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The Kingdom of Terre DeAnge

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Offical Name: The Kingdom of Terre DeAnge

Common Name: Terre DeAnge

Capital City: City of Elua

Government Type: Autocracy-Monarchy, with a democratically elected parliament which governs with the monarch's permission

Number of Legislative Branches: (TBD)

Federalist or Unitary: Federalist

Provinces: 7 Provinces, one for each of the angelic Companions of Elua (minus Cassiel).

Formal Head of State: His Royal Highness King Dandre de la Courcel

Political Head of State: His Most Honorable Lord Parthos L'Envers

Offical Language: D'Angeline, though French is widely spoken.

Offical Religion: Blessed Elua and His Companions

Population: 389 Million (12/06/05)

Major Minorities: Tsinganos (15%), Yeshuites (10%)

Separation of Powers: (TBD)

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