbjørn Søgaard-Class Fast Attack Craft of the ACN.

On September 8, the bulk carrier M/V Kirsten Møller sank in a freak accident. Two months later, her remains were found below the waves by ACN vessel Åsmund Skramstad.

The Åsmund Skramstad was one of 4 small vessels deployed by the ACN to aid the Coast Guard in its search for the wreck of the ill-fated vessel. Due to her short endurance, she made numerous return trips to Andallan naval stations to refuel, then set out again in hopes of finding the Kirsten Møller.

On the night of November 15, at 2109 hrs, radar operator Børge Laggeson was looking at the vessel's sonar readings when he spotted what looked like the outline of a large vessel.

He produced several sonar images of the wreck, then the ship returned to Naval Station Holger Andreasen in Sighammar for further processing. With help from Sunstar documents, it was confirmed that the wreck spotted by Laggerfelt was that of the Kirsten Møller.

With Sunstar losing the trust of numerous companies after the incident, CEO Arnold Hagtvedt has made it clear that Sunstar has no current plans to recover the vessel.

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Every year, the entire nation kicks off the "world's longest Christmas season" in early October, poised to last until late January. This months-long celebration, known locally as Jul, is a time for Andalla to showcase its culture, craftsmanship and cheer. This Holidays, our team from AT Online has gathered several photos showcasing the beauty of the Andallan Jul season.


With its vast display of colorful lights, Antonsen Avenue becomes a centerpiece of Arkhavn during the Christmas season. The scene in the picture depicts the baby Jesus lying in the manger, with Mary and Joseph beside it.


Another well-known Christmas tourist spot along Antonsen Avenue is the Antonsen Triangle Gardens. With its vibrant light shows accompanied by upbeat Christmas music, the Antonsen Triangle Gardens attract thousands of tourists every Christmas season. The shows run daily from November 1 to January 31, beginning at 6PM and lasting for roughly 30 minutes


Decorations at the iconic lobby of the Arkhavn Grand Hotel. On December 8, several of the lights in the chandeliers and around the lobby will be replaced with red and green LEDs. Many of Arkhavn's major hotels including the "Big Three" are nearly fully-booked for December 25.


A giant Jultjerne hanging along the road in Købmanshavn. A signature mark of the Andallan Christmas season, these colorful lanterns have been around for well over a hundred years, first appearing in the early 19th century. Today, Jultjernes come in all shapes and sizes, with materials ranging from the traditional bamboo and Kipanese paper to glass, leaves, metal and even plastic straws.

OOC: By the way, these are all pictures from the Philippines :D

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:pic: The AMS Langlev underway, with the Arkhavn skyline in the background.

After a Magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck the city of Walmington-on-Sea in @Gallambria, the AMS Kongssted and her sister ship the AMS Langlev have been sent to the scene. It is also serves as a practice deployment for the crew of the Langlev, which was commissioned last July 27. Both ships departed Holtrup carrying a total of 700 tons of relief goods and construction materials, 600 Marines, 6 helicopters and several trucks.

According to the Navy Chief of Staff Adm. Alexander Børge, it is an act of goodwill and friendship with the Kingdom of Gallambria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is constantly "striving to improve and ensure healthy Andalla-Gallambria relations".

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In a press conference earlier, President Klaus Johansen confirmed Andalla's intention to be a signatory to an upcoming treaty regarding the defense of several tri-continental nations including @Iverica, @Prymont and @Variota.

"I can only assure you that such a treaty exists," said President Johansen in a press release. "Andalla is planning to increase defense cooperation with its neighbors."

After being asked whether or not taxes would increase should Andalla participate in military development programs, he replied: 

"Andalla has a long history of military cooperation with the nations involved. Ultimately these things are done only for the benefit of the Andallan people, and even to the benefit of the economy as well."

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OOC: Major news format change! Special thanks to @Iverica and @Kaitaine for some inspiration which you will see at the bottom of the post.


By: Nora Blomstedt | January 26, 2018


:pic: "Does that give Dina Diva the authority to disclose the name of the treaty?" Fartprut said to reporters. "Definitely not!"

ARKHAVN - Following the @Variotan head of state, Dina Diva, explaining @Iverican Primeal Spokesperson Bernat Villar's statement on a series of ongoing tri-continental conferences regarding TRIDENT, a multilateral defense treaty, ML Adulf Fartprut released his own statement against Dina Diva saying she should have "never mentioned the treaty's name".

"There is a reason why Mr. Villar's statement on the treaty kept some information confidential," he said in an interview. "Did he even mention the name of the treaty? No! Now, when President Johansen talked about it, did he mention its name? No! You see, both Johansen and the Ivericans have never even mentioned the name of the said treaty. That shows the gravity of the situation; it must be kept confidential. Does that give Dina Diva the authority to disclose the name of the treaty? Definitely not!"

Fartprut also warned Dina Diva that she had made a "big mistake" and that the signatories to the treaty would "regret her actions on the day they realize the consequences".

Public reaction to his statement was quite heated. Many have spoken against Fartprut, saying that his points were "shallow" and "weak", and that the leaking of TRIDENT's name would not cause any major negative effects. Respected anti-corruption blog The Rotten Political joined the debate, remarking "Fartprut's opinion, at the very least, made some sense. However, as many say, the so-called 'leaking' of TRIDENT's name would not do much damage to our national security." Singer Mia Loga commented that it was "just Dina Diva's way of trying to take a step closer to her own people".


  • Ministry of Health demands answer after Lysian vaccine scandal
  • Life-sized sculpture of Dina Diva on auction
  • Iverican singer Julia Anne San Juan to perform in Andalla
  • Army anti-tank missile allegedly "crashes into test target"
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By: Johan Ang | February 16, 2018


:pic: A typical lion dance taking place along Angpin Street amidst the huge crowd of people.

ARKHAVN - Yet another colorful parade of lions and other festivities awaited the Giokton New Year this 2018. Thousands of people flocked to Binøndø, the original settlement of the Giokton people in Andalla, to witness the event. Meanwhile, similar celebrations took place in other cities with large Giokton populations, such as in Holtrup and in Brumundvik.

The Year of the Dog, 11th in the Giokton zodiac, is said to be a year of prosperity. According to Hongsui Master Ejnar Tan, a unique characteristic of the 2018 Year of the Dog that will not be seen for another 108 years is that the number of insects and pests will decrease within the houses of families with 7 children.

Local hospital Metropolitan Medical Institute has reported 38 firecracker-related injuries, with the number constantly growing despite government attempts to decrease the use of firecrackers during Giokton New Year. "It's just too engraved into our culture," says Sven Sy, chief physician of Metropolitan Medical Institute.


  • Water in sewage pipes "too clean", says Holtrup study
  • Amphibious car "runs aground" on beach, 4 injured
  • Video of airplane suspended in mid-air goes viral
  • Massive pike populations discovered off the coast of @Girkmand
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By: Ingvald Melberg | February 26, 2018


:pic: One of the many buildings and structures in Stórrshǫfna that have been since occupied by tree roots.

MOSKOVO - After a 21-year joint effort between Andalla and @Ahrana, Stórrshǫfna, the ancient capital of the Sjådska people, has been found by a team of Ahranaian researchers.

In 1997, the Andallan Wilderness Institute (AWI), under the Ministry of Science and Technology, began working with the Ahranaian Sub-Ministry of Land and Geography to achieve the impossible: to locate the remains of Stórrshǫfna, the capital of the Sjådska people, of which the Andallans and Ahranaians are descended from.

In May of 1998 the very first Andallan team was sent to Ahrana to join Ahranaian scientists in the search. The search was cancelled after turning up with no results. Several expeditions followed until the tragic November 2003 expedition resulting in the loss of 36 Andallan and Ahranaian researchers and the subsequent halting of the search effort.

6 years later, in 2009, another group of Ahranaian researchers were sent out into the wilderness and returned empty-handed. In 2011, the Ministry of Science and Technology made the decision to continue the search after nearly 8 years. Several more expeditions followed until government funding was ultimately cut in 2016. From then on, the Holtrup Wilderness Research and Surveying Institute (HOWRESI) would continue the search with its own funding and the help of the Sub-Ministry of Land and Geography.

On February 7, a team of 12 researchers from HOWRESI were sent to Moskovo to meet with the team being prepared by the Sub-Ministry of Land and Geography, bringing the total number of researchers participating in the January 2018 expedition to 41. The team would be divided into 12 smaller teams of 3 to 4 researchers, accompanied by a helicopter per 4 teams.

On February 19, a team of 4 researchers led by Nikolay Mikhail, an Ahranaian historian, came across what seemed to be a ruined town square. After further investigation, they concluded that their discovery was just one of the many small ancient towns dotting the area. However, as they flew over the town in a helicopter the next day, they discovered that it was part of something larger. Several more teams from the expedition were called to the area, and even more ruins were discovered. The theory that their discovery could be Stórrshǫfna continued to prove itself as more buildings were being discovered. The search culminated in the discovery of Himinshof, the "Temple of Heaven", a structure commonly referred to in ancient works as the center of Stórrshǫfna.

Once the discovery was confirmed, word was sent back to the Sub-Ministry of Land and Geography. After taking samples of bricks and stones in the area for carbon dating, the team returned to Ahrana 3 days later amid a large celebration. Following a public announcement by the Sub-Ministry of Land and Geography regarding the discovery, the Ahraianan People's Palace released several photos of Stórrshǫfna taken by researchers.

Due to the sudden renewed interest in the search, the Ministry of Science and Technology approved funding to the project again. Another team of researchers is scheduled to depart on February 28 to gather information on the new discovery. The Andallan Wilderness Institute is currently reviewing plans to set up a small base for research in the area by May, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the very first team of Andallan researchers sent to Ahrana.

"Two decades ago, we began the long and hard search," said President Johansen in a speech before the Andallan Wilderness Institute. "Hundreds of Andallans and Ahraianans risked their lives in hopes of finding the truth, the birthplace of our peoples. There were brave men who lost their life in search of life's origin. And now, the combined effort of two peoples, the sacrifices of hundreds, and even the loss of many, stand before us today like an open book. And we, the Andallan and Ahraianan people, are going to read it."

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OOC: If you want a basic summary of recent Polish-Lithuanian events, read this. No offense intended, this is just RP.


By: Kim Breivik | March 1, 2018

ARKHAVN - Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement for all Andallan citizens discouraging travel to the Commonwealth of the Crowns of Poland and Lithuania.  The statement cited several reasons including increasing crime rate, political instability, insurgency and even the presence of blizzard-prone areas.

The statement also said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been "deeply shocked" by the recent events that have taken place within the Argic nation, emphasizing the armed attack on a convenience store in Krakow. The statement pointed out that the convenience store was located in downtown Krakow, the nation's capital, and was even located near government buildings. After their arrest, the suspects said that they were protesting the decreasing water supply despite the nation being located next to @Girkmand and the Mediargic Sea.

A similar, larger attack occurred less than a week later, where 12 terrorists stormed a government office. Government reports said that nearly half of the 40 policemen sent to the scene died trying to suppress the terrorists. Later reports revealed that the attackers' nationalities were not Polish-Lithuanian, and were able to get into the country due to low border security.

Last week, a large-scale battle took place between Polish-Lithuanian government forces and an insurgent group known as the "Ironfists". The group had been conducting armed attacks against government-owned vessels, resulting in the construction of military outposts along the nation's rivers.

State-owned national news provider The Commonwealth Times said that the government was able to locate the group's main outpost and was able to arrest all its members. Several government officials, most notably MA Sylvia Holberg, have said that the report could not be credible as it opposed the Ironfists' statement accusing the nation's King and Chancellor of "abusing their power". The report also said that The Commonwealth Times agreed with the King and Chancellor that they were "not abusing any power but making the country better", and further questioned why anyone would oppose the King and Chancellor. Holberg said that the true success of the operation, whether it really did take place or if it was just a cover-up, and if all the group's members were really captured, could not be determined as the report was "clearly biased and unfair". She also warned the Polish-Lithuanian National Intelligence Agency that it was highly possible that not all the group's members were present during the battle while some could have also escaped from the scene.

There have also been reports of "rogue animals" roaming the streets of Krakow, after an employee at the city's zoo left the locks unattended. At around 4 in the afternoon, nearly every animal in the zoo escaped into the city. Though police forces immediately closed off multiple streets and began catching the animals, rumors of some escaping into the rest of the city and several sightings provide proof that some animals, potentially dangerous, are still roaming the city.

The statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been collecting fire from many Andallans and foreigners alike, arguing that tourism and security was actually increasing within the nation and that many tourist destinations are not located in potentially dangerous areas. In reply, Foreign Minister Bendtsen reassured the public that the report was just "discouraging travel but not limiting or restricting".

The report officially said to "take precautions when visiting the nation and remain vigilant for any criminal action".

  • Angry netizens demand Foreign Ministry "issue a travel alert to Andalla"
  • Scientists claim "water not colorless"
  • Mechanic creates electric fan using aircraft propeller, 2 injured
  • Lawyer accused of "speaking too casually"
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By: Aleksander Rodberg | March 11, 2018


ARKHAVN - A staunch critic of socialism, MA Sylvia Holberg has once again denounced the government-issued reports of @Poland-Lithuania.

Last Friday, state-owned national news provider The Commonwealth Times released a report on the capture of several high-ranking officials of the "Ironfists", an insurgent group fighting against the Polish-Lithuanian government.

"Now, I am not trying to imply that the report was bad news. Anyway, it's about time the Polish-Lithuanians got around to suppressing these insurgents, given that they don't want to listen to their cause," she said in an interview. "Last month, a report by the same news provider, the Commonwealth Times, claimed that all the Ironfists' members were arrested. And now you're going to tell me that there are still some insurgents out there? I'm confused."

MA Holberg, on several occasions, declared the Commonwealth Times to be "corrupt, Socialist propaganda". Many disapprove of her comments against Poland-Lithuania and @Ahrana, but many argue that her points are credible, true and make sense.

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OOC: @Poland-Lithuania, let the newspost-linking war begin! :2thumbs:

OOC 2: I've changed "Commonwealth Online" to "AT Online", which means "Andalla Today Online". Figured out it sounds weird when the website uses the networks name instead of the specific news program's name. The situation got even weirder when "The Commonwealth Online" went against "The Commonwealth Times". Weird, no?

OOC 3: How to Get Another Nation to Advertise Your News Network and Vice Versa, Without Doing Anything.

OOC 4: PL, I don't have any intention to be mean by criticizing your newsposts, I'm just playing along with the anti-communists in Andalla.


By: Margrethe Myren | March 12, 2018

ARKHAVN - Yesterday, AT Online released an article on MA Sylvia Holberg's comments against Polish-Lithuanian national news provider, The Commonwealth Times. The story appeared later that evening on Andalla Today. Several hours later, the Commonwealth Times released an article labelling Andalla Today and AT Online as "unfair".

The report by The Commonwealth Times also provided information going against MA Holberg's arguments, saying that the King only ordered the capture of another insurgent group affiliated with the "Ironfists".

"In accordance with Section I of the Andallan Press Association's Code of Ethics for Journalists, the article was merely stating facts; the truth. We made sure that the report itself contained no bias towards or against The Commonwealth Times," said ABN Public Relations Officer Albin Lindelöf. "The article noted that there were people who disagreed, nor did it express any sign of favor or disapproval to MA Holberg's argument. We're just doing our job." Lindelöf later admitted that he did not exactly understand the Commonwealth Times' report.

MA Holberg has not yet publicly released her views on the current issue.

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By: Ottar Dahle | March 19, 2018


The AMS Ivan Rohde (FF 061), a Lars Nedergaard-class guided missile frigate, underway in the Tiauhai Sea in preparation for the upcoming naval exercises. PHOTO COURTESY OF: Andallan Commonwealth Navy


ARKHAVN — Yesterday, Defense Minister Bjørn Hagerstrøm officially declared Andalla's intent to host the very first TRIDENT military exercises. The exercise, codenamed Exercise ATGEIR, will be held from April 17 to April 26 in the Tiauhai Sea, off the east coast of Andalla. Exercise ATGEIR is also set to break several records, including the largest military exercise conducted by a Thalassan nation, the largest naval exercise in modern Western history, and the largest naval exercise conducted by nations from three different continents.

Though exact details remain classified, it is known that over 30 vessels and 10,000 sailors, excluding support units, from all five TRIDENT nations will be participating in the event. The participating forces will be arriving through the first and second weeks of April, with some scheduled to make short visits to Andallan ports and open their doors to the public, before proceeding to the naval base in Askergrund.

The Andallan Commonwealth Navy will be sending one Arkhavn-class aircraft carrier to the exercises, the AMS Vesterbro. A total of 17 Andallan vessels will be participating in the exercise.

"Exercise ATGEIR will be the first of a series of military, especially naval exercises to be conducted by TRIDENT," said ACN Chief of Staff Admiral Alexander Børge in a statement following Defense Minister Hagerstrøm. "As a multilateral, tri-continental alliance, we're trying to evaluate our current operational capabilities together. We're going to see whether or not these vessels and their crews can perform just as well in Thalassan waters than in their own nation's waters. If teamwork and flexibility aren't going to get the job done, then I don't know what will."

Several anti-military groups, most notably Greenquiesce, have taken to the streets in protest of the exercises. "We don't want any more of this excessive militarization," said Greenquiesce spokesperson Egren Hago. "War only creates more problems. You have the world's history to prove me correct." Others have also expressed their disapproval due to the cost of the exercises; no information has been disclosed on the matter but unofficial sources estimate the cost at several hundred million Amlas.

Exercise ATGEIR is expected to "foster friendship and teamwork between the sailors of the five TRIDENT nations".


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