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Flag: Venège

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Hello. I would love it if someone could make the city flag of Ven?ge? I maybe want to use it in my RP's to display on police badges when I throw Sa Hara in jail.


I like this design but red and white instead of yellow. http://www.kellerfahnen.ch/de/kantonsfahne...150x150-cm.html


user posted image


Thank you very much!

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Looks good Sunset. Now that I see the flag in a bigger version, perhaps the key needs to be replaced with our flag cross.



Also maybe replace the eagle with something else. My national animal is the mountain goat. But that doesn't make sense if Ven?ge is on a lake. Here is an example I like. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bla...family_Arms.svg

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