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Spreadsheet hype

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So I know i sent you my details in a telegram Orioni, but looking at other nations' statistics there are some changes I would like to make. Can you give me access to the spreadsheet? That way I can play around with the numbers until I am happy. Thanks.


Spreadsheet link: https://bit.ly/europa-spreadsheet

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Here is the information on my nation


Nation: Magnaeus

Government type: republic

Head of state: Bundespr?sidentin Sophie Gerber

Capital: Ven?ge

2-Letter code: MA

3-Letter code: MAG

Population: 8.287.000

RL-Analogue: Switserland

Culture: Germanic

RL-Continent: Europe

Languages: German, French, Italian

Ethnicity: German

Religion: Catholic

Economy: watches, chocolate, gold

GDP: $700 billon

GDP per capita: calculcated

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@Magnean Confederation: Thank you for sharing those details. I have added them to our overview. You are right to use the comments feature. I had overlooked this possibility for viewers. I would be great for capturing input, while limiting file ownership.


@Afropa: I understand your request. Would it be possible to follow the same steps Magnean Confederation followed? If you have the file open, you can use the icon at the top-left to add a comment to each cell you would like to update. This way you have more direct control, and we have to exchange less telegrams. Not that I don't appreciate you getting in touch. yes.gif


@All: I think it is good that we have this topic to discuss. I'll rework the first post to include some more information for future readers.

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Here are some events you could add to the timeline, I have included all major events.


Early period: The first Goths and Alemanni arrive in region and start conquering the Beast-Men (Derthaler Age of Conquest) (Circa 1000BC); the Beast-Men were defeated and the Age of Stife began (Circa 600BC-50BC); the Valley Kingdom of Derthalen begins the Unification Wars (Circa 50BC-99BC); King Otto the Peaceful of House Fleischmann unifies all the remaining states into the Holy Empire of Derthalen and is crowned the first Emperor; his first move is to introduce the Imperial Truth to the masses (Circa AD1).


Middle period: The Holy Empire of Derthalen begins expanding into surrounding territories, and begins colonising the islands that would come to be known as the Free Cities (AD79-AD360); the First Pacification Crusade (AD409-AD713) (The lands were cleansed of the Xenos and settled by our people); the discovery of gunpowder and implementation against the Xenos (AD745); the rise of the Imperial Cult and the Machine Cult (AD822-850); the Second Pacification Crusade (AD900-AD1204); the discovery of Junkerberg and colonisation (AD1205-AD1616); Junkerberg receives its colonial charter and right to colonial rule (AD1617); Meinitzmark is established to create a buffer between the Empire and the Xenos (AD1794); a person not belong to House Fleischmann is nearly elected Emperor, but loses by 13 votes (AD1888).


Recent events: The reign of Emperor Janik VII (1908-1975); the reign of Emperor Heinrich III (1975-ongoing); the First South Mark Invasion of Derthalen (1978-1981) (A nation of tribal barbarians launched an invasion); the Third Pacification Crusade (1981-2011) (We pacified South Mark and other barbarian lands); the Great Barbarian Invasion of Meinitzmark (2013-2016) (Untold hordes over ran our borders and led to us reducing our military after a humiliating defeat and treaty was suffered); the End of Derthaler Isolationism (Circa 1000BC-2017); the War of ?stragrelic Betrayal (2017-2018).


I went on a bit of a tangent here. Hopefully you will be able to find some events noteworthy enough to add to the timeline.

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