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I'm Cavunia (will more often probably refer to myself as Kavunia) and I've been a part of ther region about a year ago. Today once again I felt like joining the NationStates and I stumbled upon Europa - which seems like a pretty region. I hope I'll be glad to be here... and so will you.

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You are right. My mistake. I was trying to do too many things at the same time, and misread your name.


Your motto is "children of the mountains". This read like the introduction of a veryinteresting story

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Whenever I think of Cavunia, I always imagine wide mountain ranges. I would love to make use of this and make mountains an important part of Cavunian history, culture and economy... maybe even join it with religion, as to create so-called "bible belt" of the nation? I hope I can make up something interesting out of the idea.

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Oh, haha, that is true. All my nations have been somewhat conservative and spiritual and expect Cavunia to be quite the same. Friendly relations between every nation here would be boring, won't they? But because I see Cavunia as Balkan-like country, I guess there could have been some conflicts between Christians and Muslims in the past but now... some muslim minority would make a pretty addon to Cavunian culture.

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Hello there! I'm new here as well! I think there's another nation with Christianity, too, from what I've seen... the Kingdom of Great Burlington? So, I think you'll fit right in.


My nation is the Incorporated States of Cashar. It's an ultra-capitalist nation that doesn't put a whole lot of stake into religion, I think. So, I imagine the majority of people in Cashar are atheist.


I'm thinking there might be a small but decent-sized portion (maybe like 20% or so) that have some kind of animism-like religion. And then maybe another 5-10% might be Christian, Muslim, or identify as other.

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By no means nation's spirituality nowadays would affect it's relations with Cavunia. I just imagine the people there to be religious, not zealous. I think that also, after times of communism (I hope I can put this ideology there in history?) it is not as powerful tool as it used to be.


However, your ultra-capitalism conflicts somewhat with Cavunian spirit. People here are conservative, both socially and economically, which means they may look on Cashar with a doze of disrespect (fear? disgust?). I've seen that your nation is culturally Polynesian. Mine is Slavic, so I am not sure if both of us could have a big impact on each other in history but today... who doesn't like a holidays on a tropical beach, right?


(Also, pardon me if my vocabulary or grammar seems... weak. I am not a native speaker and sometimes my etries or posts do look quite amateurish.)

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We're an international group on here, so I guess native speakers are in a minority. We have Belgians, Germans, Brasilians, etc., so don't worry about your mastery of English! cool.gif


I wish Paeca was active again, he was pretty Slavic himself, so maybe you could have gotten along well. Maybe you could even have been one nation at some point. Paeca chose Socialism/Communism and you chose conservative values and religion.

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That actually sounda pretty neat. A pity...


And also I am relieved. My past regions were very often wilk with Americans only, which not only made me struggle when it comes to language but also the time zone difference was an obstacle.


Really glad I am here.

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You're fine, Cavunia! You're doing a remarkable job for someone who isn't a native English speaker! I'm American myself, but like Sunset Sea Islands said, it appears there's a very large international group here. biggrin.gif


Also, it'd be great if Cavunia or other countries viewed Cashar disrespectfully, with disgust or with fear. biggrin.gif


It can be kind of terrible, sometimes.


But yes... biggrin.gif Tropical beaches and majestic mountains and beautiful forests! Cashar definitely wants people to vacation in their country. biggrin.gif

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