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Syncratic Pantheon of Mundane & Weird Gods/Figures

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All right people, I have an idea!


What would you all think about designing and voting on gods for everyday things? They would be part of a large new pantheon of the mundane and weird. Also, this is just for fun. There is absolutely no need to adopt this at all and you can create multiple gods of the same thing.


So far I made up the gods Frank & Joe.

  • Joe being the god of drinking and hangovers, he is a middle class American from Kentucky who likes watching sports and generally hates his job. Thankfully beer is there to make things better; so much so that he has drunk enough beer to replace every atom in his body with an alcohol atom.
  • Frank is the god of beer. He works in a Pawtucket legal office and happens to like brewing his own beer. By accident he managed to make the best tasting beer in the universe and ascend to godhood.

The names are up for change, but I honestly just find the idea of people doing enough of something or being so good at something that they end up becoming the god of that something hilarious.

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I was thinking that perhaps @Sunset Sea Islands and myself share a common reverence for the almighty sea god.

Scientists have found some ruins on Bastion island. The inhabitants of this ancient city have worshipped meteorite gods. They resembled snow-white humanoids with black, metallic elements and long heads. They are depicted as standing on their back legs but supporting their weight with their long arms.


...maybe the meteorites that crashed on our planet and provided it with water (and btw. formed the SSI) were alien ships?

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