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The Kingdom of Assurym

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Official name: The Kingdom of Assurym

Capital city: Zakesh

Government type: Near-absolute monarch supported by oligarchy

Number of legislative branches: Council of Princes (15), Council of Lords (150) (latter only summoned to deal with major issues)

Federalist or Unitary: Unitary (formerly Federalist)

Provinces/Territories: 15 ?city-states?

Formal head of state: King/Sultan Ramnan

Political head of state: King/Sultan Ramnan

Official religion: None (Major religion: Buddhism)

Separation of powers: None

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National Wonder(s)


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Name: The City of Assum-Zensha

Place Constructed: Deep within the Assurym jungles

Existed: Construction was completed approximately 600 BC. Most of the city still stands, albeit worn down by age.

History: Assum-Zensha was built by the emperor Hideta II as a new capital after unifying the country. It stood as such for nearly a thousand years, as about 470 AD the realm fell into decline and the city was abandoned. The reasons for leaving the city remain unknown to this day, as no record of an invading army or natural disaster exists. Assum-Zensha was not forgotten, however, and multiple efforts to restore the city to it?s old glory were made, the most notable ones in 664 and 808. Unfortunately none of these were succesful.

Description: Assum-Zensha is often called the temple-city because it?s largest and most impressive building by far is the temple of Zan-Ra. It is an extensive complex containing many towers, halls, gardens and fountains. Part of this temple was probably used as the emperor?s palace as well. Another notable aspect of the city are two enormous statues of elephants near each of it?s gates. Much larger is size than actual elephants, all eight of these statues still stand intact.

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The nation of Assurym is led by the Sultan Ramnan, whose rule is almost absolute yet at the same time strives for the betterment of the people. Only a relatively small part of Assurym is inhabited (mainly the coastal area), the rest consists primarily of untouched jungle and savannah. Other things the sultanate is known for are it's military prowess and the spiritual devotion of the people.



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Assuran University

- Location: Assur

- Specialty: Physics, Engineering


Assuran University was established in 1904 and quickly became Assurym's foremost center of learning. Research focuses on new technologies for both military and civilian purposes. Other notable classes include military history, chemistry and information technology.

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