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Za prečitanjem sajta v verzji kavunijskej, kliknij tu?e.

Welcome to the official site of the Cavunian News Agency (CNA)! Serving you since 1962, we provide you with all the details of Cavunian life. From politics, to cultural events; tragedies and happy stories – we are your number 1 source of the best news from across the country!

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Kaliopes 2017 – writers' fest of the year

Kaliopi 2017 - pisarski festival roku


It was another bountiful year for Cavunian writing scene. Cavunian authors gathered thousands of readers in Appalastan Exhibition Center this year to celebrate Kaliopes - annual festival for prose fans. Since July 1984, it has always been an occasion to award the best-selling and best-reviewed titles and writers. This year, Kaliopes took three days – from Friday to Sunday, and ended with honouring Martin Vračač and his “Zemsta nocy” (Revenge of the night) as the greatest book of the year.

Appalastan Exhibition Center attracted a total of 1.13 million visitor this weekend (the record – that is 2.06 millions, occurred in 2012, thanks to the appearance of the worldwide known author, Amilja Boran). Any participant could not only meet with many Cavunian authors, but there were also publishers' sales and a multimedial journey through the history of Cavunian literature, throwing any player into XVII century.


:pic: The winner of Kaliopes 2017 - Martin Vračač

There were over 50 candidates for the title of the tear award and 13 for the best author. Finally, jury shortlisted the entries to 5 in each category, listed below:

Title of the year:

  • “Brama času” (The gate of time) by Emilja Zarović
  • “Łuknasanjak S8” (Luknasanyak S8) by Mlad Artjom Vyśne?ovskij
  • “Moje dome - zahvelstvo (My home - vanity) by Aleksander Fridorij Solmast
  • “Prava umiru” (The right side dies) by Martin Vračač
  • “?adni” (Noone) by Martin Vračač

Author of the year:

  • Katarina & Jeremij Bazovscy
  • Jelena Rogović
  • Martin Vračač
  • Mlad Artjom Vyśne?ovskij
  • Emilja Zarović

On Sunday, the exhibition centre went silent as the jury squad announced the winners: Martin Vračač as the best author, together with his book “Prava umiru”. It's the third time in history that one person won both awards, previously happening in 2009 to Dina Rako and 2002 to Emilja Zarović, who was also this year's finalist. The winner received 100'000 mańčiks to support his further development.

“I feel very honoured, knowing that my work has appealed to so many! Thank you very much.” — summarized Martin Vračač in an interview. “I would especially like to thank my publisher and, most importantly, dearest friend Mihail, who supported me through the hard times and didn't let my creativity vanish. I also want to thank all my readers, who wrote such amazing words on my page and made me work even harder, for me. For them. Thank you.”

-> To see the full interview, please visit our site.

-> Za zobačenjem całeho vyvjada, obači na?  sajt.

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Two hikers found dead in the Priljevian mountains

Dvaj gornicy znalezeni mrtvi v prilejvskih gorah


user posted image


Just today, around 6 AM, Mountain Rescue Forces (GSV) announced that they have found two bodies lying beneath the Krajcana summit in the Priljevian mountains. After the search, they confirmed that it was two men from the town of Kaljadnica in southern Cavunia. Their families are informed, while the bodies were transported to the closest hospital, where they await the dead men's relatives.


After investigation, it appeared that the men most probably have fallen near the pass of Re?opa, a sharp turn on what is commonly called "the sky's route", a very difficult touristic path which needs professional equipment and preparations. Early in the morning, winds are very strong there and the visibility is reduced due to the pass' facing east direction.


It is not the first accident in these mountains this summer, however, it is the first fatal one. In June and July, a total of 23 have been injured on paths in the Priljevian mountains. Rescue forces alarm hikers to wear proper shoes, stay close to a wall when moving on a slope and, most importantly, not wander alone.



Third ASAN's factory opened in Cavunia

Treča fabrika ASANa otvarta v Kavuniji


user posted image


ASAN is the biggest car manufacturer in Cavunia. Led by Jovan Astojlović, it is a well-known brand that selled over 450'000 cars in Cavunia and the whole Europa in 2016. Today its third factory has been opened near Bijelograd, the second biggest city of Cavunia.


The concept of the building was fully designed by Cavunian architects, Atheo Design. Modern look will not degrade the environment's value and will create a friendly atmosphere for all the workers. Around 4'000 people started work today, including manufacturers, logistics and company representatives. The factory is officialy led by Nikola Srbicki, who has previously been in charge of Advertising Department in Trigorje.


Current Cavunian government send their officials for the opening ceremony. Jadranka Viljostović said:


We are always happy to see Cavunian economy growing and we will promote national companies, who prefer to move funds to our internal market. Currently, we managed to decrease the amount of foreign investors and their capital down to 30% of all Cavunian market. We hope that our products will have priority over foreign ones and we imagine Europa will soon appreciate our efforts by purchasing what has been created here. Remember, only WE can make this country rich and great.


However, many investors are not so happy with conservativ government's actions. They point out that many possibilites to boost national market are wasted, because non-Cavunian ivnestors are often blocked. Another problem may be relatively high saling prices, which discourages importers from long-term agreements. Several attempts to open national market were turnt down by the current ruling party, KNU (Cavunian New Union).

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Cavunian response to the attacks on Orioni embassy in Afropa

Kavunijska zadba na atak na orjonijsku ambasadu v Afropiji


user posted image


In today's announcement, the president of Cavunia, Jovan Mihajlović, has expressed his and the nation's grief over the incident that happened in Afropa recently, in which Orioni embassy was attacked by unknown persons and one man was killed, with two others injured.


In his short speech, the president stated that "We all live in dangerous times. With a lot of opportunities, but also with many risks. We should not be divided by our differences. Our prayers go to the people of Orionians and Afropans".


Due to the currently ongoing parliament session, the president could not meet with Orionii ambassadors in Trigorje, however, he sent flowers and a letter to their office.



Cavunia listed as one of the cheapest destinations in Europa

Kavunija na listije najtan?ih mejsc v Europiji


user posted image


Cavunia has become a major tourist destination in recent years. A perfect climate, alongside with beautiful coastline and cultural heritage invite more and more people with every summer. Due to a beneficial exchange rate of ban, Cavunian currency, foreign visitors can experience very memorable and inexpensive holidays, which does not go unnoticed by travel agencies. Recently, Cavunia was listed as one of the cheapest tourist destinations.


Ban's exchange rate currently stands at around 0,28 $, which seems favourable towards many Europans, especially those who cannot afford expensive trips. However, Cavunian hotels and restaurants are responding with increased prices, hurting local population in the process. These actions are mostly seen on the coastline, however, prices in big cities like Trigorje or Appalasta are as well higher during the summer. Ban's rate is stable and has been slowly increasing in recent years, still, it will definitely take some more years until it reaches western financial standards. Until that moment, Cavunia is expecting to develop its touristic infrastructure to fit foreign and local demands.



Novokastrija ready for KavuFest

Novokastrija gotova na KavuFest


user posted image


A month before KavuFest the president of Novokastrija, Andrija Goli?ević announced that the city and the venue are ready for the festival. The event will take place in one of the most modern arenas in Cavunia - Tango Centre (Tango Centrum). "We have three thousands of technicians and volunteers to help us prepare for the show - everything will be perfect" - Goli?ević confirms.


KavuFest is an annual music festival. Starting in 1971, it always served as a tool to promote Cavunian music, both traditional and modern one. Every year, towns of Cavunia can apply for a right to host the ceremony, with Novokastrija gaining the honour this year. Novokastrija is the third biggest city of Cavunia and is the capital of the Upper Duclian region. This time, a total of 40 artists, shortlisted from 147, will perform in two semi-finals and then, 20 of them, in the final, where the audience will choose a winner. The laureate will receive then a prize of 100'000 bans and a promotion tour.

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Tensions over the new proposal

Napijeći naza novi legislaciju


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The most recent proposal to increase the income tax has met with disbelief and resistance from both the society and the main opposition party. Current leading party, KNU, is planning out a new legislation that would increase the tax rate and make it dependable on one's income. As of 2017, the citizens all had 22% rate, however, KNU proposes to decrease it to 16% for the low-income workers, whilst gradually increasing it up to 33% for the richest ones. KNU's representative, Alina Jahimović, stated that "it wouldn't hurt anyone - just the opposite. Poor people will have it easier to pay and those who earn more money will feel only a slight difference. The extra money our government would get will be spent appropriately, with an aim to create a better life for all of us."


The opposition, mostly Futura party, does not agree with the proposal. "It's unhealthy for the market. It's unhealthy for the taxpayers." - comment the leader Paulin Mrd?ač. According to the party, the new legislation would, in fact, lower the budget income in a longer timeframe. Futura calls for public protests and blocks the processing of a proposal. The president's stance is unknown, while, according to the latest poll, 43% of Cavunians would approve the change. It is rural citizens that approve the legislation the most.



Red flag for Cavunian coast

Červonija flaha dla kavunijskeho obireha


user posted image


The National Department of Climate and Hydrology has officially announced the third degree of danger in the regions of Primore, Damantia and Lower Duclia, due to the possibility of extreme events happening. In recent days, the temperature and the pressure on the Cavunian coast have been steadily increasing, with some days reaching even 40?C. Climatologists are warning that a wave of a low pressure is coming to Cavunia, which may result in extreme storms and rains with a strong wind blows. The experts are expecting a major storm tonight, which may hit even big cities like Port Duclia. People are asked to stay at home and not approach the coast, as the strong winds may push unprepared victims down the cliffs. The emergency services are prepared for the situation. The storm may cut the power lines and the sea water can possibly get into lower parts of the settlements. Caution is needed.


Late July is always a challenge for the climatologists in Cavunia. Last year, due to the heavy rain, 3 people drowned while 33 were injured, mostly by antennas and metal parts broken or pushed by the wind.

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Opposition demands a referendum

Opozicija na?da referendum


user posted image


Tensions over the last proposal are still present in political environment. The most recent legislation to icnrease the tax rate is still not passed, as the parliament keeps preventing it from forwarding. Many liberal parties, including the most powerful one, Futura, as well as ZFL (United Liberal Front) and PiR (Progress and Equality) demand that the president call the national referendum, where Cavunians would decide, if they want the taxes to depend on one's income and if they want the taxes to be raised overall.


However, the public opinion seems quite enthusiastic with the new proposal. Most recent polls indicate that between 60 - 65% of the citizens support the legislation.


The president still did not voice an opinion about the new decree.


KavuFest line-up announced

Učestnici KavuFesta znani


user posted image


The most awaited cultural event in Cavunia is soon to be spectated by millions of Cavunians. NTK has announced today all the participants. A total of 371 applications were sent to NTK. The professional jury then shortlisted them to 147 and finally, after the live auditions, a pack of 40 chosen artists were confirmed as the participants of KavuFest 2017.


Some faces are totally new to the music scene, including a fresh electronic duo, Ara... or an angelic soul voice of Jamara Bredoma. However, there are also veterans of KavuFest scene - Andrija Valimović tries her luck for the seventh time! One is sure - it is gonna be a year full of surprises and, most importantly, good music.


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