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Hello, I am a new conqueror!

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I am a transfer from the United Islands. I am here to see if this is a good place to role play and wage wars. I like to follow rules and such, so that is something to keep in mind.


My nation's name is Derthalen, and I have only been in one region my Nation States existence. I hope to have fun.

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Great to have you here!

We are currently working on improving the nation which will hopefully result in even more, even better RP potential. It will be interesting to have a heavily militaristic "baddie" nation in the region as well. The current major topic is expanding the map.

You might find these threads to be interesting.


Map planning (See last pages for current discussion)

Solar system planning

Magnaeus diplomatic RP

By being an active nation and part of the forums you qualify to have an ad for your nation displayed on the forums. Apply here.


Welcome to the region!



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The UI is a huge region! https://www.nationstates.net/region=united_islands


Welcome to Europe. Magnaeus is a peaceful nation, so there won't be any war between us. Tell us a bit about yourself?

The UI is not actually that big. Most of the members are inactive and do not role play, so the cast of people has been getting smaller since I joined a while back.


My country is a weirdly feudal confederation of smaller states. Due to the odd constitution I can claim the title of a democratic elective imperial absolute monarchy! My country exists in a weird state of primitiveness. While the government funds the sciences and has developed nuclear power and all the technologies you would expect from a modern state, due to events that occurred in the 18th & 19th centuries, the general public are mostly Luddites. So except for modern medicines and a few other areas, most modern technologies are banned from private usage. My country only has two ethnic groups, the Alemanni and the Goths, as such our official languages are Gothic and Alemannische.


I hope I can get on the map. I am aiming for a nice temperate country with a coast and some mountains.


TL;DR: My country has a Wilhelmine era culture and keeps all the good technology for government use only. Basically Germany but if W?rttemberg and Austria defined the culture.


In real life I was born in Thailand, grew up in South Afrika, and have lived in a lot of European countries. I am currently living in England right now in fact.

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I hope I can get on the map. I am aiming for a nice temperate country with a coast and some mountains.

Map claims are on halt until we've finished the map, deadline is June 30th. I'm sure you'll find a comfy spot once we're done.


Also nice culture/ worldbuilding. Very interesting concept.

I can not really take credit for it. Me and some friends had a nation role play in school and I was W?rttemberg. Long story short, Prussia tried to unify Germany by force and I suggested a grand confederation of the South German states and it eventually became a jointly controlled super power.


Ah, I miss the days of the German Confederation.

http://imgur.com/a/vzv4L - I uploaded the maps I still have from that game. Diplomacy is the best way to annex people.

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Do you still have the blank version of this map? I've been searching for a good blank world map with lots of little provinces but I couldn't find good ones online.

Sorry, I did not have the original. My maps only go back to the 1804. I found some good blanks on the internet though, hopefully they are good enough.


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