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The Hortalezian Republic of The Cathunters

The Cathunters

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Official Name: The Hortalezian Republic of The Cathunters

Capital City: AlcalΓ‘ D.F.

Government Type: Federal Republic. Left-wing Utopia..

Number of Legislative Branches: One: the Parliament, where all the applying laws are approved.

Provincies/Territories: Seven Federal States: Alcal? D.F., Alcal?, Ateneo, Dazgal, Ravecchia, Boodille and The Calm.

Formal/Political Head of State: Consejero Juan Aza?a.

Official Language: Spanish, with English widely spoken in the north-western areas of Ateneo and Dazgal

Official Religion: None, but almost Roman Catholic. A few Wiccans in the border of The Calm.

Population: 2.75 billion

Major Minorities: Gaelians in the Northwest.

Separation of powers: The Government proposes Laws and Amendments, the Parliament can approve or disapprove them. The parliament has also the capability of adding new amendments, derogate laws and impeach the Government and its members. Each Region has also an elect Delegate and a Regional Parliament. Every 6 years there are elections for the Council of the High Court.

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