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Sail Away on the Sunny Bliss Cruise

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Sleek, clean, and whiter than fresh-fallen snow, big and boisterous, the Sunny Bliss class cruise ship could hold up to 5,000 passengers, contained almost 30 restaurants, and there were spas, rock-climbing, water slides, live shows, and adult-only entertainment such as gambling and world-class bars, not to mention the gift shops and the sign-up booths for well-priced, exciting (!) excursions on Cashar and the Sunset Sea Islands. There was something for everyone, and anyone who looked through the daily pamphlet describing each day's activity offerings could attest to that. The pamphlets even boasted that a renowed Cashari gourmet chef, Batar Mikvisk was offering his services at the Harborview Dream.


The cruise director, responsible for scheduling and directing activities on the cruise, was a middle-aged woman by the name of Katenka Harvola. She always appeared slightly stressed as evident by the sweat dripping down from her brow and the smile that never disappeared and could've split her face wide open if she tried any harder.


The hostess, Hanan Lebevola, a younger but not quite young woman, would flit about this way and that, and always appeared very, very stressed and desperate to hide that fact.


The captain of the ship, Muntak Kozvo, meanwhile, was an old man who was getting too old to be captaining a cruise ship and too old to care much about anything. One was under the distinct impression that he smiled out of spite. Most probably would've preferred a glare instead.


Isa Shadiviska was nobody special on the cruise. She used to be an investigative journalist but had retired young after her sister fell ill, and Sharun Industries had paid her off to keep her quiet about their shady misdeeds. She still bore a heavy heart over selling out, but at her recovering sister's suggestion, she had decided to take a cruise. Who knew? Maybe it really would be good for her. Maybe she'd hit a bar first for some fancy little drink with an umbrella in it and do some exploring.


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Julia and Max Nowy have spent their honeymoon in Cashar. The two newlyweds spent a few weeks traveling Cashar, shopping and relaxing. But most of all they enjoyed their mutual love. The grande finale of their honeymoon was the luxurious cruise back to the Sunset Sea Islands. They enjoyed each and every day as much as possible: they played in the pools, engaged in free-time activities and each evening they ate in the fancy restaurants of the Sunny Bliss. When the setting sun started to cover the cruise ship in a warm orange hue they went to the front of the ship and re-enacted their favourite scene from the iconic romantic cruise ship movie Gigantic. Truly, they were glad to be alive.


Haley Mauville, a well-known Sunset Sea Islandian model and beauty-VLOGer, was tired. She booked this luxurious trip home from a photo shoot in Cashar to relax from her exhausting everyday life. Of course she took a few pictures and made a VLOG during her first day on the Sunny Bliss to post on social media, but this trip was not meant to be work. But it was. Other people on the ship would recognise her all the time and ask her for autographs. Most of them were young girls. Some would even go so far to follow her around to take pictures of her. She smiled, but deep down she wished everyone of them would just drown.


Pierre Wellsand was a sailor until he retired. Even though he basically spent all of his life onboard ships he still was fascinated with them. His grandchildren knew this, so they gave him the tickets for the cruise to Cashar and back as a birthday present. He loved his family dearly. If only Margarethe was still alive to accompany him on this wonderful trip. Pierre spent a lot of time wandering through the Sunny Bliss and exploring the bowels of this enormous ship. The staff was really nice to him and let him into the areas, which are usually closed off for regular passengers. The sate-of-the-art cruise ship fascinated him very much. In the evenings he sat down in his room to write his memoirs. He wanted to tell his grandchildren so much about his life. This was the perfect moment to write about his life amongst the waves.


Hauke Christansen was an archeologist. She traveled to Cashar to meet up with a very well-known Cashari archeologist she was acquainted with. The two of them were working on a science paper. This could be a breakthrough. The artifacts and traces of long-gone civilisations they found could revolutionise the theory of how humans spread across the planet. She was guarding the case with her documents with her life. She almost never let go of the briefcase. This trip has been worth it for Hauke. Once she was back home in Asimov she would be able to finalise their work.

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