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Major Motion Picture Production Studios of Cashar

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The Yednisvo Company

The Yednisvo Company is a Cashari diversified, potentially multinational, mass media and entertainment conglomerate. It specializes in family-oriented movies and cartoons, and its mascot is a desert magpie, Haqiq Perya, loosely translated from Monetok, "Fancy Feathers." Besides movies and cartoons, Yednisvo also has an array of theme parks, resorts, and merchandise to keep any consumer satisfied and entertained.


Warviska Twins Studios

The Warviska Twins Studios is an entertainment company specializing in a variety of movies and television shows for audiences ranging from children and their parents to hardcore adult gore and horror fanatics and everything inbetween.



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2021 Upcoming Movies

The Digging Dog - Winter 2021 - Indie
Based on the true story of a wild dog's discovery of ancient Ketek artifacts in the Cashari Plains.

Van Boys - Winter 2021 - Warviska Studios 
A group of college friends make a magical pact during a full moon and embark on an epic road trip of love, drama, and the dark arts.

Cucumber Run - Winter 2021 - Warviska Studios
 Follow the adventures of Lyra the Sea Cucumber (Tomitha Kentrolova) and her friends as they seek to rescue her lost pet crab from the unforgiving depths of the vast ocean. 

Fancy Feathers and Wild Wolf - Summer 2021 - The Yednisvo Company
The classic animated television series comes to the big screen when Fancy Feathers decides to crash a wedding, and Wild Wolf chases his old nemesis in this slapstick comedy adventure.

The Prince and the Coin - Summer 2021 - The Yednisvo Company
Prince Auroman (voiced by Natalyz Phernotovisk) falls under a curse by an evil warlock (Tatylash Romytesk) to be faced with eternal slumber. Can Prince Petrorisk (Lordosty Nostlysev)'s whirlwind adventures through the lands of The Golden Roads find the magic coin that will awaken him?


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