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The Federative Popular Republic of Emakera


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Official Name: The Federative Popular Republic of Emakera

Capital City: Pa?o

Government type: Republic

Number of Legislative Branches: 2-- The "C?mara dos Deputados (100 members)", directly elected by the people, which makes law projects and propositions, The "C?mara dos Senadores", (100 members), Also elected by the people, which vote for or against the law projects made by the deputados.

Federalist or Unitary: Federalist

Provinces/Territories (if applicable): 5 and the Pa?o district.

Formal Head of State: President Dictator Richard Haller

Political Head of State: President Dictator Richard Haller

Official Language: Portuguese

Official Religion: Emakera is an atheist state. Evangelical Protestant (45%), Roman Catholic (30%), Afro-emakeran faiths (15%), Islam (5%), Other Faiths (3%), No religion (2%)

Population: 787 million

Ethnical Groups: All people born in Emakera are considered to be ethnically Emakeran.

Separation of Powers: Legislative, Judiciary, and Executive

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National Wonder(s)


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The head of the government


Name: The City of Pa?o

Place Constructed: In a neutral zone between the states that formed Emakera, to be used as capital.

Existed: It started to be built in early 1974, and it was finished in February the 21th of 1979. It stands tall to this day.

History: Since the days of the Emperor Peter I, which domains extended from the current Emakeran nation to a few pieces of land on the north of the country, there has been a place reserved to a future capital of the empire. But, after the death of Peter I, and the end of monarchy in Emakera, the nation was divided in several autonomous state, who held the place reserved to the capital as a neutral territory. With the unification of the Emakeran states, in 1973, the plans of building a capital were revised by authorities of the states and a famous architect was chosen to make the city.

Description: The city is divided like a plane, with several surrounding towns known as "satelites". The building are usually bizarre-shaped and filled with curves, and arches. Houses and buildings are usually in a dull, rectangular shape, while proeminent buildings are usually left to the imagination.

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