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There's a spammer, who sends out lots of telegrams, from lots of nations. The moderators even temporarily disabled the 'Nation creation' while they dealt with this. There're some rumours the advertised site contains virus or spyware. Be careful!


From the Nationstates forum:

We know about the spam telegrams.

We are aware of a puppetmaster sending spam telegrams; only contact the mods if the nation that sent the telegram is still live. Otherwise, simply delete the spam.



The telegram would have been from a nation who's name was a random combination of two words [name][name]; earlier incarnations have a three-figure number at the end. The telegram was advertising a site with 'iwalton' in the name.


hey, [NATION] Check out this website:



I think they've got some cool stuff. Let me know what you think.?


hey, [NATION]. How are you? Take a look at the watch I bought for someone:



What do you think?



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well its Adware/Spyware guys, no virus. its a pretty basic design, if you go there on IE or an AOL type explorer just clean you cookies. Mozilla, Bam and other sam type explorers will not allow the tracking cookies to be placed without warning you. it never tried to look at my IP or download a backdoor. so if you did go there dont panic.




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