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President Sawyer Signs Senate Bill 88 and House Bill 23.


President signed two resolutions into effect, House Bill 23 and Senate Bill 88. Senate Bill 88 was a bill outlawing masks and outlawed groups that had been inciting riots in the northern most parts of Youtabonia. The Revolutionary Liberal Party and Belkan Lives Matter are among the banned groups.

House Bill 23 involved the selling off of all of government-owned arms manufacturing facilities. Over 100 of these factories exist, the bill sells them off to the highest Youtabonia private manufacturers. Vice President Chris Turner stated that the Republican Government planned for the facilities to be sold off by the end of the year.

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President Sawyer Meets with Great Burlington Prime Minister.

     The First House hosted a conference today between President Sawyer and Great Burlington’s Prime Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg as they signed a free trade agreement between our two nations. Rees-Mogg, the Tory Prime Minister of GB is said to have initiated talks in light of the political climate shift to the left in many nations, which has left both Youtabonia and Great Burlington politically isolated.

When asked what the talks had entailed President Sawyer had this to say; “Free trade was the main focus of our talks today, though military cooperation and international affairs were talked about. Nothing has come from those talks so far, but I’m positive now that trade has been agreed on, those will follow soon after. In these times of being politically outnumbered on the international stage, the right-wing around the world will band together to protect our shared values, and I’m sure Prime Minister Mogg and other Conservative leaders around the world see it this way too. Thank You”

This is Youtabonian National News and thank you for joining us for your morning news update.

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President and Vice-President to Meet Great Burlington PM for Defense Agreement.

 It was announced by the the Secretary of State Kendall Auten that through mutual outreach, the Prime Minister of GB Jacob Rees-Mogg would be returning to the country for a defense agreement after last week’s visit for a trade agreement. Madam Secretary Auten announced that both President Bailey Sawyer and Vice President Chris Turner would be present for the discussion. She included a quote of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s “ the conservative vision is better guarded from the fumes of socialism” in relation to the Saint Justin-Cinigrad governments’ alliance-in-formation and used this to emphasize the Youtabonian government’s willingness to meet with any nation that feels threatened by the left and socialism.

While it is currently unknown what details the alliance will include, it will of course have to be beneficial to both sides. The Youtabonian Military, which has been fighting the remnants of the radical left in the nearby nation of Belka (OOC:just some of the empty space west of me.) after their failed coup attempt of the Youtabonian-friendly government nearly 5 years ago and pirates attempting to steal arms shipments, has never been known to shy away from a fight will probably use this to keep up its peacetime readiness and protect like minded nations. The ”Cinigrad Accord” as most media outlets are calling it until until a formal name is announced if one is, will most likely be signed and enforced in the following weeks.

This was the YNN with your most crucial news updates, and we will be back soon with following weather forecasts...

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Congress Passes Great Burlington Defense & Free Trade Agreement Draft

The Cinigrad Accords Defense Agreement Draft which had been refined and then filibustered by the Social-Democratic Alliance, as they called it a "attempt at a Fascist Alliance" between the two Conservative-majority governments. The bill was passed following the use of the "nuclear option" which limits the ability to filibuster bills for long-term periods, and the emergency elections in Eagle Island to fill the seat of a past Congressman, strengthened the National Conservatives by adding another seat to their majority. The passed bill has been sent to the Great Burlington government for its response. Vice-President Turner told reporters that he believed that "The Great Burlington's government and people would be happy" with the Youtabonian draft. The main details of the draft are contained below;

  • Lowered to no tariffs on all civilian good produced in the Youtabonia and G.B.
  • No to lowered tariffs on all military goods meant for immediate military usage by Great Burlington or Youtabonia.
  • Defensive and conditionally offensive military alliance between the Youtabonian and G.G Armed Forces
  • Conditions of offensive alliance: Threats of violence to either nation, counter-terrorism, containment of rogue nations that pose threat to either nation.
  • Annual joint military exercises and conditional joint military bases. 
  • Ability for defense agreement expansion to include nations agreed upon by both members.
  • Both nations agree to spend at least 3% of GDP for military preparedness.
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President Sawyer Extends Offer for Membership into "Cinigrad/Saint Justin Pact" to Neutral Nations & Emphasizes Need to End Central Bank in Monday Interview.


In an interview with both national and foreign news agencies at the President Summer Home in November City, President Sawyer extended an offer to all unaligned nations to join in what the media has called the "Cinigrad/Saint Justin Pact" or to create similar treaties. This appears to have been spurred on by the warm reception by the Great Burlington people and government, hoping to garner more foreign allies and possibly more important to the Youtabonian populace, new economic markets. President Sawyer made sure to add that the SDA Party's attack on the Cinigrad Pact and similar deals made in the past by the National Conservatives were unfounded as the military section was purely for defense and added that free and open trade is good for all nations around the globe.

 When asked about Bill 76, a bill that would destroy the central bank of Youtabonia, which was created under the last SDA administration, President Sawyer said that "This would be another great leap in the right direction for the deregulation and expansion of the economy." When asked if this was being done when asked if this was being done because it was a cornerstone of a rival administration, he stated "This has nothing to do with a political vendetta, it's just common sense, up until eight years ago there was no central bank and the economy was better than it was under the regulation era."

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Midterm Elections Predictions Look Like Conservatives Strengthen as Elections Approach

The Youtabonian Policy and Election Center, a non-governmental organization, has released its final full election preview and predictions before the November midterm elections. In a national poll found that had gained nearly 15% of voters who said they would vote for the National Conservatives since the 2016 Presidential Elections, this correlates with a drop in voter enthusiasm for the newly renamed Social Democrats, formerly the SDA. Most of the perspective voters cited improving economic conditions, the new military alliance, and renewed faith in the national government, which is still around 50% it's highest in a decade. The National Conservatives have lauded the polls as proof of that the people support their government, while the Democrats claim the polls were rigged to support the NC. When the Coordinator of the YPEC was asked on his opinion on the reactions of both parties, he replied to reporters "This is politics as usual, both sides like it when it supports them, and the other side gets mad. We're just reporting the results of our polls, not trying to influence election to either side." 


President Sawyer Publicly Appeals to  @Tagmatium Rules to Expand Relations with Youtabonia.

During a meeting with the press, President Sawyer spoke on a variety of issues, ending with Tagmatium, with Tagmatium expanding its diplomatic relationships to several nations including Youtabonian ally, @Great Burlington, the President spoke to the an appeal to the Tagmatium government and explained the reasons for the appeal to the people of Youtabonia. He cited the shared Christian faith that most Youtabonians and the people of Tagmatium have, the mutual ally/friend in Great Burlington, and the need for free trade and cooperation between nations of a right-leaning alignments against the opposing nations, as well as mutual growth as reasons for the the need for better relations between Tagmatium and Youtabonia. He finished his speech by saying that "Many Youtabonians, including myself, trust that the Tagmatium government will agree and make the mutually beneficial decision." The State Office when asked for comment, they echoed the President but refused to further iterate.

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Capital City Officially Renamed

The Mayor of Cinigrad Avery Ray and Vice-President Turner in an combined federal and local broadcast announced that the Federal District of of Cinigrad would unified with the bordering city of Farbanti, a part of the State of November Island, combining into the Federal District of Cinigrad-Farbanti. Effective Immediately, the area of and around Farbanti has been ceded to the Capital District. Farbanti, once one of the most powerful of the Youtabonian city-states, has now been bordered by Cinigrad with little to no dividing lines between them. Talks of annexation began as early the 1980's but had been stalled due to "cultural history" but talks progressed in late 2018 when Cinigradi officials offered to rename the city and district to include both names, and the funding for a Farbanti historical and cultural museum.

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Baseball's Opening Day Brings Thousands to Ballparks Across the Nation

suntrustpark.jpg?mtime=20170720085610A view from Oaktree Park during the 5th Inning of the Farbanti Crusaders at the Cinigrad Braves Game.


The National Baseball League began the first of 162 games over the six month season. Five games took place today across the League as the the 2018 League Champion Cinigrad Braves beat the Farbanti Crusaders 7 to 3 on a walkoff grand slam by center-fielder Wes Cobb. The defending Southern Division Champion Saint Petr Hurricanes beat the Jackson Athletics at a score of 6-5. The Williamsburg Royals scraped past the Alexandria Stars in a 1-0 game. The Charlotte Rebels obliterated the Morgantown Aviators, by a score of fifteen to one in Morgantown as starting pitcher James Sobotka threw an full game, giving up a single home run in the 9th. The Jamestown Rangers beat the Hopeville Sharks 4-3 as a result of a run scored on a wild pitch in the 3rd. Early attendance numbers are predicted to be anywhere from 175 to 200 thousand attendees with tv viewer numbers upwards of 500 thousand are being reported.

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