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Because of recent events I just want to point out that there are two topics I think we should vote on on NS.


Locking mainland Europa


With the expansion of the regional map to a full globe the question arose wether we should "lock" the original continent of Europa for new players. This would mean that every nation which joins our region after a set deadline would have to settle on the new continents. (If we should do that we'd have to forge some kind of treaty to divide the remaining unoccupied land on the Europan continent between the continental nations.


The options should be:

  • Lock mainland Europa
  • Keep Europa free for all
  • Abstain

Custom solar system

As I have explained in this post we should have a poll on wether we should introduce a constructed solar system to Europa or not.


The options should be:

  • Implement the new solar system
  • Keep the real life solar system
  • Edit/ tweak the proposal for a new solar system
  • Abstain

Every one of these polls should include links to the threads dealing with these topics so that all Europan nations could inform themselves.


Feedback would be appreciated.

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