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This is A-N-N.


Today is Thursday, June 8th, 80 AUR


The Confederate Senate today announced their intentions to continue to expand the military influence in the region and to begin announcing intentions on an international scale. Typically the Confederacy has enacted a policy of internal and external isolation, refusing and often completely rejecting interaction with the outside world. Recently, however, the government seems to be changing that approach.


"A new day is dawning," the Chief of Staff was quoted as saying, "we, as a nation, can no longer exist in isolation and expect ourselves to continue to prosper under such policies and laws that prohibit the expansion of our great nations economic prowess. It may not happen today, or tomorrow, but you can expect soon that we shall announce ourselves to the world at large as a participating member of the international community."


Other members of government were not available for further comment. More at Six.


This is A-N-N.

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