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The Federated Imperium of Suur-Uusimaa

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Official Name: The Federated Imperium of Suur-Uusimaa

Capital City:Imperial City

Government type: An aristocratic oligarchy

Number of Legislative Branches:One, Council of Six, composed of leaders or Archons of the six great houses.

Federalist or Unitary:Federalist

Provinces/Territories (if applicable): Six semi-autonomous subdivisions and one Imperial Province

Formal Head of State: The Imperator (Current Imperator is Victor von Kven, Full name Augustus Victor von Kven)

Political Head of State: None

Official Language::Finnish, Latin, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese

Official Religion: None, but major religions include Christianity in all it's major forms, Judaism, Buddhism and even various Neopaganist faiths.

Population: 2.3 billion

Separation of Powers: None

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