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Mon, 21 Jun 2004

Downtime Ahead


We're off to new servers, and, as a result, the game will experience some downtime. Yes, for a short but terrifying period, the internet will be without NationStates. Somehow we will all just have to find the will to soldier on.


There are two parts to NationStates: the game and the forums. The game will be unavailable for a fairly brief period, while the forums, which are being completely replaced, will be down for longer.


Here are the details. The entire site will be down for approximately three hours beginning Monday 28th June 2004 08:00 GMT (click for the time where you live). When it comes up, it will look all swanky and new!


The forums will go down at the same time and remain unavailable for approximately 72 hours. When they come up again, they will be part of the Jolt forums, look very different, and not crash every five seconds. There will also be some functional changes.


Watch this page for updated news as it comes to hand!


Please note: the move to new servers (and forums and software) is a big step, and technology being what it is, there may be a hiccup or two. If so, please don't panic; we'll get everything sorted out eventually.




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Site Temporarily Down

28th June 2004: NationStates is moving to a new host! We are currently in the process of copying game data and savefiles to the new server. When this is complete, the game will come up again.


Estimated Time Remaining: 30 minutes

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