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Snow, dragons and blood diamonds

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District Galben (Yellow District), also known as "Gypsy district", Chișinău, Suverina


A hooded man was walking down a small downtrodden boulevard in the yellow district at dusk. He tried to look down into the ground as he walked, in order to avoid being recognized - as the Romani man had a very distinctive face. He had two large scars on his face, a type of scars commonly refered to as "gaugauzian grin" in Suverina. Such scars are the results of wounds from someone cutting from the corners of a victim's mouth up to the ears, leaving a scar in the shape of a smile. Midway down he stopped and quickly looked around, he then went in to a small adjacent alley. At the end of the dark alley he found the man he was searching for standing behind a dumpster. The man in the alley greeted him:

"?erol se?ami." Which means hello in Romani.

The man with the gaugauzian grin nodded at him in response and looked around the alley in a slightly nervous manner before speaking, in Suverin:

"Are you stocked brother?"

"Quite well. What do you want?"

"Gypsy powder. You got it?" The man replied in a low voice and at the same time looking around the alley.

"I always do brother. And we're safe here, I've got lookouts. Besides, there'll be no rashers here unless you tipped them off."

"You know I'd never brother."

"I know. You've got too many skeletons in the closet. It's mutually assured destruction. So what'll it be?"

"The good stuff. What brands have you got?"

"Camel and Elephant."

"Camel then. Ten."


"How about nine hundred?"

"A thousand. You know that's the discounted price. Cough up the rubels or go."

The hooded man pulled out a wad of cash and took ten hundred-rubel bills and handed them over. The other man took the money and reached down one of his coat pockets and pulled out a bag of cocaine, the bag was marked with a logo of a camel.

"Cabarrian. Finest snow there is." He said and handed over the bag.

"There's Miirosi powder that's better."

"A matter of taste. But I could get you some, but it'll take a few days and'll cost more."

"No need. This'll do nicely brother. Thanks then." He said as he turned and started to walk away.

The man in the alley leaned against the concrete wall behind him, reached for a pack of smokes, pulled out a cigarette, lit it and started to smoke while he waited for the next customer.

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The Cabarrian route had always been a lucrative means of transportation. No wonder so many gangs were vying for control over it. It was a choke-point for all illegal wares being smuggled between Afropa and the much richer Suverina in the north.


Since the heavy government crackdown against the Violetist Liberation Army, the gangs who usually handle drugs trafficking were introduced to a brutal competitor that has a thirst for money, no matter the cost.


Of course, the VLA guerrilla had many ways to fund their operations: kidnappings, extortion, or illegal mining. But illegal drugs were by far the easiest and most profitable means of finance.


user posted image

pic.png Mountains in the Afropan jungle


Army chief Jules C?sar Jajo had lost many good men in his fight against the VLA-menace in Afropa. He know that targeting their drugs trade would strike a hard blow against the rebels.


Chief Jajo had received instructions from president Panza to respect the constitution. Jajo knew Panza was obligated to make such a statement, in order to have plausible deniability.


Here in the jungle, far away from courts and judges, he was fighting a war. If that required bending the constitution to serve the greater good, then so be it. Enhanced interrogation techniques had provided plenty of intel, some more reliable than others.


Some of the special forces he commanded had already created quite a cover for themselves, and were becoming ever deeper embedded in the VLA. But they weren't there to capture low-level henchmen. Jajo had his eyes set on a much bigger target.

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