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The Borderlands of Kakoito

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Official Name: The Borderlands of Kakoito

Capital City: Bankotsu

Government type: republic

Number of Legislative Branches: 3, they being as follows: the Five Kages, the National Senate, and the Council of Witnesses (judiciary.)


Provinces/Territories (if applicable): The five states: Umi, Motoko, Torakimi, Yami, and Henshin.

Formal/Political Heads of State: the Five Kages

Official Language(s): Primary is Japanese, but English is also a seconf official language.


Official Religion: No officially named religions, but there are statistics availible:

  • Christianity: 89%
  • Judaism: 4%
  • Shintoism: 4%
  • Agnostic: 3%

Population: 45 million (last dated on 12/6/05)


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