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Cruise Line Sinking RP?

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So, I'm thinking Cashar probably has a cruise line or a few. They probably stop at some tourist-y destinations (any volunteers for destinations?) and the like. So, what if we have an RP playing as characters from our nations (obviously, not super important characters... unless you really want to, that is) who are on this cruise?


And what if because industry isn't tightly regulated, and there's a lot of economic freedom and all that, the cruise ship ends up sinking because something vital got overlooked, or the captain hadn't followed up on some important training OR SOMETHING.


And so, we got death, destruction, mayhem, and some survivors, and a few headlines on our hands?


Would anyone be interested?

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Well I am a tourist destination near you, so organising bilateral cruise tours, for example some cool 2-in-1-tickets, would make sense. Visit Cashar and travel on to the Sunset Sea Islands. The SSI are pretty high tech, so I'm sure we could dispatch some recovery teams, engineers, etc. I could kill off some important businessman of mine to make it more spicy.

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I was really hoping you would volunteer. biggrin.gif I figured it'd be right up your alley!


Oooh... kill off some important businessmen. That WOULD be spicy and drama-inducing. Rumors and conspiracies about whether the cruise line sinking was planned, etc. biggrin.gif


Need more people on the boat.


I was thinking about putting a movie actor on the boat myself. Maybe a B-list actor. Someone recognizable but not like... a media sensation. Or perhaps a former investigative journalist who sold out. LOL

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RP without politics, war and scheming, where I can just enjoy leading normal people's lives? I'd love to be in!


However, not sure how I can fit. Cavunia's not necessarily close to Cashar, as well as people there do not often go on a cruises like that. Hmmm... what about an amateur cook who dreams of a big career and registered on the ship to work under some well-know kitchen chef?

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Think I'm leaning towards sold-out investigative journalist.


There might be some scheming later after the sinking of the cruise line and all, but yes, it'll basically be that. biggrin.gif


I'm thinking the cruise line would be staffed by Cashari (the captain definitely). So, as long as you don't mind the well-known chef being Cashari, then, I think having an amateur chef working on the ship under the chef would be great (the amateur chef probably isn't getting paid nearly as much as he should, I would think. Lol)


Unless someone else wants to take the well-known chef position because their country is famous for it's cuisine. I'd be open to that.


Also, Magnaeus, I was thinking about that, but it might get a little too dark. I don't have a problem with that (I mean, an RP with a cruise line sinking is going to be kinda dark), but maybe let's avoid things like the drowning of babies and small children. lol



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maybe let's avoid things like the drowning of babies and small children. lol

Insensitive "lol" is insensitive. tongue.gif As for the ship disaster RP I'm intrigued but have decided to skip this one because I cannot promise to commit. I'm already dealing with piracy. And my previous sailing adventure attracted so much attention I couldn't keep up with it. See Ocean's Cup.

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Sounds good. I've spoken to @Cashar on Discord about this so this is just to confirm. I can send a few people from Prymont, a family or something, a few people wanting to get away from the cold for a while. I could also have some Navy ships not too far away to possibly utilise them for the recovery effort?

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@Cashar: Just to let you know I've linked this OOC topic from the first post in your IC topic. This helps people switch back-and-forth, and can serve as a reference in later years. Funny enough, it is topic #4321.

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