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The Democratic Republic of Nevvosto-Karjal

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Official Name:

Karelian Karjalan Demokruattine Tazavalla

Russian Karelskaya Demokraticheskaya Respublika

English Democratic Republic of Karelia

Capital City: Kaleva

Government type: Socialist autocratic republic

Federalist or Unitary: Federalist, formed from four different soviet socialist republics


Formal Head of State: President of the Republic Viljami T?yli / Вилями Тёыли

Political Head of State: Chairman of the Presidium Trofim H?nninen / Трофим Hяннинен

Official Language: Karelian and Russian

Currency: Mark

Official Religion: State officially atheistic

Population: 7 million

Major Minorities: Sami people, the Veps people, Izhorians

Separation of Powers: Legislative power used by All-Karelian Central Executive Committee ("Kesko", abbreviation of Karelian word meaning Central Committee). Executive power is used by Presidium of the Socialist Workers' Party Judicial power is under control of revolutionary guards and labor unions.


National anthem: State Anthem of the Democratic Republic of Karelia

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