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Hello good people?

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Greetings Cristina! 2-bye1.gif

We're glad to have you in our community!

Feel free to participate in the upcoming roleplays. There's Magnaeus' political ball and after we've settled on a new regional map (deadline is next week) there are some terrestrial and extraterrestrial exploration roleplays planned.

Enjoy your time and don't be afraid to ask questions, if you need help! 2-thumbup.gif





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Any idea from you people will be very welcome.

The Sunset Sea Islands had a separationist port city as well, called Porto Rosso. It is still de facto ruled by a mafia clan but the city re-joined the nation after the son of the mafia clan's leader was allowed to marry the princess.

So... yeah, I guess independent port cities have high crime rates, incompetent police forces, probably a lot of money if other nations recognize them as an independent country, problems if the original nation from which they seceded doesn't allow transportation of goods to and from the city, etc.

Hope I could help.

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Magnaeus is like Switzerland, where you have a bunch of city-states or kantons that banded together into a larger nation (but still small).


For a city state on itself, there are probably loads of examples. Germany has independent cities for a long time, like the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin. There are prob other hanseatic examples around.


A modern city state would probably looks more like a coastal port. Think of Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore.


And if you go up one level, you get countries centered largely around a single city like Panama, Djibouti, Kuwait.

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