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[OOC] International Intelligence RP

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I am thinking of starting an RP based around international intelligence, spy networks, and diplomatic maneuvering between international diplomats.


I know several nations already expressed interest, and I was hoping to keep participation to between 3 or 4 nations.


The nations involved wouldn't be at war or anything, but one after another could discover foreign spys, and the RP could involve escape, espionage, and the diplomatic issues surrounding how to deal with foreign spies quietly during peacetime, or not so quietly, depending on what you feel is best.


If anyone has any ideas for the start to it, or to the idea in general feel free to post! let's get the ball rolling and see what we can come up with. Hoping to get a decent fleshed out RP going.

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You could start it off with one of your spies being followed through dark and foggy back streets and as he gets to the docks an automobile turns on its headlights and accelerates towards him before it cuts to black?

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Like an espionage thriller?

  • A female/male spy tries to seduce an ambassador to reveal secret information.
  • An IT company has planted a software backdoor in electronic devices, which is revealed leading to all sorts of consequences.
  • A third party is trying to manipulate events to set us two nations against each other.
  • When pressed to make a deal, spies are exchanged to ease tensions.
  • A government employee is manipulated into working for a foreign enemy.
These kinds of stories?
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I like this idea. Somewhere in my lore I have mentioned that a city of mine is a popular setting for italian-style mafia spy movies. Time to re-watch all James Bond movies to gain inspiration. biggrin.gif


However, I can't imagine what foreign spies would like to know about my country. I mean, we're just a bunch of people enjoying the sun in the middle of the ocean. dry.gif


...with particle accelerators and spaceports. There we go.

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Perhaps it starts out with a spy doing physical surveillance, gets arressted for suspicious behaviour by regular beat cops, but as they try and dig up a background check at their station, things get shady and higher and higher brass gets called in until they come to the conclusion its a foreign spy?


Then after that we could get into the diplomacy involved and the meetings between agency directors and diplomats?


Just an idea, though I do like some of Orion's suggestions.

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