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The Democratic Republic of Londim

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National Wonder(s)


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Name: The House of Londim

Place Constructed: Resa, Londim

Existed: Still exists

History: Built in 1436 when the tribes of Londim decided to band together and create a nation. It is often referred to as "The Birthplace of Londim" as it is here where the nation was created. It was home to the Royal Family until 1867 when revolution occured making Londim a republic.

Description: Is now the home of the Londim Government and is situated in the centre of the capital.

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Londim is a small nation with a population of 5 million and believes in democracy and the well-being of the people. We have very good civil rights and political freedoms



- Current President: Aran Suddi (me)

- Political Stance: Liberal

- Population: 5 million

- Senate votes on bills and proposed legislation



arrow.gifThe Londim Reporter


Current Events in Londim:

- Voting has become compulsory

- Hospitals now pay organ donors




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Name: Lithos University

Location: Lithos (Londims second city)

Speciality: Media, Technology


History: Established in 1890 it was first built to educate people in medicine, however, this aim was transferred to other institutes. Instead, Lithos University decides to teach and research new technological and media advances as the nation became much more interested in national and international news. Due to this Lithos has become the media capital of Londim.



- Random Nickname by friends is Holymonkey (although I have no idea why)

- I am 17 years old. Birthday October 5th

- Currently studying: Politics, English Literature, Geography and Business ( I am so dropping business next year)

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