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The Cashari are coming to a Europa near you!

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Hello, everyone! I'm running the nation, the Incorporated States of Cashar. Call me Giggles, or you can call me Cashar, if you can't remember. I've been looking for a closed-in world, humans-only, modern tech, realistic kind of roleplay with a map, and I think I found it. I was also looking for something that looks active. And I think this looks, well, active enough.


Anyway, I've only got general ideas about my nation right now. I'm thinking it might be set in a tropical kind of climate but with some alpine features... not an island, but definitely something with a coastline, rivers and mountains.


I'll definitely be making up my own culture, language, maybe even a religion or something, too. But it'll probably have some basis borrowing elements from some real world countries and places. I'm not entirely sure which yet, but I've been thinking about looking at Poland, Russia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Hawaii... maybe an Arabic country or two, too.


This is what I have for the kind of role they'll play:


Cashar's primary order of business is, in fact, business. Trade, economy, and business interests are paramount. Currently, Cashar's biggest businesses are in tourism, the movie-making industry, retail shopping, information technology, and the textile and fashion industry. It also has lesser industries in steel and arms manufacturing.


I'm thinking the government will be a kind of parlimanetary republic, but it's run in a very corporate-like fashion. Maybe a constitutional corporatocracy of sorts.


I'm hoping I'll be able to develop a history with some neighboring nations. smile.gif


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Greetings, Cashar. It is really nice to have you here. I'm sure you have come to the right place! We are humans only, MT and we are currently expanding our map!


From what you have said about your geography your nation sounds pretty Chily to me. I'm sure we'd be able to find something for you. We do have some new rules, etc., so you should read this. We could be geographically close based on what you have written.


A nation which was pretty active in creating languages was Paeca, although we haven't heard from him in weeks. Maybe you could try to contact him if you need help with languages. Notable religious nations would probably be Sa Hara (muslim theocracy, who could be one of the Arabic nations you mentioned) and Great Burlington. I am pretty Hawaii myself.


We do not have ultra-capitalist nations right now (at least no one come to my mind right now), so I'm sure you'd be a neat addition to our roster.


I look forward to your contributions! 2-thumbup.gif

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Yes, this place seems very fitting! Also, I hope we will be geographically close, and we should definitely talk more about maybe sharing some common history or ancestry. Maybe there were once some ancient Cashari settlers on Sunset Sea Islands!


Also, it's okay. I don't plan on going terribly in-depth with creating the language. I'm basically combining bits and pieces of Arabic and Russian right now. Also, kind of using a Russian surname scheme in a way. I might think about making a runic alphabet. Because runic alphabets look cool.


I'm glad that I could provide a unique nation to Europa with the whole ultra-capitalist thing. biggrin.gif

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Hey Cashar. My first impression is we share at least a couple of letters. Nice to see you picked Europa as your region of choice. Having a detailed idea of your nation is not a requirement for starting out. Myself, I make things up as I go along. That's the beauty of RP where everyone wins.


I see you already published a few topics for me to read through. I'll go do that now.


If you need any more background information on my nation Sa Hara, I've collected most of it in the factbook area.


Bye for now,



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I'm glad to hear that! Yes, I agree completely. It's good to keep things open and flexible since roleplaying is a collaborative project and all that. biggrin.gif


I'll definitely check through your factbook!

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Hey Cashar. We already chatted before. This is just me saying hi. You've written a lot already which I can't wait to get to.


What drew you to NationStates in general, and Europa in particular?

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Well, it's a long story, but basically, I was looking for another virtual pet site to get into, and I found out that the type of site a virtual pet site is is like... a persistent browser-based game or something. And then, I ended up finding a link to NationStates, and I was like... HOLY COW, YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN COUNTRY? SIGN ME UP.


So, I ended up on NationStates, made a country, and of course having some 10+ years of experience roleplaying and writing, I wanted to get in on that scene. So, I searched, but... a lot of the places I found seemed to be inactive. sad.gif Or too big. Or not very well-run. Or didn't meet the criteria I wanted.


But then, I found this place... The forum is well-organized. There seems to be a dedicated, if small, userbase, plenty of potential for development. It meets all the criteria I wanted (must have a non-Earth map, must be active, must be modern-tech and realistic but still allow room for creativity). The people I've met so far have been very nice, the posts are good quality, the countries are interesting.


I'm pretty hooked, I think. And pumped! biggrin.gif

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Be careful with addictions. Ten years is a long time to come down from. If you need it, Magnaeus has some very discrete rehab clinics.


With all that cash on hand, you are probably looking for some reliable bankers to help safeguard these investments. The Magnean Confederation is excellently placed to facility these needs, based on the most modern and secure technology.

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