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Map v4: Applications & Releases

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:pic: Satellite image of our RP wurld (July 11th, 2017)

1. Introduction

This is an explanation of v4 of our regional map. It is a continuation of v3, which was expanded into a full globe in 2017. We started with the original landmass of v3, established relative sizes of our world, and added more continents to the remaining area. This project became v4.

2. Qualifying for the map

There are some minimal rules you need to adhere to before applying for a place our map. These rules are fairly straightforward.

  1. Be present. You must have a nation in our region
  2. Be on this forum. Register an account and join the community.
  3. Be active in RP. This is no place for lurkers. Graduate from the RP Academy. At minimum create a factbook for you country and post a sample RP story
  4. Graduate the Academy.

Ignoring these qualifications will sadly see your application ignored as well. Sorry about that.

3. Applying for the map

While it was possible in previous versions to simply lay claim to any open piece of land, we decided to exchange this for negotiated placement that makes more sense. We are now working with culture zones, where you will be somewhat related to your neighbouring nations. This will prevent situations where, for example, you have a France-like nation next to a Japan-like nation.

What information should I send along with my request? Your answer to these questions will help to determine the position of your nation.

  1. Culture. Is your culture based on RL Europa, Africa, Asia, Arabia, America, islander, or other?
  2. Climate. Is your nation warm or cold? Is the weather wet or dry?
  3. Location. Is your nation on an island or coastal or inland or landlocked?
  4. History. Is your nation younger or older than 300 years?

Copy this form into a new topic and fill out your request.

Nation in Eurth: 
Capital name:
Capital location: [coastal? in-land? riverside?]
Stats Chosen: 

Factbook/iiwiki link:


Desired Location:
You may receive up to 3 options of where your nation can be located. These options depend on your answers to the above questions and similar nations already on the map. Please understand that this is an open negotiation.
**NOTE: As CANDIDATES are no longer expected to post a a newsarticle to qualify. Instead of posting the "Newsroom Link", you may link the sample RP you've posted on the Academy.

4. Resizing your nation

Expansion is always a hot topic. The same goes for removing nations. Be sure to read:

4.1 Reduction

Shrinking a nation happens when it ceases to exist. Usually, you are granted a grace period some weeks to return.

After a long absence, your nation will be reduced to the area around your capital. Your nation will be considered to be in crisis.

An exception can be granted for nations with a considerable contribution to RP.

4.2 Expansion

Growing your nation has to be earned. More RP activity means you can end up with a bigger nation. We don't give away land to players who are inactive. If you want to apply for more land you can make a case for it in a new topic. If the RP community and cartographer agrees, then your request can be negotiated and approved.

  1. You must have at least one fully completed cooperative (not solo) RP thread.
  2. Your closest active neighbour(s) must agree.
  3. The RP moderators must agree.
  4. In exceptional cases, the RP community must agree, using a simple yes/no poll.

As tempting as it is to expand when your nation hits both the post and population parameters to do so, I must remind everyone that any and every expansion must be properly RP'ed for. This doesn't mean a one-post mention in your news thread, but a proper thread which goes through your acquisition of that land.

Why would any nation expand its borders? In theory, all of the land on Eurth is taken up by properly constituted nation states. At this point, all the available land has been taken, so a nation cannot expand its borders without taking land from another nation. Here are some plausible reasons for expanding a nation:

  • Negotiation. There have been occasions where adjacent nations have negotiated to adjust their borders, but this is relatively rare.
  • Re-integration. Interestingly enough, RL Belarus has been trying to unite with RL Russia for some time, but for some reason, Putin hasn’t been interested and has even gone to measures to filibuster their request. Belarus seems to have made that decision that Russia should absorb them, but Putin doesn’t seem to care about them.
  • Conviction. Nations can only takeover other nations if they can convince us there’s some moral or historical justification for doing so. “Ruling better” is something left to the people to determine.
  • Religion. Because God wills it. Many RL European preachers felt that it was their obligation to change over the whole world to Roman Catholicism. Along these lines, they went to South America (principally) and conveyed Christianity to the locals. Later, even the Muslims succumbed to this trait of converting as many as possible, which led to fanaticism, which in turn led to their so-called Jihad (Holy War). However, we should note here that neither Christianity nor Islam propagates this attitude of war or conversion. Following a religion should be either one’s own choice or birthright. In fact, no religion upholds this idea of conversion. All religions actually propagate how our daily life should be led.
  • Extortion. Many individuals considered states to be markets for their completed items, and providers for their crude merchandise. A nation needs plunder. Basically, immaculate avarice. England controlled the Suez channel in Africa to secure the quickest watercourse to India. England controlled India because it was a decent place to develop tea and opium, something the British couldn't develop at home.
  • Invasion. There is also the possibility of nations expanding their borders by acquiring adjacent territory through military conquest. It must be admitted that most national borders around the world today are the consequence of just such a thing at some point in the past.

Here are some examples of previous expansion RP's that can serve as an inspiration.

Examples of good expansion RP's include:

Examples of bad expansion RP's:

Don't be afraid to be controversial or reluctant to stir up trouble. In fact, this is often the best way, as it means that much more fun can be had. Maybe you're taking over a plot that was originally another player-nation? You could RP the fact that that nation had recently fragmented and you're going in to "pacify" it. Or perhaps the plot you've got your sights set on has always been vacant. In this instance, there could be a minor regime with an opposite political ideology to your nation's, sponsoring terrorism within your borders. Time to invade and scrub out those communists/fascists-supporting terrorists!

Just because your nation is expanding, it doesn't mean that every nation will automatically agree. In fact, the majority of wars in this region, whether minor or major, have originally been started over nations expanding. This is perfectly valid and, to a point, does reflect real-world tendencies, as some nations resent others moving into their spheres of influence.

4.3 Or just don't

On a final note, I must add that when your nation does get big enough to expand into another plot, it doesn't mean you absolutely have to expand. If and when you do wish to take over another bit of land, be prepared to have a proper reason and story thought through to explain this expansion, as well as the fact that other nations may not accept it.

Edited by Iverica
Updated: Added Graduation as requirement. (see edit history)
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All original files are available in our open archive on Google Drive. For posterity, we are also including links to the updates posted on this forum.


2017 Q3

2017 Q4


2018 Q1

2018 Q2

2018 Q3

2018 Q4


2019 Q1

2019 Q2

2019 Q3

2019 Q4


2020 Q1

2020 Q2

2020 Q4


2021 Q1

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Nation in Europa: Andalla

Flag: Still working on it.

Capital: Cassagan

Culture: Pacific Islander/American, kinda like Hawaii

Climate: Tropical

Location: Near the equator. 2,835 islands and atolls total.

History: Volcanic islands rocked by several ethnic wars from locals and foreigners alike for about 800,000 years, ended in a ceasefire and eventual union.

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I have spoken to Cashar about his application and even though he has not submitted it yet I wanted to propose locations for both Cashar and ?ndalla.

Interestingly both of them mentioned that they'd like their culture similar to Hawaii, so I placed them geographically close to me, Europas real Hawaii. biggrin.gif

From what I have deduced from Cashar he/she/it resembles Chile and ?ndalla mentioned that it is an volcanic island nation near the equator. Since I know where the equator crosses my nation I searched for islands nearby and placed ?ndalla where I placed it. I have talked to Cashar about map placement and we agreed that this spot would be nice. Cashar's border is a little rough in this sketch, so this would have to be edited.

user posted image

Feedback from both nations and Orioni would be appreciated.

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Nation in Europa: Cashar

Flag: It's my avatar. The green, silver, and gold colors represent the colors of currency, a commitment to the environment, a commitment to defense (the silver looks kind of like steel in color, too) and industry, and the gold represents a life. richly lived.

Capital: Protiva

Culture: The culture will be one that I've made up, but it will be borrowing elements from a large number of other cultures. The government is an ultra-capitalist one: a parliamentary republic run under a constitutional corporatocracy. Right now, the language has elements from Russia and Arabia and is written in a runic alphabet (like some of the old Germanic languages), the majority of the Cashari live secular lives with a small portion dedicated to an animistic-like religion and an even tinier portion dedicated to other religions, Cashar has a big tourism industry, so there's probably a number of other cultures that live there besides those who are native to Cashari. It does have some things culturally similar with Hawaii in that sense and also the sense that there is a large wealth gap, so there are slums and very poor areas.


Climate: The climate is tropical with some alpine features depending on the topography, elevation, and prevailing winds of the area. It's usually warm and wet. Seasonal variation usually isn't divided by temperature but by the rainy seasons. In the summer, it is warm and sunny, and the winter is usually marked by the rainy season.


Location: Near the equator probably due to the climate. It is not an island. It is coastal with a number of rivers and a mountain range. I'm also thinking it probably has a peninsula.


History: The country itself would be much, much older than 300 years with an extensive history involving a few cultures of tribal and sea-faring peoples, a conquest by an empire, being "modernized" by said empire, the fall of that empire and self-governing, a 50-year civil war, a number of struggles for power, etc. The nation generally celebrates an "Establishment Day" which is the day it became an official parliamentary republic under a constitutional corporatocracy in 07/17/1770.



Additional Notes: I can confirm that I have spoken with Sunset Sea Islands. I believe the geographical position they picked out would be very ideal for a number of reasons (also, the country's shape is almost kind of... symbolic? LOL).


Also, if Andalla and I do end up that close together, we could possibly share some history, if they think that might be a good idea. Especially since they mentioned foreigners coming to their islands.biggrin.gif


Also, also, once I've been here long enough, I'd probably like to apply for more land. Being the ultra-capitalist nation it is, Cashar is probably of the opinion that more land means more resources and more places for tourists to see, etc.

Edited by Cashar (see edit history)
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Ah, I forgot to mention that

a ) there are mountains where I placed Cashar since that's where tectonic plates collide and

b ) there are vulcans and earthquakes where plates collide, so I'd assume ?ndalla's islands are of volcanic nature.

Edited by Sunset Sea Islands (see edit history)
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Would there be any way I could expand Great Burlington to also include the piece of land directly above my current plot? It's a very minor issue, I truly only want the extra piece of land for more convenient R.P, where I don't have to allude to some non-existent nation in which borders me from above.
@Great Burlington:

I see two options for you to go forward. Do you want this merger to happen (a) in the present or (B) in the past? You could RP it either way.

  1. Present. Citizens to the north hold a referendum to join the more prosperous GB. You can RP the run-up to the referendum, political discussions for/against, seek international recognition, and then finish with a "yes" vote. I can label the area as off-limits for the time being.
  2. Past. North was traditionally part of GB. Conquered by a previous monarch. You could have a quick RP about it in the historic roleplay section.

Nation in Europa: Andalla

Flag: Still working on it.

Capital: Cassagan

Culture: Pacific Islander/American, kinda like Hawaii

Climate: Tropical

Location: Near the equator. 2,835 islands and atolls total.

History: Volcanic islands rocked by several ethnic wars from locals and foreigners alike for about 800,000 years, ended in a ceasefire and eventual union.


I think I know a few good locations for your nation to be. If you want islands near the Equator, they will probably be in Marenesia. Visually we'll never be able to see all of those 2800+ islands, but the major ones will.


user posted image


Before proposing some options for you to choose from, could you maybe also get around to setting up a factbook and news agency? It's a minimum to qualify and shows you are invested in staying active here. Much appreciated.


You have a factbook and a newsroom so that's alright with me. From your request I remember two things that are important:

  • Culture. "Right now, the language has elements from Russia and Arabia and is written in a runic alphabet (like some of the old Germanic languages). [...] It does have some things culturally similar with Hawaii in that sense and also the sense that there is a large wealth gap, so there are slums and very poor areas."
  • Climate. "The climate is tropical with some alpine features depending on the topography, elevation, and prevailing winds of the area. It's usually warm and wet."
You will be in the east of the big continent (still unnamed). This does get you close to @Sunset Sea Islands. But the Russian influences will place you a bit more to the north. Which is still ok. Having an ultra-capitalist economy near the Equator is problematic. Factories will get too hot during the day for long workdays. I suggest these areas away from the equator, which are cooled by the arctic sea currents. Still sunny, but not impossibly hot.


user posted image

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I think I have met the very minimal qualifications to apply for a spot. If not so, then just tell me.


Nation: Cavunia

Flag: my avatar (or check my factbook)

Culture: South Slavic, leaning Catholic (Slovenia, Croatia) with a bit of northern vibe (Polish, Czech, Slovakian)

Location: mountainous country with a coastline (if possible, a few islands will not hurt as well). Does not need to be big, I don't mind reducing my population from current 25 millions to even 3 - 4)

Cliamte: mostly mediterranean, however more elevated parts of the country should have some continetal influence. Snow is fine in those parts.

History: isolated tribes united in early medieval, zealous and aggresive character in the past, nowadays conservative nation still recovering after communist government

Edited by Cavunia (see edit history)
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Yes, but there's also Arabic influences for the language, too. And that's just the language. I'm kind of basing geography on Venezuela and Poland, and the history is vaguely Spain (but not really; I might throw in some India and China elements in the history, too). LOL So, I'm not sure going by that influence alone would be the best decision. Ethnicity-wise, I haven't actually decided on it. Given the plans I have for their location, I imagine they'd probably have dark hair and an olive complexion. But I also kind of want there to be a sizable population of people with red hair in Cashar, too. I'm not sure why. I just do. lol


Buuuuut... You do make a good point about the factory thing. I hadn't considered that. Perhaps the tropics wouldn't be the best. Perhaps a more temperate zone would be better. I kinda already started mentioning a peninsula in my history, so do you think maybe this area would be okay?


user posted image


If not, that's fine, too. I can rework what I've written (going to have to anyway because of the change in climate).


If the three spots you picked out are my only choices, I'll probably end up going with the southernmost spot. But again, if possible, I'd like the spot I picked out.

Edited by Cashar (see edit history)
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Nation in Europa: Derthalen



Capital: Heinrichstadt

Culture: Extremely conservative and xenophobic Luddites who are effectively medieval.

Climate: Continental

Location: Someplace with mountains and with access to the ocean.


History: My nation formed after Goths and Alemanni arrived in our region through sailing, and managed to purge it of the 'Beast-men' that lived here. After many years of fighting between different states, the Kingdom of Derthalen managed to unify all the disparate states into one confederation as the Empire of Derthalen.


The rest of our history can be read in our fact book.

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user posted image

Note: area of circle does not indicate future size of nation.


@Great Burlington : Your feedback is perfectly clear. No-one is opposed to granting you the northern part of your peninsula. I don't see a problem with it either. There proposed RP's were to keep up the already active roleplays. As you explain in your dispatches, Whales/Wales joined the Kingdom centuries ago. Perhaps a minor news article could celebrate this act of unification. I'll let you come up with an exact date for it.

@Andalla : Have you had any time to think about a factbook and news agency?

@Cashar : On the map, I shared there were three proposed locations. We've narrowed the choice down to two. Which one do you prefer? (1) The northernmost circle is somewhat of a peninsula as well, right next to the area you highlighted. I also think this is where we'll see Arabic influences. (2) On the other hand, if you prefer the southernmost circle, this is also close to the Sunset Sea Islands.

@Cavunia : Mediterranean Slavic communism. There is definitely a place for you along the northwestern continent. I'll give you an adequate size for 25 million. This can be tweaked again later.

@Derthalen : Continental with mountains and access to water. Germanic will be in the north-west. Not inside the Arctic Circle, but close enough. Somewhere to the southwest of Prymont.

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Hmmm... If I choose the northernmost spot, would I be able to expand into the peninsula later? I think maybe I will go with the northern spot, regardless, now that I think about it. Please let me know if yay or nay.

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I like the spot! Grants some place to interact with, I especially like the location near Derthalen, which seems ideologically close to Cavunia and a close proximity to the continent which has 'Arabic influences'. That may explain Arabic minority in Cavunia and allow me to set some religious wars in past history.

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@Cashar: Ok, north it is.


@Great Burlington: Great. smile.gif Looking forward to that.


@Cavunia: You'll be added with the next update, probably later this week. I did indeed mention Arabic influences. I made a rough map of how humans may have migrated across the globe. Oceans currents favour the discovery of the new lands from several sides, creating a unique blend.


@Sunset Sea Island: As discussed on Discord, @Derthalen will get a hermit nation on the island highlighted in black. All that remains is for him to launch an active news outlet.


user posted image

Edited by Orioni (see edit history)
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user posted image



  • Cashar
  • Cavunia


  • Great Burlington

If the newly added nations think their borders should be modified, please do let me know. This is not set in stone. I can tweak the borders, so long as the size of your nation stays roughly the same. An expansion is possible, please see the above explainer on resizing your nation.

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Hmmm... it looks good, however I've always imagined my capital to be located in the mountains (as its name suggests) - are there those nearby?


Oh and also - what is the area approximately? Just for the factbook purposes. Anyways, everything's fine with me.

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Hello everyone, sorry for the long gap between posts!


Orioni, can I be plopped on the peninsula across the straight from that island? I would like to be on the mainland for now. (Soon I shall start expanding and conquering all of the lands that meet the Dolch-See! Muahahahahaha!)

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@Sunset Sea Islands:


I'd like to be more isolated, as Andalla's history really reveals that it was an isolated nation fighting itself for hundreds of thousands of years. Probably further out into sea? Also, don't mean to be so picky but the islands look too big. I was hoping for something more Pacific Islander-ish like French Polynesia, plus a few slightly larger islands. Aside from that, I love it!




To comment on your bathymetry post. It would be interesting if some continents/islands were all connected by shallow waters, e.g. the Natuna Sea (Singapore-Malaysia-Indonesia area) or the Arafura/Timor Sea (Australia-Timor-Indonesia area).


I am going to set up a news agency, but I'd prefer my factbook to be in NS. I still need to educate myself on the BB codes. Also, it's still really hard to type, and lags my iPad a lot.

Edited by Andalla (see edit history)
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@Cavunia: Ok, your capital will be moved more inland. That will be ?50 Billion please.


@Derthalen: Ok, this will be your position. Check back later to see if you agree on topography.


@Andalla: Ok, I have seen your news agency and it is good. I am sorry you are still experiencing problems with this forum. Please understand you don't have to copypaste all your information here. Simply adding a brief link to your external factbook is also enough. See for example Cavunia: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=4318 The bathymetry will be re-drawn since I am also not happy with the current result. I plan to add more colours, as well as mid-ocean ridges.

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