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The Principality of Northen Voobaha

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Offical Name: The Principality of Northen Voobaha

Common Name: Northern Voobaha (often shortened on second and later references to PNV)

Capital City: Kellnersville


Government Type: Constitutional Principality

Number of Legislative Branches: 1 The Conclave, consisting of 60 citizen-elected members.

Federalist or Unitary: Federalist

Provinces/Territories (if applicable): 10 Counties, 1 Royal District

Formal Head of State: His Royal Highness Prince Vox

Political Head of State: Prime Minister Stefan Martin (NV Liberal Party)


Offical Language: English, with Voobahian used as a regional administrative language.

Offical Religion: No endorsed religion. Major factions are Protestant and Wiccan with a small Roman Catholic minority

Population 36,000,000 (Dec. 2005 estimates)

Major Minorities: Native Voobahians (22%), recent immigrants (6%)


Separation of Powers: Bills from the Conclave can be vetoed by HRH. Decrees from HRH may be overturned on a 2/3 vote of the Conclave.

Both may be overruled by the National Court, which rules on the spirit, not the letter of the Constitution and the Citizen's Rights Agenda.

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