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Social Democratic Confederation

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Official Name: Social Democratic Confederation

Official Short: Confederation or Confederacy

Unofficial Short: So.Dem.Co


Official Language: Tarentine (Latinized English)

Capital: Tarentum

Currency: Dnari

National Motto: Unitl the Final Victory (Hasta la victoria siempre)

National Anthem: "Hymn of 1817"



Head of State: President

Head of Government: President

Form of Government: "Grass-roots" (popular) Democracy

Separation of Powers: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Syndicary

Government Type: Federalist, with popular inititive and referendum



Ethnicities: (Too many to mention) Domestic: 64% Foreigner: 36%

Religions: No state religion, all religions tolerated



Organized Industrial Democracy. Workers in a corporation elect upper-management (ie CEO) and retain the power to demand change in the company through petitions and initiatives. Right to strike protected by law. Workers keep portion of profits from the goods they produce as shareholders have been stripped of right to profits. Sophisticated Wage-Profit Complex ensures wages are fair and responisble for all workers and management. Economic fields are diversified and competition is a factor in business.



One branch (Senate)

Two Senators from each of 62 provinces. Senators work on vairous committees which over see the function and policy of government in domestic and foreign arenas.



President resides over several agencies and administrations which enfore legislation and ensure rights of citizens are protected.



Confederate Supreme Court

Provincial Supreme Courts

District Courts

Local/City Courts

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