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Azad Attar murdered. Vindios Tirr?s unexpected rise to the presidency


news.gif QNN - May 11th, 2017


Around midnight last night, the Minister of the Treasury Azad Attar was found dead, with large blows to the skull, and multiple gashes all over his face and chest. A private investigation is to be lead by the department in conjunction with the RDI (The Republic?s Department of Investigation). President Lazar Iddos has not yet released a statement on the events, and government officials are getting frustrated, as he continues to close himself off to the press. Assuming when the President releases his statement, he is expected to bring up details about the investigation and about appointing a new Minister to the department.


Public statements had been released earlier this morning by District Governor Vindios Tirr and from the Qardino. The District Governor?s statement talks about the investigation and the initial details of the murder this morning, and extending his condolences to the Attar family.


The Qardino?s statement released by the Minister of the Press this morning states that the Qardino and their family will have it?s security increase surveillance and observation of suspicious activity. It also states that the Qardino will attend the Minister?s funeral, and take part in the formal ceremony.


news.gif QNN - May 11th, 2017 in the afternoon.


The government is continuing to get frustrated that the President has not yet released a statement.


news.gif Breaking News: The President, a suspect!


This just in, the Director of the RDI, Kara Wan has just released details that evidence could point to President Iddos being involved with murder of Azad Attar. Evidence is said to be presented to the Qardino tomorrow to decide on whether or not to initialize the impeachment process, until then, the Qardino has access to reserve powers that are subject to criticism from Congress.


news.gif QNN - May 12th, 2017


The Qardino has had the evidence presented to them, and later this evening, Congress is expected to initialize the impeachment process. The District Governor Vindios Tirr must be prepared to step into the role of President starting tomorrow.


The House of Ministers voted 179 to 4 to Impeach President Iddos, and the choice in the National Assembly was unanimous as all 30 representatives voted to impeach the President. President Iddos? termination and arrest is immediate. Tomorrow morning, District Governor Vindios Tirr is expected to act as stand in President, and elections are expected to be scheduled for mid-November.

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Foreign Councillor expresses "deep regret" for Qardani tragedy

O'POLIS, Orioni -- The Councillor of Foreign Affairs, Sir Andrew Pipkin, sent a message to the newly inaugurated president Vindios Tirr of @Qardania to express his "deep regret" for the tragedy that took place in Wartakk.

"It is completely unacceptable that violence is used to sway the political opinion of any nation, much less direct murder of elected government officials. Minister Azad Attar was a brave man and will forever be remembered for his dedication to the wellbeing of all Qardania. The cowardly attack deserves the strong condemnation of all authorities that cherish and defend the values of Freedom and Tolerance," says Sir Pipkin in the letter sent to President Tirr.

Sir Pipkin notes that the event that took place "deserves the strongest condemnation and utter repudiation" and expresses his "deepest sympathy for the loss of innocent life in this tragic event as well as his solidarity towards the family of the late minister."

Councillor Pipkin also highlighted the strong links between the Orioni and the Democratic Republic of Qardania, where a large immigrant community resides.

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Foereign Visit To Morheim

Good afternoon, and today, we here at QNN shall be reporting on the Foreign Minister's highly anticipated visit to Morheim, alongside some of Qardania's greatest historical and cultural minds in what might be the start of a new path for Qardanian involvement in global affairs. Just a little while ago, the Foreign Minister Amadeus Gennaro arrived in Morheim's capital of Thale where he was greeted by both the Prime Minister and the Queen. With him are 3 individuals representing various institutes of Qardanian history and culture. These include Dr. Dendor Press, a professor and historian at the Wartakk National History Institute (WNHI), Dr. Sandro Qell, a cultural professor at Grazza Provincial University (GPU), and B.Q. Qalos Red, the youngest member of the Council of Clergy which advise the Qardino in matters regarding the Varushi faith.

They have gone alongside the Foreign Minister to talk about not only relations with the Queendom, but to also negotiate with various other foreign dignitaries about the proposed Treaty for Cultural and Historical Exchange (TCHE). This proposed Treaty is supposed to build a framework for nations to share cultural and historical information to not only create more mutual and cultural ties, but to also peacefully resolve international matters regarding cultural issues and concerns. The Foreign Minister in an official statement before his departure expressed that this is a "Great opportunity for furthering foreign relations and cultural understanding between nations in the hopes of avoiding hostile or isolating relations.", as well as "Hope for future generations to better understand the world and the role we play in it as a nation." 

We here at QNN will keep you updated as more details emerge throughout the next few days.

Now on to today's weather...

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