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[IDEA] Conference of socialist parties

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My nation has many political parties. This includes a socialist party. There are many socialist nations and parties all across Europa.




1. I am interested to see if these could form a progressive movement.


2. I am also interested to find out what struggles are going on in other nations.


3. Thirdly, it seems interesting to counter this with other groups throughout the political spectrum, i.e. libertarians, capitalists, conservatives, nationalists, etc.


If there is any interest in this, I would foresee a brief political RP that includes some representatives exchanging ideas. This could lead to a more realistically coloured picture of the goings-on in Europa.

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Ah yes politics, one of my favorite topics. If you are looking for a location to hold this event, the Magnean Confederation will gladly provide a neutral meeting location. I recently posted our statement on neutrality.



Magnaeus has a socialist party but it is not in government right now. If I come up with some names I can send a delegation.


Can we maybe also add some drama and action?

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I just wrote to O about what a nice and odd coincidence this is as a few days ago I had an idea that a European socialist international would be a cool and nice flavour for RP and that maybe Suverina, who is a socialist nation, could perhaps host a conference for it.


FYI Suverina will gladly fund and support a lot of socialist organisations across the region, by both lawful and sometimes even unlawful means. So if you ever want to feature your socialist organisations in an rp and you feel that any level of Suverina involvement would flavour or depth you can always contact me and ask about if it'd be something I'm up for. But that's just a side note.

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@Magnaeus: Thanks for offering to host. I will let Suverina and you come to an agreement about the location. I somehow think Suv knows very well all the preparation that comes with hosting a political event. As for drama and action, I think there is an opportunity for this, yes. I would think that some members of the socialist family would happily get rid of certain *ahem* monarchies *ahem*.


@Suverina: How delightful that we are aligned on this. I would very much like to step away from all this royal stiff upper lip and have a go at the complete opposite.

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I and my nations current government differ politically from socialism, but I would be very interested in forming a "Conference of Europan Conservative parties" as a Conservative alternative to the Conference of socialist parties.

If conservatives are in government in Great Burlington, how about the opposition party? Maybe this can be styled more as a gathering of progressives. That could include a whole spectrum of left-leaning organisations.


For Magnaeus we will be sending a delegation of Greens and Democratic Socialists from Die Linked.


Can we have a character signup sheet?


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In this case I think I will passively participate by sending a journalist to describe the happenings and provide a neutral yet critical view on things. I have still not fleshed out the political parties of the confederation. But I expect to have a minor left-wing group that can join.


@Suverina: Can you confirm your intent to host this?


@Great Burlington: I am not familiar with the concept of Liberal Whigs. But it is probably similar to what others refer to as left, liberal, socialist or even communism-light.

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Greetings, friends. 2-bye1.gif


I'm getting in late to this party, but the Sunset Sea Islands would be glad to participate as well.

There are two parties in the SSI that can be considered more or less socialist.


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The Party for a Social Society has been the largest party of the Sunset Sea Islands for decades. They are social democrats and quite popular throughout the nation, however, a lot of people consider them to be stagnating. They are forced into a coalition with the centrist-conservative, since they are only supported by about a third of the population. (RL analogue)


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The Party for Direct Progressive Democracy is somewhat more of a socialist party than the PSS, which is slowly fusing into a giant political blob with the Centrists. The PDPD is rising in popularity and is popular with the youth as they seem to be up to date with the young Sunset Sea Islandians. Their liberal socialist ideas qualify them more for this meeting.


Would both of these parties be accepted for the conference or should we only send the PDPD? The PSS and the PDPD could send a delegation made up of members from both parties, if that would be more convenient.


I'm looking forward to the results of this project! 2-thumbup.gif



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@ Sunset Sea Islands

Good of you to already list your participants. I think this fits into the story here. If I am allowed to co-host the OOC organisation, I would like to propose this simple

signup sheet.


[b]Political Party[/b]:
[b]In office[/b]: yes/no
[b]Size of delegation[/b]: #number
[b]What would a successful outcome of this conference mean for your party[/b]:

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I like the idea but I don't know if I can commit the time to participate fully. There can be politicians from Afropa to discuss international solidarity.


Political Party: Parti du Travail (PDT)

In office: yes

Size of delegation: 4

Description: Le PDT is the ruling political party in Afropa, with 67% support in the last election.

What would a successful outcome of this conference mean for your party:

- If other nations commit to accepting Afropa into the globale community.

- If Afropa can get support in its fight against the Violetist Liberation Army.

- If the PDT can stay in power for another term.

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I saw on NationStates that Suverina said he would be available maybe next weekend. So we can start next week with the people who posted here.

@All: Sorry to be such an annoyance. I wanted to check and see what is going on with this idea. Please note that I had scheduled my own diplomatic event for July 1st, and I don't want to have conflicting timelines.


@Suverina: Can you get back to us on this? If not, can we at least move forward without you? Thanks.

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