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New TV tower erected in Sunset City


After three years of construction the enormous new Sunset City Television Tower dominates the skyline of the capital. The high-tech communication array provides TV and radio access for the Sunset City metropolitan area as well as free WLAN in the city centre. Amongst the first visitors of the panorama floor were King Tomasso I. and Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve.


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Meanwhile the rest of the royal family prepares for their trip to Magnaeus, following the invitation of President Sophie Gerber to attend a diplomatic ball.


To celebrate the completion of the new Sunset City Television Tower SSI NEWS, the news channel of your choice, has updated its design.


Tune in next time for more breaking news from the Sunset Sea Islands and all over the world!


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Private company poses threat to the national space exploration agency (SSISEC)


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To the joy of space nerds all over the world famous entrepreneur and sci-fi fan Jebediah Kehrman published footage of the next rocket build by his company SpaceY. The Eagle is scheduled to bring several satellites into orbit in late summer. This is the first time in history a privately owned company seriously poses a threat to the monopoly of the national space agency, the SSISEC (Sunset Sea Islands Space Exploration Agency). Meanwhile it seems that the space and aeronautics agency of Fleur de Lys is interested in collaborating with the Sunset Sea Islandian organisations,. Space enthusiasts wish for an international mission to space to emerge from these approaches. Fleur de Lys does not seem to care wether their business partners will be privately owned companies, national agencies or both.


Staircase Apostles buy plot of land on eastern Sunset Island


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The previously unknown catholic fringe group "Staircase Apostles" have purchased an extensive plot of land in a sparsely populated area in the eastern part of Sunset Island. The transaction provoked attention because it is unknown how the relatively small religious community managed to afford the land, which is worth about twelve million Sols. The leader of the church reacted with anger to the initiated investigation. The Staircase Apostles have registered rising application rates.


Mysterious masked men appear all over the nation


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The Sunset Sea Islandian police has registered numerous calls from worried citizens reporting strange individuals wearing masks in public. The anonymous persons do not seem to pose any threat at the moment. They seem to behave normally except for their white masks with a symbol on them, which resembles the letters "XD" rotated by ninety degrees. Because of the resemblance of the symbol to a smiley the group has been dubbed "The Laughing Men". Even though the police receive between twenty and one hundred phone calls about sightings per day, the mysterious men have yet to be caught on tape. The speculations about the identity of the group range from terrorists over cultists to an incredibly well thought out advertisement campaign.

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In the early morning hours on the 13th of June a large detonation occurred in central Sunset City. The explosion was soon declared a terrorist attack. A hijacked bus filled with explosives blew up and critically damaged the Sunset City Stock Exchange. Hundreds of people died because of the explosions and the subsequent collapse of the high rise building. This incident is already considered the worst terrorist attack in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands. According to the search and rescue service of the Sunset City Police Department dozens may be still trapped beneath the debris. Chances to save their lives are slim due to the massive amount of said debris which buried the workers of the Stock Exchange. This attack might not be on a national scale, but way larger. According to our correspondents from Great Burlington an almost identical terrorist attack destroyed the historical Saint Justin Stock Exchange building and killing several hundred Burlingtonians. Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve declared the state of emergency mere minutes ago. In the same speech she mentioned that she will contact Jacob Rees-Mogg, Prime Minister of Great Burlington, immediately to discuss the further course of actions.


Ministry of the Interior uses terrorist attack to justify introduction of crime prevention system


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Two months ago the Ministry of the Interior presented a new crime prevention system dubbed Synapse. The system which combines tighter video surveillance, face tracking and identification algorithms, pattern recognition and machine learning, was made to decrease crime rates severely by predicting future crimes. Due to privacy laws the system was rejected. Now, after the terrorist attack on the Stock Exchange the Ministry of the Interior used the declared state of emergency to forcefully introduce the system. All surveillance cameras in Sunset City are now directly connected to the enormous server systems AI. To protect the tower of the Ministry of Interior from potential followup terrorist attacks the building is being protected by high-tech tanks and armed police drones. Privacy activists are expressing their disapproval through the internet.


Violent attacks against religious groups


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Several dozens of far-right hooligans have tried to break into a sacral building. The right-wing extremists claim that the members of the religious community are responsible for the terrorist attacks. Luckily the police arrived quickly and could stop the mob from lynching the innocent people. The police has dispatched security corps to protect sacral buildings all over Sunset City. Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve has condemned the "disgusting acts of violence".

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Memorial to commemorate victims of stock exchange attacks erected


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It seems that the Sunset Sea Islands have calmed down after the recent terrorist attacks on the Sunset City Stock Exchange, which took the lives of hundreds and injured several dozens more. Even though our wounds have healed, they have left a scar. The names of all of the people who have lost their lives in the terrorist attacks have been engraved in a giant monument which stands where the stock exchange once was. In her speech during the opening ceremony Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve gave her thanks to the citizens and the government of Youtabonia, who have helped both physically and financially to overcome this national crisis as fast as possible. A statue to the Youtabonian helpers is to be erected soon as well. Mauve also mourned the deaths of several hundred Burlingtonians, who have lost their lives in a similar attack. Strangely enough, a connection between both attacks has yet to be found. No clue of an affiliation with the perpetrators of the Saint Justin Attacks has been uncovered. Besides the dramatic loss of life the largest consequence for the Sunset Sea Islands is the tightened grip of the Ministry of the Interior on the nation. Using the state of emergency the MoI has expanded it's powers. The laws, which were passed in a hurry, have enforced the MoI's authorities even after the state of emergency has been lifted. Conspiracy theories claim that Minister of Interior Maria Tumbleweed has been pulling the strings behind the terrorist attacks.


New projects of the Ministry of the Interior


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The new legislations passed during the state of emergency following the recent terrorist attacks have not only increased the power of the Ministry of the Interior, but also it's budget. Billions of Sols have already been spent on the new Synapse Crime Prevention System. Nevertheless the Ministry continues to update their equipment. Besides the enormous AI and the patrolling police drones the Ministry has also unveiled their plans for autonomous spider tanks. The small, but heavily armed, smart tanks are are supposed to support special ops in their fight against crime. Footage of an unarmed prototype has been presented to the government.

Meanwhile the Ministry has also started funding car manufacturers focussing on autonomous cars, for example Jebediah Kehrman's ALVA. Their goal is to connect the traffic lights and controls to the Synapse System as well. By bringing more autonomous cars onto the streets of the Sunset Sea Islands and connecting them with the Synapse System the Ministry wants to increase safety levels throughout the nation. Spending in both law enforcement and public transport has been increased severely.

Police drones still guard the building of the Ministry of the Interior tightly. "Now Sunset City not only has a castle, but also a fortress." said a columnist of the Sunset City Post.


Breakthrough in psychology research


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Although the technology is still in development, the Institute for Applied Sciences in Asimov, Sunset Island, has presented early forms of scanners, which can assess the mental states of individuals. This technology could be used to detect mental disorders or criminal intents. As expected, the seemingly omnipotent Ministry of Interior has taken a keen interest in the new developments and taken control over the research. "These scanners will become the eyes of the Synapse System." said Maria Tumbleweed, Minister of the Interior.


Haven't heard about VRSNs? Ask your children.


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A new development in the field of virtual reality has finally made the technology attractive for a broader audience. SOCIETY, the first Virtual Reality Social Network lets users create an avatar and an individual area in a virtual world in which they can chat and interact with other users through the internet. The popularity of the network has caused an unexpected rush on VR headsets. The sudden popularity of the systems, which have been formerly only relevant for hardcore gamers, has caused a substantial price drop. Manufacturers have doubled their production as this might mark the start of a new virtual revolution. The accompanying growth of the Sunset Sea Islandian IT industry has boosted the nation onto a new level of technological advancement and economical strength.


With the recent technological advancements, for example the autonomous military and civilian vehicles, psychological scans, virtual reality and most notably the Synapse System the Sunset Sea Islands have taken an enormous leap into the future. What has only been dreamt of by sci-fi enthusiasts might become reality in the next few days.

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Internet providers nationalised


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During a heated debate the parliament barely passed a legislation to nationalise all major internet providers of the Sunset Sea Islands. The government guarantees free high speed internet access throughout the nation for every citizen. Initial download and upload speed tests show an increase in both in comparison to the conditions before the new law. Although the government does not seem to be interested in censoring content on the internet, net activists still are suspicious of the situation. Political commentators say that the nationalisation happened under pressure of the Ministry of the Interior. Wether this is the next step to increase the range of the Synapse System or not, no initial drawbacks have been detected for the average citizen. At least Sunset Sea Islandians don't have to worry about paying their internet bills anymore, since the internet access is financed through tax money. Also, the debate about net neutrality should be solved for now.

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Parliament resumes work after two-week summer break


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During the last two weeks all of the 512 members of the Sunset Sea Islandian parliament could enjoy their yearly vacations. The usually busy MPs could relax on domestic beaches, travel across the globe or spend time with their families. Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve stated on her social media profiles that she went to the remote village she was born in to visit her family. "It was really nice not having to rise at five in the morning for a change. Now I have lots of energy for the next year of legislations, debates and diplomacy!" Dr. Mauve will surely need all of that energy to tackle the tasks that lie immediately ahead. The parliament has to solve problems which have appeared over the course of the last fourteen days. What seems like a short while for the everyday citizen is enough time for hundreds of issues to accumulate.


New provocations from the Holy Empire of Derthalen


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Even though the Sunset Sea Islandian government tries to befriend as many nations as possible, some are more willing to engage in peaceful diplomacy than others. One of those is the Holy Empire of Derthalen, which rejects the good intentions time and time again. During a public speech in central Heinrichstadt, the capital of Derthalen, Emperor H. J. Fleischmann described the Sunset Sea Islands as "pathetic and defenceless" and stated that Derthalen would be able to conquer the Sunset Sea Islands in less than a day. Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve reacted calmly to those provocations, as always. "Most nations have learned that conflict and aggression is not a sustainable way of interacting with others. Some still have to learn this lesson."


Trade agreements with Prymont improve relations and economies


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During the last years diplomatic relations between the United States of Prymont and the Sunset Sea Islands have improved steadily. Today George Duval, the president of Prymont, and Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve signed a bilateral trade agreement. Economists in both nations are very pleased with the contract and predict measurable economic growth as a direct consequence of the deal. Not only the economic cooperation with Prymont has flourished recently, the friendship between the citizens of both nations grows stronger every day. Prymont has become a popular tourist destination for Sunset Sea Islandians who seek snow and ice and the amount of Prymontian Tourists in Sunset Sea Islandian resorts has increased as well.


Imperial warships guard trade routes in Sunset Sea Islandian waters


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The Empire of Orioni, the closest international partner of the Sunset Sea Islands, has expressed concerns according the safety of shipping lanes between both nations. Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve agreed to permit Imperial warships of Orioni to guard the shipping lanes even in Sunset Sea Islandian waters. Experts speculate that the major reason for the new safety concerns of the Empire are the nation's ongoing problems with pirates. Some say that the aggressive stance of the Holy Empire of Derthalen angered the other Empire. Dispatching Imperial warships to the Sunset Sea Islands is supposed to show that Orioni will not tolerate Derthalen's aggression and that they have our back.

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Earlier today an armed individual shot and killed three civilians in central Sunset City. Witnesses say that the seemingly psychically unstable man suddenly pulled out a gun and started shooting into the crowd. The gunman was immediately shot by a nearby police man. Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve expressed her grief and assured the families of the victims her support. Meanwhile the calls for a complete criminalisation of gun ownership increase. To prevent similar incidents in the future only policemen and other officials shall be allowed to carry firearms. This would also mean the complete abolition of gun clubs and similar organisations. Legislation is expected to pass during the next couple of days.


Crime punishments increased


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Even though such horrible incidents like the triple-shooting occur from time to time, the Sunset Sea Islands are amongst the nations with the lowest crime rate in Europa. The parliament decided to raise punishments for all kinds of crimes. Monetary fees and prison sentence lengths have been increased overall. A possible explanation for this dramatical change in penal code is that the population is not used to crimes and thereby affected stronger by them. In nations with high crime rates the population is used to crime, which has become a part of everyday life.


Small-scale anti-crown movements


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During the last few weeks small demonstrations have occurred in city centres. The relatively small groups of people, usually about one hundred to 250 citizens, demonstrate against the monarchy in the Sunset Sea Islands. King Tomasso I. was asked about these demonstrants during an interview. He said that he is deeply sorry that these citizens are so unsatisfied with the current situation in the Sunset Sea Islands. He expressed his sympathy and said that he understands that people might dislike monarchies in the twenty-first century. King Tomasso I. invited the leaders of those demonstrations to a dinner in the Royal Castle to discuss the current situation. The popularity of the Sunset Sea Islandian Royals is at a constantly high rate.


Ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags


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Environmentalists all over the Sunset Sea Islands rejoice after the production and distribution of classical plastic bags was banned in the nation following a freshly-passed legislation. Now only biodegradable plastic bags are allowed to be used in the Sunset Sea Islands. Non-degrading plastic bags have harmed the environment for decades, especially oceanic forms of life have suffered greatly because of plastic waste in the sea. With this new law the Sunset Sea Islands hope to be an example to other nations in Europa to combat climate change and the destruction of the environment.


Hermit crabs display signs of intelligence


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During a recent study, whose results were just made public, a team of zoologists, biologists and sociologists found out that hermit crabs behave in ways that can be attributed to intelligence. The researchers found out that the social interactions between hermit crabs resemble groups of human children. Science geeks and animal friends all over the nation are fascinated with the results of the study. Hardline "animal rescuers" have demanded human rights and citizenship to be bestowed upon hermit crabs. The lead scientist of the project tries to calm the situation down. "The crabs are clever and they have social structures. That does not mean that they are humans in shells."


Tea time trendy again


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To finish this newscast off on a light tone, it seems like an old tradition has made a comeback with the Sunset Sea Islandian youth. Several tea salons have appeared throughout the nation during the last few months. The trendy shops are filled with young people, talking, working and enjoying their free time over a cup of tea. Older generations are amused that something as old-fashioned as drinking tea is suddenly popular with young people. "I am happy to see youngsters enjoying a nice cup of tea with their friends in the afternoon." says Steve Michaels, a tea shop owner. "Everybody needs to relax from time to time, especially in these fast-paced times."

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The Imperial fleet of Orioni, which is currently securing trade routes between the SSI and the Beautiful Empire, informed the Sunset Sea Islandian government that they have spotted warships of the Holy Empire of Derthalen in Sunset Sea Islandian waters. The government was shocked, as this is a violation of the Sunset Sea Islandian waters and no naval exercise or similar manoeuvres were planned. Communication was established rapidly. According to the latest news, the warships were dispatched to protect the Sunset Sea Islands from a foreign invasion." It seems that the Derthalener government thought that the Sunset Sea Island were currently being invaded by Orioni. Even though the conflict was resolved fairly quickly, several national and international voices have condemned the intrusion into Sunset Sea Islandian waters. Except for the Sunset Sea Islands, the nations of Fleur de Lys, Cristina and Prymont reacted with shock and disbelief. Why Derthalen dispatched warships before informing anyone remains unknown. This crisis is the next incident in a row of events that have put a strain on the relations between the SSI and Derthalen.


Sunset Sea Islands Self-Defence Force (SSISDF) introduced


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Several decades after the abolition of the national army the Sunset Sea Islands once more have a military organisation. The newly introduced self-defence force consists entirely of volunteers and professional soldiers. The SSISDF has registered between fifteen and twenty thousand applications. Extensive training is needed to make the SDF able to operate. The organisation is being viewed with suspicion by most of the citizens since pacifism is deeply rooted in Sunset Sea Islandian education and culture. The future tasks of the SDF are search-and-rescue operations as well as border patrols. According to speculations the introduction of the self-defence force are a consequence of the recently worsening relations with the Holy Empire of Derthalen.


The largest radio telescope in the world built in the SSI


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After several years of work, the largest radio telescope in the world has been completed in the Sunset Sea Islands. The enormous dish with a 500m diameter was built in a meteorite crater on Bastion Island. The construction consumed enormous amounts of resources and money but the scientific advancements which the construction will bring to the nation are well worth it. The installation of this dish is the next step of the Sunset Sea Islands to become a global scientific powerhouse. The construction is able to detect cosmic radiation. This state-of-the-art machine already is the pride and joy of the Sunset Sea Islandian astronomists. Severe environmental regulations had to be maintained during the construction works. During the last years, the Sunset Sea Islands have invested enormous amounts of money to increase its scientific capabilities.


Public outcry stops privatisation of beaches


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After plans were published to privatise Sunset Sea Islandian beaches on Sunset Island, several thousand people have met on said beaches to protest against the plans. The public outcry was so strong that the government cancelled the plans completely. "Why do you think tourists and locals enjoy our nation so much? Because of our tropical environment of course! Privatising beaches would be the most stupid thing to do!" said an organiser of the protests. According to the private cooperation, which was interested in acquiring the rights to the beaches, one of the major reasons for the plans was the trash visitors leave on the beach. The protesters managed to organise a small army of volunteers to keep the beaches clean from now on through the internet. About 150 citizens want to clean the beaches once every two days completely. During the protests, the hashtags #KeepOurBeachesFree and #BeachCleaningArmy went viral. One of the major concerns of the protesters was that the potential owners might start charging fees for visitors.

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AI summit to be held in the Sunset Sea Islands


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Following a recent provocation by Derthalen a new international political debate has started. The Holy Empire criticised and even insulted the application of the Synapse System in the Sunset Sea Islands, as well as the advances of the nation in the scientific field of artificial intelligence. Derthalen called for an international summit to be held on this topic. After a written discussion between leaders of several nations, the decision was made to discuss the matter in the Sunset Sea Islands, the nation from which the reason for this discussion originated. Leaders of the United States of Prymont, the Republic of Fleur de Lys, the Free Port of Cristina and the Holy Empire of Derthalen will meet with Minister of the Interior Maria Tumbleweed to discuss the matters over the course of the next week. The leaders of all nations except Derthalen have applauded Sunset Sea Islandian advancements. During the discussion relations between Derthalen and Fleur de Lys suffered dramatically, so controversy is to be expected.


Aeronautic business with Fleur de Lys


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Currently, Sunset Sea Islandian Minister of Transport Um Li Tung is meeting up with Lysian DC de A?rospatiale R?my Georges Pierre Ferr? to discuss a business agreement between the two friendly nations. According to government information, the Sunset Sea Islands are interested in purchasing and pre-ordering five of the Lysian high tech supersonic planes. These planes are supposed to create high-speed connections between the Sunset Sea Islands, the Empire of Orioni, the United States of Prymont, and Fleur de Lys itself. As it appears, the Republic of Fleur de Lys is also interested in importing Sunset Sea Islandian uranium, which would further improve economic relations between the two nations. The Republic of Fleur de Lys is heavily relying on nuclear power to provide its seven million inhabitants with electricity and heat. After the recent trade agreements with Prymont, these discussions with Fleur de Lys lead to stronger economies on both sides of the deal and are the next step towards a global community which is growing together more and more.


Huamnitarian Aid for Kualoa


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The small island nation of Kualoa has been hit by a typhoon dubbed Aletta. The tropical storm has caused severe damage throughout the island chain. The economically weak Kualoa has asked for international help and received a huge amount of help in hours. Several nations have already dispatched helpers and the Sunset Sea Islands follow up. Goods in the worth of several million Sols and funds, as well as hundreds of voluntary helpers, have been sent to Kualoa. A major contributor from the Sunset Sea Islands is the newly founded Self Defence Force, which has dispatched trained professionals which help with saving trapped Kualoans, rescuing citizens in despair and rebuilding Kualoan infrastructure, as well as constructing emergency accommodations.


Several new Sunset Sea Islandian embassies opened throughout the world


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During the last few weeks, the Sunset Sea Islands have opened new embassies in several nations. Diplomatical relations have been strengthened by these facilities with St. Francoisbourg, Girkmand, Kualoa, Hybrok, Cavunia, Andalla and the Eurof?hrer. The tightening relations with many world nations show that the Sunset Sea Islands are a well-working member of the international community and that diplomacy is indeed the way to go to ensure a peaceful future. Other embassies are expected to be introduced during the next weeks and months as well.


Garbage collectors catch mafia members disposing of a corpse


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What sounds like a weird episode of CSI: Sunset City became reality during the early morning hours in a back alley of the capital. A team of garbage collectors noticed a group of shady men throwing a large plastic bag into a bio-waste container. "We went towards the men to ask them why they were throwing non-degradable plastic into a container for biological waste, but the moment they saw us they ran away. We checked the container and noticed that they threw a human body in there. Of course, we called the police immediately." The Sunset City police department rushed to the scene and managed to catch the perpetrators thanks to smart surveillance footage analysis by the Synapse System. As it turns out, the men were members of the Porto Rosso mafia clan, who were disposing of a dead snitch. All men are expecting to be convicted of murder or complicity.


New school year about to start


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Starting tomorrow, students throughout the Sunset Sea Islands will have to start going to school again. To the sorrow of school children, six weeks of summer holidays are about to come to an end. Once again the nation is faced with a shortage of trained personnel. The number of young, new teachers is decreasing from year to year. The Ministry of Education is considering introducing financial benefits for teachers to make the unpopular profession more attractive, such as tax cuts and discounts. Although the state of the education system could be improved with more active teachers, the average intelligence of Sunset Sea Islandian citizens continues to rise. Scores of school children increase from year to year.


Government-run dating site introduced


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A curious website has been opened yesterday. As the name suggests, the service MatchMaker.ssi is a dating site, but this one differs greatly from the rest of similar websites. This page is officially run by the government of the Sunset Sea Islands. The service is meant to be an experiment to test census data as well as the increasing capabilities of the Synapse System. Curiously, the amount of positive feedback is stunning. According to users of the website, they really feel like they have met the partner of their dreams. The algorithm analyses census data of users and compares it with others. This small application shows, that the Synapse System. is usable in different fields of action. Currently, the system controls CCTV systems, the road signals and supports the police in investigations. It seems like the reach of the system will be increased over the course of the next few months and years. Maria Tumbleweed will defend the Synapse System. during the coming international AI summit.

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Trans-Continental Science Initiative


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Earlier today members of the governments of Prymont, Magnaeus, Fleur de Lys and the Sunset Sea Islands have announced the foundation of the Trans-Continental Science Initiative (TCSI/ ISTC, Initiative Scientifique Trans-Continentale). The goals of this new international organisation are the protection and exploration of the Antargican continent, reducing global warming, protecting the environment, venturing into space and, most of all, advancing the scientific development of the human race.


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Whilst some of the TCSI's goals are still nowhere near achievement, the scientists from the four nations have already started working on their first project: a permanently inhabited base on Antargis. To support this massive undertaking new international trade deals had to be negotiated, for example with the Free Port of Cristina. Supplies are shipped from continental Europa to the SSI, and from our nation to an island off the coast of Antargis. An administrative base has been constructed there to control the work on the continent of Antargis.

The whole international community watches the actions of the newly founded initiative closely, since never before in history have nations on three different continents worked so closely together to further the advancement of the human race.


Andallan ship Kirsten M?ller sank


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A horrible tragedy has occurred recently, which caused the death of several Sunset Sea Islandians, Andallans, Casharis and Kualoans. An Andallan cargo ship sank after being hit by a derelict wave whilst en route from Holtrup, Andalla, to Porto Libertad. A Sunset Sea Islandian cargo vessel has noticed the Kirsten M?ller's disappearance and notified authorities. Akagi Masazumi, the captain of the M/V Star Oceans, managed to save several survivors. The Sunset Sea Islands have pledged to help Andalla to learn how exactly the ship sank. The government will provide the families of the three Sunset Sea Islandians, who have lost their lives, with financial and psychological support. Akagi Masazumi, the heroic captain, has been awarded the Sunset Sea Islandian Medal of Honour.

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Scramble for Antargis: Conference on EOS Island


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The board of the Initiative Scientifique Trans-Continentale reacted with shock to claims presented by EOS founding member, Orioni. The Entente of Oriental States has claimed vast areas of the Antargican continent, including areas under the protection of ISTC member states. The plans of EOS were met with international critique and a conference was issued almost immediately. Several international leaders will gather on EOS Island to discuss the fate of the southernmost continent. Prime Minister Dr. Lydia Mauve, who will be attending the conference, seeks the path of compromise, as always:


The goals of the Entente and the ISTC are not that different. We may disagree on certain aspects, we have the same goals in the end: scientific advancement and, most of all, a safe and protected Antargis. We will have to come to an agreement with the Entente regarding the claims of the continent, its administration, protection and utilisation. I am confident that we will find a solution that satisfies every party. The people of EOS are intelligent and I believe strongly that they are just as interested in prosperous cooperation as we are.


Trade deals with the Free Port of Cristina


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During the preparations for the scientific exploration of Antargis, the Sunset Sea Islands have reached out to the Free Port of Cristina, alongside the other ISTC member states. What began as a project to improve Cristinian infrastructure to grant Magnaeus and Fleur de Lys access to the ocean, has turned into a seed of flourishing business relations. After a few days of negotiations, a new trade deal has been created between the SSI and Cristina. The SSI have accepted a lucrative deal for exporting uranium to power Cristina's only nuclear power plant, information technology, naval vessels and, for Cristinians, exotic foodstuffs.

The Free Port of Cristina is heavily reliant on foreign trade since it declared its independence from the nation of Mantella, which does not recognise Cristina's sovereignty tries to sabotage the nation's integrity.


Launch of SUMATRA


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Sumatra, the SUaloan Maritime ATmospheric Radar Administration, has been introduced today. The joint programme between the island nations of Kualoa, Andalla and the Sunset Sea Islands is supposed to create an early detection system against natural catastrophes, such as typhoon Aletta, which has laid waste upon Kualoa recently. Currently, the system only operates on data from buoys in the ocean and Sunset Sea Islandian weather satellites, but there are plans to launch special SUMATRA-specific satellites from the SSI Space Exploration Centre. Most of the funding for the international programme is being provided by the SSI, because of the comparably weaker Andallan and the still recovering Kualoan economies. A Sunset Sea Islandian spokesperson of SUMATRA said: "Yes, the SSI provide the vast majority of funds for this project. But the money we invest into SUMATRA does not only benefit us, it saves the lives of people, who are less fortunate than we are. We should all be grateful to have found such nice partners as Andalla and Kualoa and we should be happy to help."

The Synapse system has been tasked with analysing all SUMATRA data to make weather predictions and early disaster detection more accurate.

Cooperation between SUMATRA and Orioni's system, MIDAS, is possible, but yet unannounced.


Foundation of the Socialist Resistance


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Several smaller, socialist or even communist parties have announced their merger into a new party, the freshly founded Socialist Resistance (SocRes). According to calculations, the party would gain around 3.5% of votes if there was an election this Sunday. During the last months socialist and borderline communist ideologies have been growing in popularity. Especially young people become more and more interested in this political system, which has long been declared failed. According to some analysts, the SocRes actually stands a chance of getting into parliament during the next elections. The formation of a larger party might enable them to pass the threshold of 5% of votes and, by that, to gain seats in the Sunset Sea Islandian parliament.


The undercover prohibition


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Laws regarding the consumption of drugs have been always harsh in the Sunset Sea Islands. In no other nation in the world is alcohol so expensive like in the SSI. Thanks to the vast distance between the SSI and its neighbour states alcohol trafficking becomes nearly impossible and authorities can crack down on lawbreakers easily. Now, the regulations according to the purchase of alcoholic beverages have been tightened once more. The costs of such drinks has doubled over night as a consequence of the newly passed law. A citizen we interviewed in central Sunset City describes the situation as follows: "What has been happening in the Sunset Sea Islands is an undercover prohibition. The government is not prohibiting alcohol, it is just making it so ridiculously expensive, that no one will be able to afford it anymore."

The Ministry of Health applauds the new legislation. According to analysts at the Synapse System, the crime rate has dropped noticeably every time new alcohol laws have been passed. Simulations predict the overall crime rate to hit an all time low during the next few weeks.

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Pact of non-aggression signed with the Holy Empire of Derthalen


After countless smaller, medium-sized and large diplomatic incidents between the Tourist Paradise and the Holy Empire of @Derthalen have signed a pact of mutual non-aggression. This is a decisive step towards a world of peace and prosperous cooperation. Even though the relationship of the Holy Empire and the Tourist Paradise can still not be called friendly by far, Prime Minister Dr Lydia Mauve expressed her satisfaction about the treaty during a press conference. "Even though there is a seemingly never-ending flow of issues we have to discuss with the Holy Empire, like AI politics, democracy or even basic human rights, it is of utmost importance for our nations to discuss their differences at a table and not on the battlefield" explained the prime minister. The citizens of the Sunset Sea Islands, as well as several notable political scientists, seem to be happy with the progress of the international community towards peaceful coexistence. According to the first polls following the ratification of this treaty the popularity of the Holy Empire of Derthalen underneath Sunset Sea Islandian citizens has risen a fair amount.

Lysian fighter squadrons stationed in the Sunset Sea Islands


Over the course of the last week, the army of the Republic of @Fleur de Lys has dispatched several squadrons of AWACs and Éclairs to the Sunset Sea Islands. Following a new bilateral agreement between the Republic and the Sunset Sea Islands, the Lysian soldiers were dispatched to support the self-defence force. The reactions to the agreement of the public were mixed since many feel like the turn the nation has taken by reintroducing the SSISDF is contradicting the pacifist education every Sunset Sea Islandian citizen receives since early childhood. On the other hand, other groups say that the increased sense of security the stationed fighters and their respective trained operators induce is beneficial for the well-being of the nation. Aside from these points, the general opinion of the public is extremely positive about the ever-tightening relations between Fleur de Lys and the Sunset Sea Islands.

The diplomatic district of Sunset City won't stop growing


Following the establishment of diplomatic relations with several nations all over the world, new embassies have begun sprawling in the diplomatic district of Sunset City. Amongst the nations, the Sunset Sea Islands now have newly established diplomatic ties with, are @Iverica, @Variota@Ahrana@St Francoisbourg@Synturia and established global superpowers like @Miiros and @Akiiryu . Once more the general opinion appreciates the establishment of new relations with friendly nations all over the world. International cooperation has brought so much wealth both to us and our partners overseas. We await the effects of international cooperation with new partners and friends and the effects that will bring with it with utmost pleasure.

Budget of the UBPSSIF Coast Guard increased dramatically


After the nations of Futanarien and Dobby is Free fell into the same calamities that befell the other members of the former UBPSSIF, the United Border Principality of the Sunset Sea Islands and Futanarien, the Sunset Sea Islands are the last remaining member state of the now defunct alliance which has not fallen into anarchy and chaos. To protect the people and the lands of the former member states the Sunset Sea Islands have dramatically increased the budget of the coast guard patrolling the borders of the island alliance. Additionally to the mainlands of Futanarien and Dobby is Free minor islands in the general UBPSSIF are now under the direct protection of the coast guard as well. The fleet has been more than doubled to protect the former nations and their inhabitants from foreign invasions and to increase the information exchange rate to have more intel about the happenings in the rouge lands.

Misunderstanding about measurements causes minor diplomatic confusion with @Prymont


After a @Derthalener news agency released information about an alleged standardisation of the measurement systems of the Holy Empire and the United States the other member states of the ISTC, including the Sunset Sea Islands, reacted with confusion. @Magnaeus, @Fleur de Lysand the Sunset Sea Islands all use the metric system of measurements based on properties of water. They reacted with confusion after a member of an association focussed on science and progress seemed to want to standardise measurements not with their allies, but with a formerly isolationist, warmongering nation. The United States of Prymont reacted quickly and dismissed these claims and explained that they were not planning to standardise their measurements with Derthalen, but also not with anyone else, including ISTC members. This didn't please ISTC members either, but it was received better than the Derthalener fake news. The United States of Prymont use the outdated imperial measurement system, whilst the Holy Empire of Derthalen uses a twisted and irrational system of measurements. The ISTC pushes towards the establishment of the metric system on a global scale as a standardised system to make both international science and trade easier for all parties.

New race course opened on Solitude Island


The smallest of the four main islands of the Sunset Sea Islands, the northeastern Solitude Island is mostly uninhabitable and only houses the national uranium mines and the space exploration centre on the equator. Now, however, it has a new attraction which might create new jobs based on the rocky island. For the upcoming Grand Prix later this year, organised by @Prymont , a new downhill race track has been opened on the desolate island.The course is full of so-called "corners", or curves in regular speech, to increase both the difficulty of the track and the number of possible drifts. Although some people, especially parents, view the development with suspicion, especially young people and car fanatics appreciate the thrilling new attraction. Motorsport fans appreciate that this new course, sponsored by the tire manufacturer EuroBeat, finally brings the world of high-class racing to the Sunset Sea Islands.

First "Vooters" opens in Sunset City


Shortly after the establishment of diplomatic ties with the Commonwealth of @Variotathe two nations have already been busy creating many bilateral trade agreements. Following one of those treaties, allowing corporations from both nations to operate in the other, the largest Variotan restaurant chain, Vooters, has opened its first branch in the Sunset Sea Islands. The chain mainly serves dishes made of the famous Variotan eggplant, known for its creamy flavour and voluptuous size. The most iconic dish of the chain is the eggplant burger. Other than eggplant dishes the restaurants also serve sausages of all sizes, shapes, colours, textures and diameters and offer brunch 24/7. In Variota, Vooters is known for its waiters, which are all well-trained, muscular, young men. The chain has grown in popularity after being the theme of a song by the popular Variotan band "City Folk". Initial reactions have been positive, the Sunset Sea Islandians seem to enjoy the wide variety of foods the chain offers. The waiters have been met with confusion, but acceptance.

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Our thoughts are with those who have lost their lives in the '17 Sorrows. May their deaths not have been in vain.

We will overcome. Long live the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands !

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Public opinion polls one month of after '17 Sorrows


One month has passed since the Radiant Dawn and peace has once more returned to the Sunset Sea Islands. Now, that the citizens of the Sunset Sea Islands have experienced life in a non-monarchist state for a month, public opinion institutes have conducted their first polls on the current situation.

According to those polls, roughly 65% of the population feels significantly safer under the new government and it's tighter security laws, one fourth of the people still feel slightly uncomfortable after the '17 Sorrows and the remaining tenth of the Sunset Sea Islandian citizens say that their situation and/ or mood has not changed from before the attacks of the last month. Further investigation revealed that those who feel safer now say that the reasons for that are the tougher stance of Theresa Tumbleweed's government, the increased density of smart surveillance cameras linked to the Synapse System and the growing numbers of autonomous security drones patrolling the streets of the cities.

This feeling of improving safety is backed by the weekly crime trend published by the Synapse System. After the authorities of the system have been expanded and the numbers of its agents increased, crime rates plummeted drastically. Crime rates in all fields are at an all-time low.

We hope that this trend will continue. All of these polls and numbers show that Theresa Tumbleweed is on a good way of fulfilling her electoral promise of working towards a crimeless society.

Prototype of autonomous spider tank unveiled


(Referring to this post.)

Engineers of the Synapse System Research & Development department have unveiled a 1:2 size model of an autonomous drone they wish to introduce to the SynSys' roster of robotic agents in the following year. The yet unnamed drones (development name: "REALIZE PROJECT") resemble six-legged arachnoids capable of housing a human operator in their "abdomen". The drones are capable of moving at high speeds and even climbing walls with their versatile arms. They are supposed to start patrolling Sunset Sea Islandian cities somewhere next year and have the capabilities of being armed.

Concerns about this ability were dismissed at the press conference, as the drones would only be carrying taser-like weapons to apprehend criminals when on autonomous surveillance missions and would only be equipped with potentially lethal weapons when on duty with a human officer. Both engineers and security experts are enthusiastic about this next generation of security tech.

What surprised the attendants of the press conference the most was the ability of the drones to communicate with humans and even hold conversations with them. The engineers said that this ability is crucial for communicating with citizens in dangerous situations, whether it is to calm down children who lost their parents in a mall or to evacuate hostages from a building occupied by criminals.

International interest in Synapse System export


The ever-evolving algorithms of the Synapse System have sparked international attention. After seeing how the immense amount of data gathered and processed by the SynSys helps suppress crime before it happens, two nations have expressed interest in purchasing the Synapse System to be introduced in their cities: @Prymont and @Synturia . Both of these nations struggle with high crime rates in some of their cities and are interested in introducing the SynSys for a test run in those regions.

The SynSys administration and the Sunset Sea Islandian government have expressed their delight and are eager to formulate deals with both of these nations. "What we need to say upfront now is that these deals are not being negotiated for monetary profit. They all serve the higher goal of reducing overall crime rates. As long as all of the data gathered by the System in Prymont and Synturia gets processed and analysed in the Sunset Sea Islands, we pose no further conditions."

One of the major strengths of the Synapse System is it's adaptable AI core. Through machine learning and the huge amount of data, the system gathers it is constantly improving its ability to perform its tasks. Adding data from other nations to the pool would be a valuable addition as it would give the AI insight into societal patterns and unknown group dynamics, which could contribute to the systems ability to handle previously unencountered situations.

It seems fairly probable that these deals will be signed relatively soon, as all parties have something to gain from them. Furthermore, the tightening ties with both Prymont and Synturia contribute to the diplomatical and pacifist goals of the Sunset Sea Islands.

Research agreements and trade deals with Synturia


Aside from the potential Synapse export deals, there have been further diplomatical developments between @Synturia and the Sunset Sea Islands.

Since both nations share a comparable love for science and technological development, the ambassadors of both nations have proposed an economic and technological cooperation between the two nations. Synturia, which focusses heavily on automatic manufacturing, mechanical prosthetics and augmentations, as well as transhumanism, and the space exploration and information technology-oriented Sunset Sea Islands could benefit tremendously from cooperating and piggybacking off each other's economies and research.

"We are sure that both of our nations will enter a golden age of innovation by cooperating." said the Synturian ambassador.

Synturia, a nation known for its high tech positioning and data transfer satellites, has benefitted from bilateral cooperation before, as Synturia is one of the major contractors of the Sunset Sea Islands Space Exploration Center, from which the satellites are being shot into orbit.

In the Synturian embassy in Sunset City, visitors can currently see an exhibition of Synturian technological achievements and exhibits portraying the culture of the nation. The highlight of the exhibition is a prototype of an android capable of almost perfectly imitating human facial expressions and holding conversations with the visitors. The goal of the exhibition is to deepen the friendship between the peoples of Synturia and the Sunset Sea Islands.

Construction of Simon Station begins - the ISTC's foothold on Antargis


Three months after the successful designation of the Antargic treaty on EOS Island, the ISTC has started shipping goods to their foothold just off the coast of the Antargic continent from Porto Libertad.

Over the next few weeks, the workers contracted directly by the ISTC will start to construct a research base on the frozen continent, in a region named after the late monarch of the Sunset Sea Islands, King Tomasso Land. The station, which will be named after the late prince, Simon Station, will so far be the largest project of the ISTC.

The goal of this mission is to study the southern continent and to protect its pristine environment. The construction workers and the first scientists will be from members of the ISTC, @Prymont , @Fleur de Lys , @Magnaeus and the Sunset Sea Islands, however, the administration has said that scientists from all over the world might be accepted onto Simon Station in the future.

For now, we await the first major joint project of the ISTC and the scientific and diplomatical benefits resulting from it.

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The Sunset Sea Islands wish all of you happy holidays and a prosperous new year!


The final days of 2017 are just around the corner, and even though the major holiday celebrations are over already, there is still enough to celebrate!

2017 has truly been a turbulent year for the Sunset Sea Islands. From the Diplomatic Ball in @Magnaeus , over the collapse of the Sunset City Stock Exchange in July, the introduction of the Synapse System, numerous diplomatic advancements with our allies worldwide, the foundation of the ISTC and ATARA, the introduction of the Self Defence Force, the AI summit, international trade negotiations, natural catastrophes and sinking ships and most of all, the tragic end of the last royal dynasty of the Sunset Sea Islands and the following Radiant Dawn, this year has engulfed the nation in a flood of both internal and external diplomatic incidents.

Unlike our international friends and allies who are not situated directly on or near the equator, the holiday season was not blessed by idyllic snow and Christmas atmosphere, but that didn't stop the Sunset Sea Islandian people from celebrating: with temperatures in the upper twenties in Sunset City the beaches were full of people wearing (sometimes nothing but) Christmas hats and the streets and beaches were full of Christmas trees, some even underwater.

With this year coming to an end, we wish happy holidays and a prosperous new year to all of the world!

ATARA founding ceremony in Porto Altaria, Iverica


After months of drafting treaties and diplomatical wrangling the founding ceremony of ATARA, the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association has finally commenced. Diplomats from all the member and observer states have gathered in Porto Altaria, @Iverica , to formally sign the treaties and documents and to celebrate the birth of this new alliance. ATARA will be the largest alliance so far in the history of our world. Aside from the Sunset Sea Islandian delegate, Mrs Angelina Lernel, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed herself has shown herself at the airport in Porto Altaria. The full ceremony is expected to take a few days.

Sunset Sea Islandian political scientists are extremely content with this new alliance, as it is, so far, the greatest promotion of peace and international cooperation worldwide.

ISTC to complete rocket "Ariane"


After years of planning and theoretical groundwork, the ISTC is close to completing its own cargo rocket, named "Ariane". All four member nations are utmostly pleased with the recent advances, as space exploration has always been one of the central goals of the ISTC. The quadrilateral organisation plans to launch the initial modules of an international space station into low Earth orbit over the course of the following year.
The components of "Ariane" originate from individual plans of all four member nations from before the foundation of the ISTC. Only having to modify existing blueprints and parts has cut the production time of the rocket dramatically.


Citizens of the Sunset Sea Islands look towards the SSISEC on Solitude Island with anticipation, as such an enormous international milestone in both diplomacy and space exploration like the joint ISTC space program fulfils the role of the SSI spaceport more than simple unilateral satellite launches.

Truly, 2018 will be an important year for space enthusiasts, the ISTC member states and all of the human race alike.

The Radiant Dawn - a gateway to technocracy?


Political scientists and observers in the Sunset Sea Islands theorise that the recent political revolution in the nation could lead to the establishment of a technocratic state in the foreseeable future. With the Party of Radiance as a central, strong party focussed on law and order and scientific advancements, backed by a large portion of the population, the mentioned scientists have named this new political motion as "Neo-Technocracism".

Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed commented these assessments as follows: "It is true that my party values safety and technology highly, but no matter what will happen in the future, our nation will always uphold democratic characteristics."

Meanwhile, flyers advertising a so-called "Technocratic Internationale" have been found in all major cities of the Sunset Sea Islands. According to the Synturian authorities, the same leaflets have been spotted in @Synturia as well. Apparently the "Technocratic Internationale" aims to further the goals of technocracy and scientific advancements throughout the world.

We will observe the development with utmost curiosity.

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The Sunset Sea Islands welcome 2018


Thousands have gathered in front of the new Sunset Sea Islandian governmental building to witness the magnificent firework show welcoming the new year. And truly, it was a sight to behold. From the countdown and light show on the giant screens on the sides of the building to the thousands of individual rockets being fired from all sides of the building, everything was awe-inspiring. The shapes and patterns that were formed by the multi-coloured rockets made all observers tilt their heads upwards continuously for almost five minutes.

The wonderful show did not only celebrate the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, but also the rebirth of the Sunset Sea Islands. After a year of numerous catastrophes, the Sunset Sea Islands face the future head-on and with lifted spirits.

This magnificent event was the most expensive fireworks show ever in the history of the nation and possibly, the world.

Largest company merger in history


Exactly at midnight the largest company of the Sunset Sea Islands, Elegy Corporation, acquired the complete rights to two other companies on the SSI's top 5 list: Asimov R&D and Future Technologies. This merger has broken multiple records. It has been the largest corporation merger in history, it created a mega-corporation of previously unimaginable size and the stocks of Elegy Corp. are now the most expensive in the stock market.

With this, Elegy Corp., which has previously focussed on bioengineering, organic prosthetics and genetical modification of crops, has expanded into the fields of information technology, mechanical engineering and robotics.

Elegy Corp. is now the sole supplier of devices and technology to the Synapse System, as it has acquired all previous component suppliers with this merger.


Scannable codes on the rise


With the popularity of smart glasses and highly advanced portable pocket-sized computers surging, scannable codes have been appearing more and more in all forms of media. Virtually every advertisement or poster features a code in a corner for passer-bys to scan. By doing so, the user can access websites and other valuable information.

Lately, however, this technology has found new usages. The government started using QR codes to hotlink to official documents or websites and Synapse-approved signature codes have been legitimised as an official way of confirming your identity.

Furthermore, users of smart glasses can use the included camera to scan codes including news articles and instead of reading them, the software assistant will read them out to the user.

With new, highly advanced technologies like this on the rise, changes in traditional media are to be expected.

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Sunset Sea Islandian Government recognises Communist Ahrana


Following the recent communist revolution in @Ahranaand the subsequent chaos in the northern Argic region, the local government has consolidated into a socialist federation. Several of our allies, including @Prymont@Fleur de Lysand @Andalla, have been evacuating their citizens and granting political refugees asylum. During the communist revolution of Ahrana, only three tourist groups, 34 people in total, and three researchers were in the nation. They were recalled immediately without further complications. Even after this radical change of governments, the Sunset Sea Islands are eager to maintain diplomatic links. The Sunset Sea Islandian embassy remained operational during the revolution and maintains its services after renegotiating the friendship between the two nations.

The new Ahranian government receives a fair share of civil support within the Sunset Sea Islandian population, as the citizens of the SSI are able to sympathise with a new, post-monarchist nation. Leftist stances and democratic socialism are common throughout the Sunset Sea Islands and the governing party, the Party of Radiance, features a few prominent communist speakers from the parties it assimilated during the Radiant Dawn.

Third nation interested in purchasing the Synapse System


After the Synapse System was introduced for the first time in a foreign city, Canastota in @Prymont, on January first, 2018 and the government of @Synturia expressed its interest in purchasing the system as well, a third nation has requested further information about the system, leading to a potential purchase.

@Iverica is interested in introducing the Synapse System in their cities for reasons regarding national security issues. The Argic nation has been struggling with the terrorist organisation CoD (Circle of Death) and wants to use a "light version" of the system to monitor potential terrorists and to localise wanted criminals. Negotiations are expected to start soon.

One week after the introduction of the Synapse System in Canastota, first successes can be reported. The local system core, codenamed Chakra files police reports autonomously and transmits crucial data directly to the authorities. 78 criminals, from pickpockets to individuals charged with sexual assault, have been caught in the city which is renown to be a breeding ground for criminality.

The only and central demand of the Sunset Sea Islands regarding exports of the Synapse System is that all data gathered by its agents has to be sent to the SSI for further analysis and improvements of the system itself.

Anti-monopoly office investigates against Elegy Megacorporation


After the recent merger of Elegy Corporation, Asimov R&D and Future Technologies, the Sunset Sea Islandian anti-monopoly office has started to investigate the lawfulness of the merger. Critics claim that the formation of the megacorporation endangers healthy competition on the Sunset Sea Islandian market. However, analysts of the Synapse System state, that the system has evaluated the megacorporation's formation to be beneficial for the Sunset Sea Islandian economy in the long run.

Nevertheless, it needs to be proven that the merger has happened legally. Whilst this case is yet to be cleared, lobbyists of the Elegy Corporation have proposed a change in the national laws of the Sunset Sea Islands, loosening the regulations on company mergers which would additionally legitimise the formation of the Elegy megacorporation.

Whilst lawyers, critics and analysts continue to argue, Elegy's stock value continues to grow.

Since the beginning of this year, the Synapse System is evaluating all stock data from the Sunset Sea Islands to improve the national economy.

First "artificial life form" - silicone stingray powered by rat heart cells


@Synturian and Sunset Sea Islandian heart surgeons, working on synthetic heart prostheses, have created something in a side project that some describe as the "first artificial form of life." The coin-sized silicone robot with a gold leaf spine is powered by the pulsating movements of cells taken from a rats heart. Incorporating advances in engineering, cell culture, genetics, and biomechanics, the “living” robot is “clearly a technical tour de force,” says Adam Winters, an integrative biologist at the University of Sunset City. The cells are woven into a thin sheet of silicone and maintained through a sugar-salt solution.

Even though this is just a side project of the bilateral research team, it could bring us one step closer to printing prostheses to integral organs of the human body, mainly muscular pumps, necessary for building hearts.

Winters got the idea after visiting the Sunset City aquarium with his seven-year-old daughter. The silicon stingray was named "Emely" after Winter's daughter.

Light pollution laws locally repealed


For the past five years, the Sunset Sea Islands have dramatically decreased the legal maximum of light pollution caused by urban areas to preserve the nation's flora and fauna. Now, the "Yozora Act" has been locally repealed for Sunset City, which always struggled with fulfilling the law's guidelines. Following the change, sales of neon advertisements and the number of jobs given to billboard factories have skyrocketed. Observers say that "Sunset City now looks more and more like 'Los Franciscos' from the 'Edge Walker' movie."

The "Yozora Act" is still active in the rest of the nation. The nation's famous clear night skies are applauded by astronomers and environmentalists alike. The deep darkness which swallows the nation by nightfall makes observing stellar bodies easy and preserves many endemic species, such as tropical birds.

Virtual Reality Social Networks still gain popularity


According to a new survey, at least one-third of the Sunset Sea Islandian youth, aged 13 to 25, has access to virtual reality technology. Devices needed to enter this simulated world can be very simple, for example, cardboard googles for inserting one's smartphone, or very sophisticated and worth hundreds of Sols. The worlds, which are being created and moderated by users of the services can either be extremely abstract, compared to "drug trips" by users, or fairly serious and constructive.

Additionally, rumours have surfaced that the "Technocratic Internationale" might be hosted on a VRSN, since the geographical distance between the Sunset Sea Islands and @Synturia is too large for a physical gathering. The date of the said event is still unknown, although some speculate that it is growing near.

The Sunset Sea Islands are exporting VR systems to the nations of @Derthalen, @Iverica@Variota, @Andalla, @Fleur de Lys and @Prymont. According to government sources, the IT department is discussing setting up a "VR hotline" for state leaders to communicate directly through.


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Accused Synapse Failure in Canastota, @Prymont


Prymont News Network has published an article about a horrific three-fold case of murder in Canastota, where the Synapse System has been initiated at the beginning of this year. The local authorities have referred to the Synapse System as a whole as "a severe, total disappointment". The system administrators, programmers and engineers in the Sunset Sea Islands have reacted with shock about both the crime and the harsh words directed at their magnum opus. The experts both in Canastota and in the Sunset Sea Islandian headquarters were quick to conclude that one cause of this accident was the lack of infrastructure in the run-down city, which caused holes in the Synapse System's grid. In areas with pre-existant surveillance infrastructure crime has been reduced drastically to the lowest rate in Canastota's history. Chief Synapse officers, high-profile analysts and their equipment have been flown to the United States of @Prymontusing the recently purchased special transit Concorde, manufactured in @Fleur de Lys.

A press conference is scheduled for later this evening.

King Tomasso Station completed


After months of construction work, the first Antargic base of the ISTC has been completed. The Simon Station, located in the "King Tomasso Land" region of the Antargic continent, is able to house a crew of 50 during the Antargic semestral summer day and a crew of nine during the equally long winter night. Scientists from all four nations of the ISTC, @Prymont , @Fleur de Lys , @Magnaeus and the @Sunset Sea Islands will be present all year round to conduct scientific experiments. The researchers will study the effects of climate change on the fragile Antargic ecosystem and other atmospherical, biological and geological questions.

The first scientists have already arrived at the base and will use the next few days to get used to their new, exotic surroundings and to perform general checks on the station's infrastructure. In the future, the base will also open its doors for scientists from nations without an ISTC membership.

Queen Julia the Third invites foreign scientists to @Morheim


After a period of isolation the young, recently crowned queen of @Morheim, Julia the Third, has invited scientific representatives from all over the world to her nation's capital, the magnificent city of Thale. Her young Majesty, who is studying archaeology, has drafted a treaty to promote historical research, the Treaty for Cultural and Historical Exchange (TCHE). Under the motto "Protecting the past, securing the future" scientists from all corners of the world will meet to exchange knowledge and sign the treaty to promote the goals of learning more about the history of mankind by joining forces and granting each other access to their respective archaeological databases and sites.

Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed responded personally to confirm the attendance of Sunset Sea Islandian representatives and to signalise the will to sign and support the TCHE. Mrs Tumbleweed has expressed her satisfaction with the fact that a formerly isolationist nation has awoken from its slumber to strive towards scientific advancements and international cooperation and friendship, a modus operandi similar to that of the SSI, which has been a monarchy for most of its history. 

Commercial Embassy in @Asgeirria


Whilst still under investigation for infringement with anti-monopoly laws, Elegy Corporation has been the first company to apply for an office in the freshly opened commercial embassy in @Asgeirria . Elegy aims to spread its influence into the international market, look for cooperation with foreign companies and governments as well as promote international industrial cooperation.

Elegy Corporation is already profiting greatly from other technology-orientated nations, such as @Synturia , from where many of Elegy's top brass have been recruited from. The corporate guidance from foreign allies has elevated the levels of productivity significantly, the presence in @Asgeirria is hoped to cause similar effects in the long run.

The Asgeirrian commercial embassy is situated in the newly-built ACE building in Valentia, an architectonical masterpiece. The building with its remarkable floral-pattern windows consists of fifteen levels which are built to house one company's embassy each, as well as several additional levels for administration and infrastructure.

Dank Funk announce Sunset Sea Islands tour for 2018


The world-famous band "Dank Funk" from @Fleur de Lys, known far and wide for their futuristic, electronic sound, have announced that they will be going on tour in the Sunset Sea Islands in 2018. The mask-wearing duo performs funky and oftentimes experimental songs. Nevertheless, their fanbase is incredibly large. Their latest album, "Cognitive Processing Unit" has sold several million times and has been on the top of Sunset Sea Islandian charts for months in a row.

According to speculations, the duo is interested in recording an album in the Sunset Sea Islands, hyping not only the massive, Sunset Sea Islandian fanbase but also the government which appreciates the publicity. One reason for their interest is the increasingly futuristic cityscape of Sunset City, which is said to have inspired the robot-rockers to several hits in the past. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed has reacted to the announcement by showcasing her Daft Funk wobblehead figurines on her desk via Chirper: "I'm sure the Sunset Sea Islandian fans will lose themselves to dance, do it right and get lucky at the concerts. #DankFunk"

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SSI granted observer status in the Entente of Oriental States


Sunset Sea Islandian History was written earlier this week when the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands were granted observer status in the Entente of Oriental States (EOS), the most powerful international organisation in the world. Members of EOS include @Orioni and @Miiros . This historic event marks an important milestone on the Sunset Sea Islands' path towards a harmonious global society in which all cultures live in peace, prosperity and mutual friendship. Furthermore, the fact that the most powerful nations of the world are granting the Sunset Sea Islands a chair at their table shows that these superpowers recognise the Sunset Sea Islandian presence in the world, our ideals, goals and motivations and accept them as worthy of their promotion. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed expressed her satisfaction at a press conference following the Sunset Sea Islands' admission.

The government of the Sunset Sea Islands look forward to the next meeting of all EOS member states and observers on EOS Island, the organisation's headquarters, which is located in the sea strait between Orioni and @Tamurin .

Twenty million Sols for @Gallambrian earthquake victims


As an equatorial nation in the middle of the ocean, the Sunset Sea Islands have had plenty of problems with natural catastrophes such as extreme storms and earthquakes, both regular ones and tsunamis. Therefore, it is only reasonable that we extend our helping hand to a friend in need. The Gallambrian city of Walmington-On-Sea has been hit by a strong earthquake and the wave generated by the sub-sea quake. Losses, casualties, injuries and material losses are still being calculated. To support the Gallambrian authorities the Sunset Sea Islands have dispatched several freighters full of relief goods, including materials for constructing shelters, tents, sleeping bags, care packs, medicine, provisions and bottled drinking water. Furthermore, a relief fund of twenty million Sols has been prepared with additional sums available, should the need arise. Disaster prevention and catastrophe experts are travelling to Gallambria on the freighters to help the Gallambrian authorities with coordinating the emergency operations.

The Sunset Sea Islands view it as their duty to help a befriended nation in times of need, especially when lives are at stake. The population of the Sunset Sea Islands feels solidarity to their Gallambrian brothers.

Elegy Megacorporation freed of charges


After an investigation by the Sunset Sea Islandian Anti-Monopoly Office, the Mergers Commission has declared the fusion of Elegy Corporation, Future Technologies and Asimov Research & Development as legal. The mother company, Elegy, had focussed exclusively on bioengineering, medicine and prosthetics before. By buying companies which specialise in engineering, technology and information technology, they have not absorbed their own prime competitors, which is therefore not violating anti-monopoly laws.

After the merger at the beginning of this year, Elegy has become the largest company in the Sunset Sea Islands and definitely an economical global powerhouse. The rise of the stock value of Elegy Corporation doesn't seem to stop, as all employees of the company's commercial embassy in @Asgeirria have arrived at their new workplaces yesterday and new advancements in the field of building materials have been made.

@Synturia and the Sunset Sea Islands start digging Manamana Canal


Construction has started on what might become one of the world's most incredible architectonical achievements: in a huge joint operation workers from the Syndicate State of Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands have started to dig out a canal connecting two rivers on the short land bridge between Alharu and Aurelia and by that the Bay of Manamana and the Adisi Ocean. Thanks to this masterpiece of architecture, created by the power of international friendship, great minds and technologic advancements, both economic and personal transport between Synturia and the Sunset Sea Islands will be greatly simplified. Both transport costs and times will be cut dramatically, with the shorter route also protecting the environment by decreasing the amount of exhaust fumes pumped into the atmosphere by freighters.

Environmentalists were doubtful that the construction of the canal whether the construction of the canal would damage or even endanger the pristine environment of the virgin lands between Alharu and Aurelia. However, during the planning of this construction several environmentalists, environmental experts and architects specialised in eco-friendly structures have been involved. The canal is to be constructed using an experimental new building material Elegy Corporation has been testing over the past few months.

It is certainly possible that settlements will form in close proximity to the Manamana Canal, as the construction workers and employees engaged otherwise will require quarters and infrastructure and the future operators and maintenance workers of the canal will need a place to live far away from both the Sunset Sea Islands and Synturia. Those cities might become a prime example of friendship between the Syndicate State of Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands.

Elegy Corporation testing Super Cement


According to the press office of Elegy Corporation, the mega-corporation has started to construct test buildings out of a revolutionary type of concrete in the winter of 2017. The material, dubbed "Super Concrete", is cheaper to produce than regular concrete, more robust and dries almost twice as fast. According to the source mentioned before, five buildings in the greater Sunset City metropolitan area have been completed using Super Concrete in record-breaking time. The first tenants have already moved into the fair-faced concrete buildings. This incredible new material might revolutionise construction and architecture in the world forever, as the erection of previously impossible buildings now slips into the realm of possibility.

The required materials for Elegy's Super Concrete are being mined in mineshafts on Solitude Island which have previously been closed, as they have been stripped of every useful resource. Now that the stone of Solitude Island itself is becoming a valuable resource, several previously discontinued mines have been reopened on the mostly barren fourth largest island of the Sunset Sea Islands.

Super Concrete might not only change the style of architecture and become a valuable export good, it might also solve the problem of lack of living space in the greater Sunset City metropolitan area, as it is almost ideal for constructing large numbers of cheap flats in a short period of time.

Apparently, this new type of concrete has been invented by accident by two trainees of Elegy Corporation. The company has offered them a share of the profits they will make from the material and lifetime jobs in the company after they finish their apprenticeship. Internet users have started referring to the duo as the "concrete millionaires".

On a side note, Super Concrete offers the possibility to integrate glass fibre cables into them, not only for high-speed data transmission but also as a new means of communication, for example as directions or emergency alerts.

Usage of glass fibre cables in concrete to indicate the direction in which a train will be arriving.

Free City of @Cristina investing in factories in the SSI


The friendship between the Free Port of Cristina and the Radiant Republic has been prospering for a long time and now the time has come for even closer economic cooperation with the city-state. Cristina wishes to construct and operate several factories within the Sunset Sea Islands. Naturally, the Sunset Sea Islandian building supervisory board agreed to the proposition of the friendly nation-state under the condition that the factories meet Sunset Sea Islandian environmental requirements, as those are stricter in the SSI than they are in the Free Port. With this, the friendship between the two nations may prosper in a similar fashion to Cristinese cooperation with the Republic of @Fleur de Lys and the Confederation @Magnaeus, the Trilateral Trade Deal.

The city-state of Cristina gained its independence from the isolationistic, oppressive regime of the Eternal Empire of Mantella and escaped its brutal grip. After they managed to break away from Mantella's reign of terror, Cristina quickly opened itself to the global community, got recognised as an independent nation and accepted into the circle of harmonious societies. Several global superpowers and Cristinese allies support Cristinese efforts to protect itself against pressure from Mantella. We hope that people still enslaved by Mantella's regime see the prosperity of Cristina to rise against the dictators that hold them captive.

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Construction of the first city on Solitude Island begins


The Ministry of Urban Development has given the starting shot for the first city to ever be constructed on the barren shore of Solitude Island. Tenma will be constructed on the northeastern shore of the smallest of the four main islands of the SSI to serve as a hub for trade ships arriving from and departing for the Manamana Canal and as a site for the more pollutant industries of the nation.

Furthermore, the completely pre-designed city will solve several housing problems both on Solitude Island and on Sunset Island. Both the staff of the national mines on Solitude Island and the scientists from the Sunset Sea Islands Space Exploration Centre will be able to find a new, nice home afar from but in reach of their workplaces. Also, thanks to the increased mining activities caused by the ramping up production of Elegy Corporation's super-concrete, additional workers will be resettled to the new city upon completion. This will also ease the shortage of living space in the metropolitan area of Sunset City.

In cooperation with the Sunset Sea Islandian government, major domestic corporations, led by Elegy Corporation, will also be funding the construction of the city heavily, as it will be the home of many of their employees. Naturally, Elegy's super-concrete will be the material of choice for the construction of the new city, as the cheap and quickly hardening material will make the construction of the city comparably quick and financially manageable. Furthermore, as the raw materials necessary for the concrete are being mined on the island, a large concrete factory will also be constructed in proximity to the city.

As Tenma is supposed to become the SSI's gateway to the direct route to @Synturia , it will also be the home of branch offices of several Synturian corporations, which are focussing on automation.

Although the island is mostly barren, environmental regulations will still have to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, the desolate island is a better place for the dirtier industries of the SSI than the other three, lush main islands.

Both the Ministry of Urban Development and the Sunset Sea Islandian government are confident, that project Tenma will be a great success.

Manamana settlement grows


As more and more workers arrive at the construction site of the Manamana Canal, the settlement has been growing at an astonishing rate. About three thousand workers, half of which being @Synturian, the other half being citizens of the SSI, are living around the centre of the operation by now. To maintain the lives of what starts to resemble a small village, both Synturian and Sunset Sea Islandian authorities have opened hospitals and other infrastructural services. Cases have been reported of citizens from both nations moving to the site to open up shops and other services to make the lives of the construction workers more pleasant.

The construction of the "stair-like" canal has opened up the possibility to construct a hydroelectric power plant to cover the growing power demand of both the construction site and the expanding settlement. "There is no need to worry about damaging the local environment by constructing the power plant, as the construction of the canal is already doing so. Whether we build the plant or not will not have a large impact on the scale of damage we are already causing. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on minimizing the impact on the local wildlife." a representative of the project told us.

Furthermore, as several hundred workers have asked whether their families may move with them to the site, the question arose, whether local schools would have to be constructed in the settlement and whether Synturian and Sunset Sea Islandian children should visit the same schools. A joint Virtual Reality meeting of the boards of educations of both nations has been called in to discuss the situation.

Elegy signs contract to construct forts in @Asgeirria


Following a business deal with the Republic of Asgeirria, Elegy Corporation has agreed to construct several super-concrete fortifications on Asgeirrian territory. As the nation is currently involved in armed conflict with its smaller neighbours, the nation searched for foreign companies to reinforce the infrastructure in their core provinces. This deal is a direct consequence of Elegy recently opening a commercial embassy in Asgeirria, nevertheless, there have already been several protests against the project in the streets of the Sunset Sea Islands. Several hundreds of political activists have shown their anger on the streets, as the pacifistic population of the Radiant Republic condemns the warlike conflicts Asgeirria is involved in. However, as Elegy is a privately owned company and as there are no laws prohibiting business with nations involved in warfare, the deal is legal. The protesters are demanding sanctions against Asgeirria, however, even if the government would introduce sanctions now, it would be too late to cancel the construction of the forts.

Elegy is expecting high profits from the deal with Asgeirria.

Pilot project: free food for every SSI citizen


An interesting pilot project has been started in the central district of Sunset City. After showing their citizen IDs, every citizen registered in the district has the right to receive a package of healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients once a week free of charge. By doing so the government wants to motivate the citizens to cook at home instead of consuming unhealthy fast food. Furthermore, the pilot project might be a step towards a more just and equal society in which citizens won't have to worry about basic subsistence. Right now the project is only running in one district to see how high the demand for the project is. Depending on the results of the test phase a national implementation of the system is possible.

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First step of Manamana ship lift "stairs"


The Manamana Canal will go down in history as one of the most complex structures of our time. Not only is the digging of the new waterway an extremely difficult and work-intensive task, but it is only one of the many parts of the Manamana Canal project. Our correspondents in Manamana transmitted the following footage showing the almost completed "first step" in the stair-like chain of ship lifts that will carry the passing ships up and down the canal. It is hard to imagine that this complex construction will only be the first of many. Truly, this mammoth project is a shining example of human ingenuity, materialised by the combined efforts of workers, scientists and engineers from @Synturia and the Sunset Sea Islands. The numbers of workers and their families are growing in the meantime with additional questions of national authority arising. Representatives of both nations are to meet to discuss the matter. Rumours are rising that the settlements around the Manamana Canal construction site will be put under a common authority by creating a semi-autonomous, transnational city. These rumours have yet to be declined or confirmed.

Construction of Tenma progressing smoothly


Even though the project Tenma is not as complex or costly as the Manamana Canal, the construction of the first city on Solitude Island, Tenma, is progressing smoothly and impressively. An observer commented that "the residential buildings spring up like mushrooms out of moist forest soil during monsoon". Furthermore, the weather is just perfect for the construction effort. The clear blue skies and temperatures in the upper twenties are improving the working conditions as the super concrete is drying at a fast rate, resulting in shortened construction times. Naturally, the construction sites put a lot of effort in providing the workers with a lot of fresh drinking water to prevent workers from collapsing in the bright, equatorial light of the sun. Even though Tenma will be the northernmost city of the Sunset Sea Island, it will be just barely south of the equator.

Walmington-On-Sea: leftover funds donated to @Gallambria for quake-proof buildings


With Gallambrian authorities initiating a massive infrastructural initiative to make Walmington-On-Sea the "world's most quake-safe city" following the horrific earthquake which hit the city, the government of the Sunset Sea Islands has decided to donate the leftover funds from the international aid effort to the project. According to the foreign office of the Sunset Sea Islands, the resources are meant to be used to fund research on and construction of earthquake-proof buildings. Elegy Corporation has got wind of a perfect business opportunity to sell their super concrete at reduced prizes but in large quantities to Gallambria to increase the speed of the recovery work and the future construction efforts. We will have to wait and see whether Gallambria accepts the offer or not, but in the name of international friendship and cooperation, we sincerely hope so.

Pilot project: high demand for free ingredients


Following the initiation of a pilot project last week which gives every citizen of the SSI registered in a test area in Sunset City a free ration of ingredients, mostly vegetables, fruits and spices, the organisers report the first week as a huge success. The demand for the service is way higher than expected which pleases the authorities greatly. According to the head of the project, a necessary milestone has been reached so that the project can be expanded to the central Sunset City districts next month. Although the population of this area will be a multiple of the current test area, the pilot project will be able to fit the needs of this area if the share of people who collect the free rations remains mostly the same, according to the authorities. The organisers of the pilot project hope that the free rations will teach the urban Sunset Sea Islandians how to eat healthily and how to cook, as many people are using heavily processed foods as their primary source of nutrients.

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Welcome to this special overlength edition of SSI News where we take a look at the past two months of news in the Sunset Sea Islands and summarize the most important, most shocking and most interesting stories from February and March 2018. We will focus on both the internal and external developments our nation is dealing with as well as how the Sunset Sea Islandian economy is evolving with new foreign business deals and proposals. Without further ado, let us begin this news marathon with internal matters.


Pro-technocratic demonstrations


Following the so-called Technocratic Internationale, a massive online political discussion carried out via the virtual reality social network „ConVRsation“, the organizers behind the event published a position paper outlining the political and ideological ideas of the Technocratic Internationale. „Technocracy“, or called „the little yellow book“ by some, has been published both physically and digitally and distributed for free by members of the organization. The paper gained noticeable popularity during the past few weeks as it spreads through the population. However, the „little yellow book“ is not only popular with tech-savvy youngsters, but also with established politicians, amongst others also members of the Party of Radiance. Citizens have taken to the streets to demonstrate for more technocratic ideas in the government and as it turns out their voices have met some interest in the government. At a press conference following the largest pro-technocratic demonstration so far, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed said the following: „First of all, I must applaud the demonstrators and congratulate them for earning my honest respect. These, mostly young, people have not only voiced their well-prepared political opinions in a highly civilized way, without any violent escalations or even noteworthy malicious mischief, but they have also independently organized their own political debate, done research, discussed, informed themselves, gained knowledge and practiced the art of politics to collectively formulate a fact-based political stance. Truly all of you are highly politically mature and part of a youth any nation could and should be proud of. Your voices are the voices of the future, both metaphorically and realistically speaking. You are the future of our nation and your ideas might become the way our nation takes in the future. Furthermore, you have not only gained my respect, but also my interest. Naturally I, and many other members of the government have read the primary result of the Technocratic Internationale, the technocratic position paper. Although your ideas certainly need refinement they show promise and potential. Furthermore, I have seen records and reports from the Internationale itself as well as spoken with several acquaintances and co-workers of mine who have participated in the event personally. What I have seen and read has deeply impressed me and many of my colleagues. Therefore, I want to get in touch with the organizers and members of the Internationale. I will personally organize a meet-up and debate with your founders and best speakers or contributors to discuss your ideas, your thoughts, hopes and dreams to see how compatible they are with established politics and whether or not they can be implemented into the government of the Sunset Sea Islands. I look forward to working with you.“
The debate planned to happen during the next few weeks when members of the Technocratic Internationale have finished deciding on who to dispatch to the discussion with Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed. Some political analysts are already speaking of a „revolution of the youth“, calling the Technocratic Internationale the beginning of a new age in Sunset Sea Islandian politics. Critics argue that @Synturia tries to meddle with the Sunset Sea Islandian government to spread their government model. Members of the Internationale openly show solidarity and friendship to Synturia and their system. Synturians made up the second largest part of the Internationale‘s demographics.

Vertical farms


The pilot project to test a system which distributes free ingredients and foodstuffs to citizens of the capital for free has recently ended with a highly positive feedback alongside some aspects that need to be worked on. Thousands of citizens participated in the pilot project enjoying fresh and free ingredients from locally established distribution centres. The demographic data of the participants revealed that the service was used almost daily or daily by lesser fortunate families, but also by middle-class households. Making the project free for all is only possible because of the prospering Sunset Sea Islandian economy and the budget surplus the nation generates every year. However, there are some factors that have to be improved before expanding the project to a nation-spanning service. One challenge that needs to be overcome is the lack of arable land the nation faces as a result of the tightest natural protection laws worldwide. To relieve the agrarian industry the construction of so-called vertical farms has begun in the greater Sunset City metropolitan area and Tenma, the latter of which we will cover more in-depth later. Vertical farms are a technology used to grow vast amounts of vegetables as fast as possible in an area as small as possible. The farms will be constructed in specially-built high rise buildings and will be operated mostly by an autonomous system controlling the irrigation and lights with growth-supporting frequencies with little human interference necessary. The megacorporation Elegy has already signed contracts and begun constructing vertical farms and repurposing unused buildings for the technology. Both the completion of the buildings and the continuation of the service are expected for later this year.
The goal of the project is not only to help families on tight budgets but also to improve the diet of the average Sunset Sea Islandian citizen.

Tenma progress report


Substantial progress has been made on the construction of Tenma, the first city on the previously only sparsely inhabited Solitude Island, the northeastern of the SSI‘s major landmasses. During the past two months, thousands of construction workers have restlessly worked to build a city for millions in the barren wastelands of Solitude Island. The first completed residential buildings are being inhabited by the workers and their families. Elegy corporation, one of the major financial, material and workforce contributors is still looking for people who want to contribute to the future of our nation by constructing a metropole for the next generations of Sunset Sea Islandians. The company offers attractive incentives to move to Tenma and to work in construction there, for example, reduced rents in the new residential buildings as well as wage benefits. The high rise buildings continue to grow like mushrooms during the monsoon and showcase Sunset Sea Islandian engineering and architecture to the world.
Tenma will not only be a residential city to compensate for the nation‘s exploding population coupled with the lack of habitable land not under environmental protection, but it will also be a centre of commercial, industrial and scientific activity, for example, the ISTC‘s space program working towards a new moon landing. The city‘s proximity to both the mining complex in the southwest of the island and the space exploration centre on the island‘s northeastern tip will benefit both the economic and the scientific plans of the nation. Furthermore, following negotiations with the Syndicate State of @Synturia and the foundation of TESE, the bilateral Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange, several of Synturia‘s top corporations have agreed to construct an economical park close to the city. We will cover recent diplomatic developments with Synturia and especially TESE later in this show.
Elegy Megacorporation is using super concrete produced locally from recently discovered material deposits. Using locally sourced materials reduced the stain on the environment usually created by heavy transports.
Solitude Island has been only sparsely populated by the staff of the mines and, during the past decades, the space exploration centre for centuries because of the mostly barren and inhospitable landscape of the island.


Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange


The friendship between the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands and the Syndicate State of @Synturia continues to deepen as the two nations not only slowly align politically but also economically and technologically. Following long but cordial negotiations the leaders of both nations signed the Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange, granting mutual access to scientific advances and technological breakthroughs. As cooperation between Synturian and Sunset Sea Islandian scientists and companies increases the need for regulations and laws arose to make this process of mutual benefit easier and more prosperous. TESE does not only include the promise of sharing economical and scientific advances but also makes travelling between the two nations easier for all of their citizens. As more and more businesspeople from both nations regularly travel to the respective other both governments agreed that these improvements would increase the productivity of bilateral projects and further the friendship between the two nations. Another aspect of TESE was the construction of industrial parks in both nations showcasing the technological marvels of the partner state. Synturias industrial park is currently under construction in the city of Tenma. This location was not only chosen because the city is basically one large construction site right now but also because of the proximity to the spaceport and the hope to inspire generations of Sunset Sea Islandians with Synturian inventions to further deepen the friendship and cooperation between the two nations.
Demographic minorities of Synturians in the Sunset Sea Islands and Sunset Sea Islandians in Synturia grow and the number of mixed marriages is steadily increasing.

Manamana canal progress report


The largest project @Synturia and the SSI engage in currently is the construction of the Manamana canal, a waterway to connect the Oriental and the Adlantic Oceans to cut travel and transport times between the two nations. The main challenge of the project is to construct the massive ship lift stairs that will help the transport vessels to pass the small mountain range dividing the two oceans. Countless workers from both nations have been dispatched to the construction site on the sliver of land connecting the continents of Alharu and Aurelia to work on the canal. Recently the nation of @Little Flau  has begun sending workers to the site as well in accordance with both Synturia and the SSI. Little Flau, a nation composed of several smaller islands is situated close to the route ships will take from one ocean to another once the canal is constructed. As the new trade routes promise economic growth to the small nation it has decided to join the effort to gain additional benefits once the construction is finished. Both Synturia and the SSI appreciate Little Flau‘s initiative and welcome the workers with open hands. The citizens of Little Flau have been met with warmth and friendship by the workers and integrated into the growing settlement flawlessly. Meanwhile, the mentioned settlement is continuing to grow. Its population is skyrocketing and is expected to continue doing so, especially with the new influx of workers. The population of Manamana City, the name got established in the meantime, is made up of equal parts of citizens of the SSI and Synturia with the new addition of the minority from Little Flau. The international friendship between the city‘s inhabitants is blossoming and the common kindergartens, schools and services established for all workers without regard for their nationalities are contributing largely to these developments.
With the growing population and establishment of basic services, the question arises whether or not the settlement will really be of temporary nature like initially planned. With families forming and children growing up in the city as well as countless secondary businesses being founded for the workers, for example, restaurants and other leisure time facilities, many argue that what is now a real city is here to stay. This, in turn, causes the question whether or not Manamana City should be under the sovereignty of one of the nations, both of them or operate autonomously. According to a recently conducted survey, the majority of the city‘s population argues that a joint authority and administration of the city would be the preferable choice, further showcasing how well the international cooperation works by now. The governments of Synturia and the SSI debate whether or not they should appeal to the international community to claim joint sovereignty over the city and the area surrounding the future canal.
Furthermore, the Manamana project may be the sprout of a new organisation. Some voices say that the dawn of a „Manamana League“ is near, consisting of @Andalla, @Asgeirria , Little Flau, the SSI and Synturia, the nations said to profit the most from the canal.

TRIDENT Exercise near @Andalla


Andallan news channels have reported a growing feeling of uneasiness regarding the growing popularity of technocracy in the Sunset Sea Islands and the ongoing alignment with the Syndicate State of @Synturia . The government of the Sunset Sea Islands was deeply saddened by these news, however, „a feeling of uneasiness“ was not the only Andallan action that caused dismay in the Sunset Sea Islands. The Commonwealth of Andalla did not only join a military alliance, the Tricontinental Defensive Treaty, TRIDENT, but also conducted a military exercise within the Sunset Sea Islandian sphere of influence. Sunset Sea Islandian authorities were shocked by the lack of pacifism displayed by their Andallan partners and other members of the recently founded ATARA, alleged allies. The embassies of both nations, Andalla and the SSI, are trying to smooth out the wrinkles in the bilateral relations as many MPs criticize Andalla’s actions as uncivilized and some of the radical voices in the government declare this an act of provocation. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed said on social media that there will have to be consequences that could have been avoided. One of them could be the recently passed „Act of National Integrity“ which barely passed in parliament following the incident. Political analysts say that without the exercise the bill would not have been passed. We will further elaborate on the act later in this show.

Leader of @Kaitaine dead


Governments all around the world reacted with sadness to the news of the death of Hannah McKay, the popular leader of Kaitaine. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed expressed her grief for the loss of a respected leader. A sea of flowers has appeared overnight in front of the embassy of Kaitaine. Theresa Tumbleweed accepted the invitation to the ceremonies following the death of Hannah McKay and the election and inauguration of the next leader of the nation. Both the Sunset Sea Islandian government and the public hope that the friendship between the two nations will remain intact whatever the future may bring.


Controversial weapons deal following ANI


Following the military exercise conducted in @Andallan waters the „Act of National Integrity“ has been passed in parliament to expand the competencies of the Self-Defense Force. One of the key aspects of that act is to create a defensive wall around the nation consisting of towers and bases on land and ships on sea carrying long-range weapons. These structures and vessels are supposed to form a ring around the nation defending it from potential invaders on course for the islands. Previously the proposal for the bill was given only a small chance of actually being passed through parliament because of the deeply-rooted pacifist nature of the Sunset Sea Islands, however, after the Andallan incident, the necessary majority for the bill was reached. Now the government is searching for ship and weapon manufacturers bot in the SSI and abroad. Many supporters of the Act of National Integrity hope for @Asgeirria to approach the Sunset Sea Islandian government with an offer to arm the vessels and structures with state-of-the-art technologies and defensive weaponry. Naturally, many Sunset Sea Islandians condemn the act and argue that the nation is straying from the path of non-violence. Nevertheless, almost the same percentage of the population agree that the times have gotten more dangerous and require preventive measures like MPs voting for the Act of National Integrity.
Talks with Asgeirria regarding the manufacturing and import of the required weapons are hoped to begin soon.

Thorium reactors in @Iverica and @Prymont


Experts from the Republic of Iverica and the United States of Prymont have made remarkable breakthroughs in a new type of nuclear fission reactors utilizing Thorium. Thorium reactors are cheaper, more efficient and cleaner than conventional reactors using Uranium. As the Sunset Sea Islands are a major supplier of Uranium to the international community this development might be a danger to the economic status of the nation. Both Prymont and Iverica are close allies, although the TRIDENT exercise incident currently still overshadows the relations, Sunset Sea Islandian authorities ask both nations to permit nuclear energy experts from the SSI to participate in the project to both evaluate whether sources of Thorium, which naturally occurs in proximity to Uranium, could be of use to the reactors and to broaden the expertise of the international researchers. Although the Sunset Sea Islands pursue a path of mostly renewable sources of energy it can never hurt to help allies, especially when this help can also support the technological development.
Furthermore, the old mines in the desolate wasteland of Solitude Island could be a potential final storage area for depleted nuclear materials. Storing foreign nuclear waste in exchange for financial compensation could balance out the losses generated by the partial departure from Uranium-based nuclear fission generators.
Should Iverica and Prymont accept the offer, not only would all parties benefit from the mutual knowledge but it would also help to reduce the diplomatic complications caused by the TRIDENT exercise.

Arson in @Ailythe - Synapse export imminent?


Another business proposal goes out to the United Land of Ailythe. The nation has recently been plagued by a group of radical supranaturalists who are under suspicion for several crimes linked to the organisation, one of them being arson in a national art gallery which caused the loss of several priceless works of art. To fight these and any other crimes the SSI reach out to the United Land to suggest the export of the Synapse System to Ailythe which has been proven to suppress crime rates both in the SSI as well as cities in the United States of @Prymont and the Syndicate State of @Synturia. Should the United Land of Ailythe accept this proposal the system could be installed in the city known as the breeding grounds of the radical supranaturalists and suppress any kind of illegal activities thanks to the combination of tight video surveillance and the AI-backed analysis of all data generated by the system. As it was with Prymont and Synturia, the only condition for the export of the Synapse System is the agreement that all data generated by the System will be sent to and analysed and stored in the Sunset Sea Islands.

@Andallan naval logistics


Although the slight tensions between the Commonwealth of Andalla and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands were under a little bit of stress recently, trade relations between the two nations are brimming as ever. This is shown in statistics from all major ports in the Sunset Sea Islands, most notably the port of Porto Libertad. These numbers show that two thirds of all trade ships trafficking the Sunset Sea Islands have been built in the Andallan Commonwealth. It has been an established fact for decades that Andalla undoubtedly (yes, I know, I misspelt that on the image) reigns supreme when it comes to transport ships but their nautical ingenuity continues to amaze the world of sea logistics. Many workers and companies dependent on trade with Andalla hope that the diplomatic dispute caused by the TRIDENT exercise will be resolved quickly to preserve the economic growth the fruitful relations have brought to both of the nations.

Saving the @Asgeirrian Mammoth from extinction


News has reached us from Asgeirria that a rare species unique to the nation teeters on the brink of extinction: the Black Asgeirrian Mammoth. The relatively small but nevertheless closest descendant of the long-extinct prehistorical creatures are under special protection as their numbers continue to decline. To further improve the relations with Asgeirria, develop existing technology to new heights and to save an endangered species to maintain the planets biodiversity biologists from the Sunset Sea Islands propose to dispatch a team of experts to the nation to try to grow the species’ population by artificial insemination and to do a trial run of cloning these animals. In the past only small critters like sheep have been cloned, cloning a Mammoth would certainly be a challenge. Nevertheless, the researchers are up for the job and say that trying can only end in a benefit, either they manage to save a species or the data gained through the project will help to develop this technology further. “If we cannot save the Mammoth that would certainly be sad, but maybe our work will be able to help others save other species in the future”, the words of a biologist from one of the SSI’s leading biological research facilities.

Truly the past two months have been full of developments that had the viewers of SSI news glued to their screens. These are turbulent times we live in and we, SSI news, are proud that you, dear viewer, choose us as your source to tell you what these times bring. We look forward to you tuning in again to the next broadcast of SSI news.

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SSI News Celebrates its 100th news story!


We begin today's news broadcast with something worth celebrating! This is the 100th news story on SSI News! Throughout the last year, SSI News has brought you the most reliable and trustworthy news from all around the Radiant Republic and we are proud to be the nation's most viewed news channel. To celebrate this occasion we want to make a gift to both ourselves and you, our audience, by introducing a new and modern layout! Twelve years have passed since the introduction of the previous one in 2006, so we are happy to make a big step into the modern age of high-speed streaming and portable reception devices. Furthermore, we wish to announce that SSI News is now available as a free smartphone application streaming our program into the palm of your hand 24/7, 365.25 days a year, without any form of advertising! Once more, we would like to say thank you to you, the audience, for staying faithful to SSI News and we hope to be able to celebrate many more milestones of such dimensions with you in the future.

More guest workers to arrive at construction sites


We will continue this newscast with more satisfying news. The work on the two largest construction projects the Sunset Sea Islands are currently involved in is progressing smoothly. Both the settlements in the new city of Tenma and around the Manamana Canal are growing steadily. Work on the latter one is accelerating further since guest workers from additional nations have come to the site. The nations of @Mauridiviah and @Asgeirria have dispatched large shipments of workers to the under-construction canal to accelerate the process. Both nations have been promised benefits proportional to the effort they put into the task. Nations call for the establishment of a "Manamana League" to govern and control the trade and international life in the canal's region. The Canal was originally a bilateral project of the Sunset Sea Islands and @Synturia , however the cooperation with @Little Flau and @Andalla to the project has opened it to the international community. @Selayar is speculated to be another potential partner nation.

Theresa Tumbleweed meets Technocrats


Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed is currently attending a major multi-day conference with several hundred representatives of the Technocratic Internationale. The event which is open to both the public and the press is progressing smoothly with attendants being able to listen to discussions and presentations as well as explore and exhibition organised by the Internationale's members. Interest in the event is large and livestreams of the debates are being broadcasted online. "Celebrities" of the Internationale like "M4RIA" and "K2SO4" are attending the conference via internet telephony to conceal their identity. Theresa Tumbleweed shows herself to be open to the ideas of the Technocrats like the occupation of high government positions by scientists or experts in the specific fields. The Prime Minister supports their demands for far-reaching governmental reforms towards a more progress-oriented nation, some of which could only be established after reelections. Nevertheless, there are many smaller demands the Prime Minister promises to address to the parliament. Theresa Tumbleweed's popularity continues to grow amongst the Technocrats with both membership in the Party of Radiance and their poll results growing steadily.

SynSys representative: "Robberies in @Prymont were absolutely preventable"


Following an episode of the critically acclaimed Prymontian TV show "Canastota" local authorities report rising rates of crimes imitating the events of the story, most of which are masked robberies and break-ins. Representatives of the Synapse System, which is surveying several areas in Prymont and suppressing crime through the application of high-tech algorithms and surveillance technologies, have stated that those crimes could have easily been prevented through the monitoring of online behaviour. "Patterns like these are a simple task for the Synapse System. If a pattern like watching an episode of Canastota, opening an online shop or using your phone to navigate to the nearest store where you can buy tools or masks and then moving areas similar to those depicted in the show is recognised, the System could warm officials immediately. Predictable patterns like these are common and easy to suppress. Area crime potential values could easily be adjusted if we were allowed to surveil the online behaviour of Prymontian citizens. Those could and should have been prevented."

Talks with @Astriedan and @Ailythe about exporting the Synapse System to other nations, the latter of which is still internally debating whether or not the System is fit for the nation. So far the Synapse System continues to write a story of success in the Sunset Sea Islands.

SSI to enter Football World Cup and International Song Contest


2018 continues to be a year of chances for international diplomacy. It has been confirmed that the Sunset Sea Islands will take part in both the football world cup and an international song contest. Sunset Sea Islandian authorities and the general public agree that these events pose great chances to deepen the relationships with other nations and to participate in friendly competition.

In a nerve-wrecking football match the Sunset Sea Islands barely managed to qualify for this year's football world cup. Although the sport itself is not tremendously popular throughout the nation, the first participation of the SSI in a football world cup in decades might revive the interest in the sport. Internationally the news of SSI qualifying for the world cup have sparked sympathy since the team is guaranteed to be an underdog in the competition. Should the national team of the Radiant Republic fare well in the competition interest is assured to grow.

EURTH SYSTEM, one of the nation's most popular bands, has been chosen by public votings to represent the Sunset Sea Islands in the upcoming international song contest. The team consisting of well-dressed men perform impressive dances to electronic and uplifting music which imitate mechanical movements like factories and clockworks. The band is popular throughout the nation and has a sizable fanbase overseas and is expected to be relatively successful in the contest. By performing the song "Synthetic Society" EURTH SYSTEM is making a bid for the top of the song contest.

Outreach to @Gallambrian Space Agency


Following news from Gallambria, the Sunset Sea Islandian Space Exploration Centre has reached out to the Gallambrian space agency to talk about potential cooperation. The Sunset Sea Islands has a long track record of satellite launches and short manned orbital flights. With the ISTC working on their space program and aiming towards a manned mission later this year, cooperation with Gallambria would surely be beneficial to all parties. Both the Sunset Sea Islands and Gallambria are close to the equator which poses ideal conditions for space programmes. Although this means that Gallambria would theoretically be able to run a space program independently, the Sunset Sea Islandian Space Exploration Centre unanimously agrees that collaboration and cooperation in space is better than an unnecessary rivalry. Some, however, argue that competition would propel space flight into the future faster if there was healthy competition instead of bloated and overly regulated cooperations. Gallambria would definitely be a valuable partner if the ISTC decided to establish a permanent manned station in orbit, which is why the voices suggesting the invitation of Gallambria to the ISTC grow louder.

"Project Birdcage": Navy plans to purchase @Asgeirrian ships


Last month the Sunset Sea Islandian Naval Self-Defence-Force has reached out to Asgeirria to propose a controversial arms export deal. Whilst the talks continue both within the SDF and with the Asgeirrian partners, new details of the military plans utilising the potential ships have surfaced. Codenamed "Project Birdcage" the Self-Defence-Force is planning to establish a ring of military ships continuously moving in circles around the Sunset Sea Islands to protect the nation against potential enemies coming from the sea. Calls for the expansion of the SDF have been growing since the incident with @Derthalen in August last year. To ensure the environmental friendliness of the fleet and the non-necessity of buying newer models in the future, the SDF is discussing investing a large share of their budget into nuclear-powered ships and naval anti-aircraft lasers. Whilst those plans are still not set in stone, the Sunset Sea Islandian public continues to split on the issue. Pacifists and "Protectionists" are demonstrating for and against the expansion of the SDF in the streets of the nation's largest cities with no side outweighing the other. Asgeirria specialises in modern, state-of-the-art military technology.

SSI offers help to @Morheim in constructing nature preserve


The nation of Morheim recently announced plans to establish a large-scale natural preserve. Environmentalists throughout the Sunset Sea Islands rejoiced after they learned that the region known for its rich ecosystem and biodiversity was to be turned into a protected area. In agreement with the rest of the parliament the environmentalist Bastion Party reached out to Morheim to offer help and expertise to accelerate and improve the construction of the preserve. Experts from Bastion Preservation City and the Sunset Sea Islandian Climate Institute have expressed their willingness to travel to Morheim to support the establishment of the preserve, should Morhemian authorities accept the outreach. Bastion Island, the second-largest island of the nation and home of the environmentalist Bastion Party, is a completely untouched natural preserve with the only people living in the Preservation City on the eastern coast and the staff of the central Climate Institute. Over half of the total area of the Sunset Sea Islands is under permanent environmental protection and covered by nature preserves.

Graveyard capacity reaches maximum, cremation becomes mandatory but free of charge


The graveyards of the Sunset Sea Islands have reached maximum capacity. Although life expectancy in the Sunset Sea Islands is amongst the highest in the world, a continuously growing population of one hundred and sixty-four million inhabitants was predestined to encounter this problem eventually. The parliament has passed laws to reform the post-mortem procedures of deceased citizens. Prior to this law organ donation has already been compulsory to satisfy the growing need for donor organs, however, the rest of the bodies was still allowed to be buried whole. Now, after the maximum capacity of Sunset Sea Islandian graveyards has been exceeded, new laws have been enacted to make cremation compulsory and to reduce the maximum area designated for every grave. Whilst the cremation and burial will be paid for by the state, expanding the area and gravestones of individual graves will be made more expensive.


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Parliament Decides to Vote Pro UBPSSIF Reform


During a final, twelve-hour debate in parliament, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed managed to sway the MPs to agree to her controversial proposal to reform the UBPSSIF, the United Border Principality of the Sunset Sea Islands and Futanarien. The organisation, which currently consists of the SSI and the collapsed nations of Futanarien and Free Dobby as well as several smaller island states, was introduced after the Thalassan War to tie the nations of western Thalassa together. However, due to the war crimes and exploitation committed by the Kingdom of Mat Troi Lan, none of the other member states managed to maintain a stable government. With the SSI being the only functioning and economically prospering nation remaining in the UBPSSIF, a reform of the organisation was called upon by a growing share of the population. Now, Theresa Tumbleweed managed to get a majority in parliament to propose a partial federalisation of the organisation. According to her proposal, the Sunset Sea Islands is to take control over the failed states of Flups, Truly, Phync and Cynph, as well as other small, sparsely populated islands throughout Thalassa. To the Prime Minister's dissatisfaction, the parliamentary process took longer than expected. As a result, the proposal was not ready in time for the ATARA general assembly, which will postpone its hopeful implementation. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed, therefore, calls for a special ATARA meeting after the General Assembly to discuss both the reform plans and still unsolved disagreements about the use of artificial intelligence, mass surveillance and data gathering. The parliamentary debate took longer than expected because of a strong split within the parliament. Until the pro-reform side won with a slight majority, both the supporters and the opponents were head-to-head. The opposition argued, that expanding the direct Sunset Sea Islandian sphere of influence would resemble the historical imperialistic tendencies of the nation's predecessor state, Mat Troi Lan, which colonised and vassalised several nations before and during the Thalassan war, including the UBPSSIF member states. The Prime Minister gained the upper hand by delivering an inciting speech about the potential of the Sunset Sea Islands to save lives and to stabilise the general situation in Thalassa.

Government Introduces ValID Authentification System on July 1st


ValID, a new government-run identification system will launch throughout the nation on July 1st, 2018. The system automatically creates an online profile out of every citizenship ID that can be used as a universal key for all types of online services, including social media. By connecting online authentification to IDs, the state continues its fight against cyber crimes. By not only tracking a user's online behaviour but by also removing the veil of anonymity from the world wide web, the government aims to eradicate most, if not all possibilities to commit or to prepare criminal acts online. Whilst some pro-privacy ralliers and opposition politicians vehemently protested against the introduction of ValID, both the absolute majority of the parliament and the general population supports the project. Apart from the obvious boost the system provides to law enforcement both on- and offline, the system also provides a major convenience to every citizen of the Sunset Sea Islands. By having one universal account usable for most online services, the hassle of having to remember multiple account names and passwords ceases to exist. Furthermore, safety concerns were also dismissed by the project managers, as no data is better secured in the Sunset Sea Islands than the personal records and citizenship data of the one hundred and sixty-four million inhabitants of the nation. Naturally, the data gathered by ValID will be fed into the Synapse System to make our society even more devoid of crime than it already is. Like with the Synapse System itself, the government cooperates with Elegy Corporation, the largest megacorporation of the Sunset Sea Islands. Both parties plan to replace initial bootup logins of new electronic devices by ValID authentication to eliminate the possibility of throwaway phones usable for criminal activities.

Subventions for Tourism Industry Increased


According to a recent study conducted by the research department of the Sunset Sea Islandian government, the nation has suffered slightly in overseas trust and sympathy. Naturally, the government was shocked and acted rapidly to prevent a further drop in international popularity. The first of these countermeasures was an increase in tourism industry subventions. Whilst the Sunset Sea Islands continue to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and whilst the tourist numbers are still continuously rising, the government decided to spend even more on the expansion of tourism in the nation. By investing in the construction of new hotels, tourist attractions and overall quality of life for foreign visitors, the Sunset Sea Islands hope to increase the popularity of the nation even more throughout the world. One of the most criticised things tourists would point out in post-vacation surveys was the ambivalence of surveillance cameras. To combat that, the government decided to slightly reduce the number of CCTV cameras around tourist attractions and to conceal the remaining ones better to not disturb foreigners not used to the Synapse System. Peace and international cooperation are amongst the most important values of the Sunset Sea Islands, which is why the government and the inhabitants of the nation value international popularity as much as they do.

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