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Youtabonian Foreign Cooperation Dept.

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Public Statement by the State Department of the Confederate Republic of Youtabonia


In an effort to increase the security of Europa and the cooperation with willing states, the Senate of Youtabonia passed a bill, which was signed earlier today. This bill created a new division of the Department of State for defensive pacts and technological, and economic cooperation. Youtabonia hereby encourages the other nations of Europa to send ambassadors to our capital, Cinigrad, see what can be accomplished.


The people nation looks forward to fair trade deals that will help bring prosperity to all. They look forward to the security of a defensive pact and the betterment of lives that technological advancements can bring. We hope that Europan nations and your people too look forward to these things.



Secretary of State, Jason Easler

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Mr. Easler,


the Tourist Paradise of the Sunset Sea Islands is honored by your invitation. We would be glad to establish embassies between our nations. We will choose a fitting ambassador over the course of the week.

Furthermore the Sunset Sea Islands are greatly in favor of international cooperation. Since we do not have an active army, we need to maintain our security trough other means. Having strong allies is an option. Since we excel in science having research agreements in exchange for defensive pacts would be highly appreciated.


We look forward to future cooperation.

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To: The Sunset Sea Islands Foreign Office

From: The Foreign Cooperation Department


The Youtabonian Foreign Cooperation Department would like to send our nations condolences to the families of those who died in the recent terror attacks. On behalf of the Secretary of State and President, we also offer any of our services that may help to apprehend the culprits, or even our help in the cleanup of the attacks. This will soon be offered to Great Burlington as well, but as the first nation to be willing to set up defensive pacts, it was offered to your nation first. The first ships are ready to depart for ports in the Sunset City, which would be escorted into SSI waters by Youtabonian escorts, to avoid any attempts by terrorists to stop any aid from reaching the SSI.


We hope that those who committed the crimes will be brought to justice and for a quick recovery for those who have survived the attacks.


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To: The Youtabonian Foreign Cooperation Department

From: The Corporate Embassy of Cashar


On behalf of the interests of the Incorporated States of Cashar, the Corporate Embassy of Cashar would be excited and eager to accept Youtabonia's invitation to the Youtabonian capital of Cinigrad. Cashar has a burgeoning, thriving economy with much to offer Europa at large and much to benefit from Europa at large. Economic cooperation is vital to the operation of a nation. It is our hope that we can establish strong trade relations with Youtabonia and contribute to the international economy.


In addition, we would like to open up discussions about protecting any and all potential trade interests via the combined efforts of your military services and ours. If a trade agreement is to be issued, a defensive pact must be as well. Upon acknowledgement of receipt of our acceptance of your invitation, we will be sending one of our ambassadors to your embassy in Cinigrad.



Managerial Ambassador General

Kisyak Sufirvo



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To: The Youtabonian Foreign Cooperation Department

From: The United States of Prymont Foreign Affairs Chamber


After lengthy discussion, the United States of Prymont would like to accept Youtabonia's invitation to visit the capital city, Cinigrad, to initiate talks concerning defense pacts. After a lengthy period of isolationism, the USP would like to once again participate in global affairs, and believes that discussing and forming a defense pact with the Confederate Republic of Youtabonia is a sensible place to begin.


In addition to any possible defensive cooperation, the United States believes that economic and trade deals would also be significantly beneficial to both nations. Recent government initiatives concerning electric vehicles, environmental conservation and exporting have provided the nation with a solid foundation to begin negotiating with other territories. Examples of what the United States can provide include electric cars, military contracts, ore, and ice. The United States looks forward to hearing what Youtabonia can offer, and is eager to initiate the negotiation process. An ambassador is on standby for deployment.






Lorraine Duval

United States of Prymont Foreign Affairs Minister

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