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The End of an Era

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Strange Bedfellows For Strange Times

At 0200 this morning news came from the Imperial Palace that the Emperor had met with his Ministers and decided that it was time for Derthalen to seek out new friends.

This unprecedented news sent the Imperial Senate into shock as it would mean to many the end of over 1,000 years of self reliance and isolationism. With this decision appearing to be final, ships are now being outfitted for the long journey ahead of them to reach the eastern continent.


All is not well though. Members of the ?stragrel Hawk Faction (?HF) have been seen meeting with other members of the Senate in restaurants and hotels across the capital. According to rumours and reports from 'concerned citizens', the Hawks are seeing this attempt at establishing new friendships as a sign of weakness. They are apparently spreading dissent and claims of the Emperor's weakness since the humiliating defeat during the Great Barbarian Invasion of Meinitzmark.


Only time will tell what will happen now.

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Anchors Aweigh For A New World

After loading a squadron of frigates with extra supplies for their journey, the port authority and naval engineers did one last check of the ships for any outstanding damage to their structures. Once done the ships slowly left port, not with pomp and celebration but with quiet and sombreness.


The ships will be expected to make the crossing in a matter of three days. Once there they are to make contact with the first government they come across and unload a cargo of wines, exquisite furniture, fine clothing, and of course literature. These shall hopefully go a ways to proving our value as a trade partner.


Until further notice though, the Imperial Navy along with the Luftstreitkr?fte will be placed on tactical alert and will begin doing regular patrols for any foreign vessels or aerocrafts within a hundred leagues of our territory.

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Land Sighted, Drop Anchors

The Squadron of ships finally arrived near the shore of the eastern continent. After a rocky reception with the locals due to the language barrier, the commodore was able to communicate his diplomatic intentions and began unloading the gifts. A resplendent set of clothes made from the finest materials; a strong carriage carved by the masters and made from exotic woods; examples of pottery and paintings that show our superior craftsmanship; and a small libraries worth of classical literature mainly focusing on poetry, stories, and philosophy.


A few of our people were disembarked to learn the language of this new land, while a couple of the locals were taken onto one of our ships to be taken home with our squadron.


The ships shall now return home so we may begin preparations for the establishment of official diplomatic relations with this new land. From what were understood, the locals referred to their nation as 'Great Burlington' or 'Europa', we will have to sort that out later. This first contact was an overall success, and has eased some minds in government about making new contact.


The ?HF though is still agitating, and seems to be radicalising those who agree with them. This will have to be curtailed, or it will come to a head.

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Spie? voran!

After a series of communications between Great Burlington and the Holy Empire of Derthalen, it was decided that an official state visit was in order. On the day before last the Holy Emperor himself arrived in Great Burlington to great fanfare. Unfortunately as his carriage was heading towards the capital of Great Burlington a large explosion occurred sending the carriage into the air and killing many of the Imperial Guard. Thankfully the Emperor had been travelling with the host's delegates and was not killed in this assassination attempt.


After investigating the incident it became clear that the ?stragrel Hawk Faction had been responsible for it. The Emperor immediately ordered the arrest of the entire Imperial Senate, but sadly some of the Hawks managed to evade capture. Now tensions are mounting as the various Imperial States declare their loyalty. As of now we are in the prelude to a civil war.

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