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Grand Prix of Europa 2016


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Formula 1 racing season


I. Racing calendar

  1. Orioni (March)
  2. Afropa - Circuit National de Dieudonné (April)
  3. Suverina - Dubasari Autodrom (May)
  4. Adaptus - Causic Circuit (June)
  5. Emakera (July)

II. Teams


star.gifBiruleiby (Emakera)

2. Gustav "Guto" Rasmussen (Emakera)

3. Carlos Eduardo "Cadu TX" Teixeira dos Santos (Emakera)


star.gifTyphoon (Orioni)

4. Erika Ionas (Orioni)

5. Abel Guiomar (Pirilao)


star.gifLautus Perambulo (Adaptus)

6. Markus Augois (Adpatus)

7. Fredrick Menser (Tamurin)


star.gifLADA Fulger (Suverina)

8. Petru Ceaușescu (Suverina)

9. Toma Apostol (Suverina)


star.gifAF Racing (Afropa)

10. Alain Frère (Afropa)

11. Paul Riosnal (Jilderen)


III. Points

1st place: 25 points

2nd place: 18 points

3rd place: 15 points

4th place: 12 points

5th place: 10 points

6th place: 8 points

7th place: 6 points

8th place: 4 points

9th place: 2 points

10th place: 1 point

DNF: 0 points

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2016 Orioni Grand Prix

The 2016 Orioni Grand Prix, formally titled the 2016 Formula 1 Zuidmax Orioni Grand Prix, is the first Formula One motor race of the 2016 season, held on 20 March 2016 in Zuidhaven. Zuidhaven International Circuit is a 3.7 km (2.301-mile) private motorsport race track in the mountainous coastal area of Zuidhaven, Orioni.

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:pic: The Zuidhaven International Circuit


Qualifying consisted of three parts, 18, 15 and 12 minutes in length respectively, with five drivers eliminated from competing after each of the first two sessions. The Typhoon's of Erika Ionas and Abel Guiomar struggled as expected, following their lack of pre-season testing and failed to make it into Q2. AF Racing's Alain Frère and Biruleiby's Guto were the only ones not having to use the softer tyres to proceed into the next part of qualifying.

The second session saw the Lautus Perambulo drivers doing only one timed run, which proved sufficient to proceed, while AF Racing, with Alain Frère and rookie Paul Riosnal failing to make it through. Also eliminated was the LADA Fulger of Toma Apostol, though in a respectable place on the grid.

In Q3, Carlos Eduardo "Cadu TX" Teixeira dos Santos ran wide at turn 15 on his first flying lap and lost the chance to seek areas of improvement for his second run. Fredrick Mense, who was fastest in all three sessions, capitalised on his Biruleiby's problem and took pole position by over half a second. It was his 4th pole position at Zuidhaven. The rest of the field was more than a second behind Mense's time, with Markus Augois in the Lautus Perambulo best of the rest in the third position. The Biruleiby of Guto and the LADA Fulger of Petru Ceaușescu proved their regained competitiveness by taking fourth and fifth on the grid respectively.

user posted image

:pic: Qualifying results


At the start, Mense assumed the lead while a three-car wide tussle at turn one, involving Petru Ceaușescu, Alain Frère and Toma Apostol, resulted in Apostol crashing out at turn two and race officials deploying the safety car. The next lap, Erika Ionas' car failed thus taking two cars out of the race already. Normal racing resumed on lap four, with Abel Guiomar falling back from fifth to his starting position after being passed by Paul Riosnal. Guiomar also lost track position after being ordered by his team to relinquish a position for overtaking while still under safety car conditions.

Mense maintained his the lead until lap 25, when he pitted for tyres. He resumed the lead from Cadu TX after he too had to pit for new tyres. During this series of pit-stops, Guto gained a position by passing Markus Augois for third place. On lap 34, Petru Ceaușescu retired while in a points-scoring position after his LADA Fulger was engulfed by smoke. On lap 42, Alain Frère also retired at turn four after a botched pit-stop caused his left rear tyre to come loose.

From there, the order remained relatively constant with Mense going on to take his 1st Grand Prix win of the season. He was followed by Cadu TX, Guto, Augois and Riosnal. Completing the point-scorers was Guiomar. In all, only six cars finished the race.

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:pic: Race results

Championship standings

Drivers' Championship standings

  1. Mense: 25 points
  2. Cadu TX: 18 points
  3. Guto: 15 points
  4. Augois: 12 points
  5. Riosnal: 10 points
  6. Guimar: 8 points

Constructors' Championship standings

  1. Lautus Perambulo: 37 points
  2. Biruleiby: 33 points
  3. AF Racing: 10 points
  4. Typhoon: 8 points
  5. LADA Fulger: 0 points
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After the thrills and spills of Orioni, the F1 paddock moves to the tropical setting of Dieudoné for the 2016 Formula 1 Afropa Grand Prix. Those involved look ahead to round two of the season...


Biruleiby (Emakera)

2. Gustav "Guto" Rasmussen (Emakera)

"The Afropa Grand Prix is the second race of the season. I especially enjoy the surroundings, which looks pretty nice on TV. I know the track well from my previous seasons in Formula 1, but also from GP2, as I have been here many times. Last time I put in a good performance as well as having a strong race. I was going for points, which did not work out in the end due to other circumstances. However, I will take that positive feeling from the previous race with me."

3. Carlos Eduardo "Cadu TX" Teixeira dos Santos (Emakera)

"Orioni was amazing. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of lining up on the grid for the first time and taking the chequered flag at the end of your first Grand Prix. They are special memories for sure. As a team, we learned a lot in Zuidhaven. Qualifying didn't work out well for us and as we have the same format here in Afropa we need to put those lessons into practice. We still have a way to go with optimising the set-up to counter the tyre degradation problems we experienced in the second half of the race. It was a good start, but there's a lot of room for improvement in every area, including me."

"My first race in Afropa will be fun and it's really cool to have this experience in my F1 career. I'm sure the circuit will feel spectacular to drive. I can't wait."


Typhoon (Orioni)

4. Erika Ionas (Orioni)

"I'm really keen to get back behind the wheel, as, although it didn't show in our results from Orioni, our package felt very good to drive and the team worked really hard to bring a step forward in drivability from testing to the first race. Afropa is definitely a tricky track for us as it's high-speed, but we have a solid platform and improved deployment, so there are some positives to look forward to. I'm sure every team can say the same as it's only the beginning but I'm expecting us to make improvements in every area this weekend."

5. Abel Guiomar (Pirilao)

"The landscape of racing in the tropics is always really special and brings a new dimension to the spectacle. Everything in Afropa is always very slick and it's an impressive place to be. My win there in 2009 is still a great memory and the wide track and run-off areas mean it's a fun circuit on which to battle. I hope we can mix it with the midfield pack. It's a very competitive area of the field. So we'll be pushing hard to get the maximum from our package as soon as we can."


Lautus Perambulo (Adaptus)

6. Markus Augois (Adpatus)

"Afropa is a fun track to drive on and very different from Zuidhaven in its configuration. It's tough on brakes and fuel, and good balance is key to putting together a lap, as you need downforce on the long, fast straights and then stability and traction through the lower-speed corners. It's a more extreme version of Orioni in many ways, with the track starting off very dirty and rubbering in over the weekend. While that makes the track faster, we also have to juggle the rapidly cooling temperatures on race day after the sun sets."

7. Fredrick Menser (Tamurin)

"We've stepped up our game once again with a fantastic car. But Biruleiby were a real threat all weekend in Zuidhaven and it's clear that we've got a big battle on our hands, so we have to keep pushing very hard. We did a great job in Orioni and there's a lot of potential in the car but we need to do a better job of bringing everything together when it counts."

It's Afropa next - a track which always seems to provide entertainment for me! It was great to win the first race - but the aim is to come out on top at every step of the way this season, starting this weekend. There's a long way to go..."

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LADA Fulger (Suverina)

8. Petru Ceaușescu (Suverina)

"We came away from Zuidhaven feeling a little disappointed, no two ways about it. The race in Orioni was certainly an eventful one for LADA Fulger. First of all, I was very happy to see Toma walk away after such a heart-stopping incident. In addition, I'd like to say a huge thank you to all our LADA Fulger employees for the incredible efforts going on behind the scenes to get the spare chassis built and ready to race next weekend. It's a truly remarkable achievement in between flyaway races, and a testament to our incredibly strong teamwork."

"This race in Afropa throws up a few surprises, doesn't it? It's a bit of a moving feast to be honest, especially when you consider the weather we've seen here in the past few days. Rain is less of a factor, as it evaporates so quickly, but the wind can be a distraction for the drivers and the pit wall. Track conditions can vary significantly from the practice sessions to the qualifying and the race. So there's a lot for the engineers to get their head around in order to make the right strategic calls."

9. Toma Apostol (Suverina)

"Firstly, I'm very pleased to be heading to Afropa after the crash in Orioni. I've spent some time resting and I can't wait to get back in the car. Although on paper Zuidhaven wasn't a great race for us, before the crash I'd been having some good battles and the car felt pretty promising, so I hope in Afropa we can experience more of the same."

"There's also been a massive effort from the team in Suverina, who have been flat-out manufacturing parts for this race to ensure we can get back up to speed after the chassis was damaged, and I'm hugely impressed with how quickly they've managed to turn it around. We're still pushing to bring upgrades to each race, so providing we can get everything to the car in time we'll be aiming to get as much track time as possible with the new chassis from the start of free practice."


AF Racing (Afropa)

10. Alain Frère (Afropa)

"The Afropa Grand Prix is a special race weekend for me. Having Afropan roots, it really feels like coming home. For me, as a driver, it is nice to get huge support from everyone here in Afropa. The track itself is great fun to drive and racing in front of your home crowd makes the event even more special."

"The Circuit National de Dieudonné is quite tough in all respects. It's important to have good high-speed balance in the car and look after the rear tyres in particular. We will see much hotter conditions, and there is always a concern over the wind, which was a real factor in the early part of the previous race in Orioni. We will now see how our cooling systems stand up in the heat and what impact opening up these systems has on aerodynamic performance. The tyre choice shows a bit of variation as well with Biruleiby and ourselves appearing to be going down a different route to Lautus Peramnulo, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out over the weekend."

11. Paul Riosnal (Jilderen)

"Living in Jilderen, I'm used to the climate in the southern Europa, and racing in different temperatures over the weekend, as well as managing the car's performance over a long race distance in tough conditions, brings another level to the challenge for the drivers. I'm looking forward to seeing what our package is capable of at what has previously been a pretty challenging circuit for us."

"I really enjoy racing in Afropa. It's been a good circuit for me in the past. I've had three podium places here. And there are quite a few good opportunities to overtake. There are lots of variables to think about and it's one of the longest races, which usually produces some kind of drama. Hopefully, we can enjoy some close racing and keep ourselves out of trouble."

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2016 Formula 1 Afropa Grand Prix


Circuit National de Dieudonné

user posted image

Located 8 km south-east of the nation's capital, Dieudonné, the Circuit National contains no less than five track layouts within one complex. Construction began in November 2012 and in the months prior to its March 2014 completion, work was going on around the clock. Over 12.000 tonnes of stone were used in the build, a third of it @Dragonryders granite, chosen for the track surface due to its excellent adhesive qualities.

The original 5,412 km Grand Prix circuit was designed with a massive crowd of spectators in mind, with 80.000 grandstand seats, all providing excellent views. Those spectators (a total of 120.000 over a race weekend) got to see the cars heading into the external forest area, before coming back into the plains-styled infield. Up to 500 journalists could witness the action from the venue's purpose-built media centre.

user posted image

A revised 'endurance' track layout was used for the 2016 event, with an additional complex starting at Turn Four extending the lap to 23 corners and 6,299 km. It offers every driver a unique experience in the way the circuit's width varies at the end of the different straights. This allowed for diverse racing lines, and the 15-corner design many exciting overtaking opportunities.


Tom Apostol dominated both practice sessions on Friday and looked the fastest during the first two qualifying sessions, but Cadu TX turned it up in the final minutes. Typhoon's Abel Guiomar and LADA Fulger's Petru Ceaușescu will start Sunday's race from the second row.

For the first time in 2016, teams managed to keep things relatively close with Biruleiby, as Ceaușescu and Guiomar were on the verge of pushing Cadu TX off the front row for most of the three sessions. But ultimately, the new kid showed his class in the final session.

With just a few minutes left in the session, Cadu TX took off for one last flying lap, and per Formula One's official Twitter account, he smashed the local track record on his way to pole position:

> 1:29.493 = fastest lap ever at Afropa #Quali #AfropaGP

> pic.twitter.com/n0TaR34lL1nk

Apostol sat at the top of the timesheets for most of the qualifying, and after his last place in Orioni to start the season, he must have been eager to show his true racing skills.

But there was nothing anyone could do against Cadu TX's final run, which was nothing short of spectacular. If the Emakeran shows the same form during Sunday's race, it will be impossible to deny him his first win of the season.

Biruleiby was the only team to duck under the 1:30:00 mark, and it looks like Sunday's race will be between Cadu TX and his ego, with the rest of the pack fighting for the other two podium spots.

Alain Frère made a fantastic impression in sessions one and two and even managed to beat team-mate Paul Riosnal to the 5th spot on the grid. The young Afropan was more than happy with his performance: "It feels good. This morning I had similar pace to Paul and I knew if improved a little bit I would beat him, It's a good feeling. The car was a little bit compromised but we more or less maximised everything this afternoon. If we gained one or two tenths we might have been in Q3."

It was a disappointing outing for Gustav "Guto" Rasmussen, who surprised fans and pundits alike by only clocking the eighth-fastest time during Friday's second practice session and seemed less than prepared for a solid performance on Saturday.

The Biruleiby have looked remarkably fast in Orioni, and Guto is expected to do well during Sunday's race, but after the promise of Friday, a top-5 spot on the grid should have been the goal.

Markus Augois was the last man to be eliminated in the second session in what was yet another strong performance for Lautus Perambulo, but as shared by racing journalists, the end of the session was rather anticlimactic.

Just like in Orioni, the drivers didn't have enough time to alter their strategies in between runs, and the second and final sessions saw too many lulls in which almost no cars were on the track. The new qualifying format remains an issue, and after two unsuccessful attempts to make it work, it's something that should be fixed as soon as possible.


  1. Carlos Eduardo "Cadu TX" Teixeira dos Santos (Emakera) / Biruleiby (Emakera)
  2. Toma Apostol (Suverina) / LADA Fulger (Suverina)
  3. Abel Guiomar (Pirilao) / Typhoon (Orioni)
  4. Petru Ceaușescu (Suverina) / LADA Fulger (Suverina)
  5. Alain Frère (Afropa) / AF Racing (Afropa)
  6. Fredrick Menser (Tamurin) / Lautus Perambulo (Adaptus)
  7. Paul Riosnal (Jilderen) / AF Racing (Afropa)
  8. Gustav "Guto" Rasmussen (Emakera) / Biruleiby (Emakera)
  9. Markus Augois (Adpatus) / Lautus Perambulo (Adaptus)
  10. Erika Ionas (Orioni) / Typhoon (Orioni)
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With sparks flying from the titanium underbellies of the Formula One cars in the burning sun outside Dieudonné, with pieces of carbon fibre bodywork hurtling through the air and smoke billowing from screeching tires and a failing engine, the Afropa Grand Prix was one of the most tightly contested and colourful races in years.

Still, after 57 laps and an hour and a half of battling, a Biruleiby car won, for the first time this season and the third podium place in only two races so far. For the second race in a row this season, it was Cadu TX who won for Biruleiby, not his more experienced teammate, the three-time world champion Guto.

Again this year, much of the excitement at the beginning of the race was due to Cadu TX making a bad start from pole position, and having to battle back from the seventh position. This time, however, Cadu TX was also harpooned by another car in the first corner, his car was damaged, and he was nearly knocked out of the race.

It was the 1st victory in Cadu TX's career and his first in Afropa.

"Yeah, awesome guys!" Cadu TX said over the team radio on the wind-down lap, and he repeated the word in a post-race interview. "It has been an awesome weekend. The key was the start. I got a great breakaway and then had to control the pace."

Petru Ceaușescu of LADA Fulger finished the race in second, with Frederick Menser third. Ceaușescu's teammate, Toma Apostol, did not even start the race, as his LADA Fulger engine blew out on the formation lap, billowing thick clouds of smoke. It was a huge blow to the LADA Fulger team, which finished the series second last year, with Apostol in third place in the drivers' championship.

Over the weekend, Formula One debated the failure of its new Saturday qualifying system, which was designed to bring more drama to the track but has only succeeded in making qualifying less exciting. Yet the first two races this season have been more action-packed and competitive than most of the races last year.

For the first 15 laps of the race on Sunday, cars were sliding about, running into each other, losing carbon fibre bodywork, and breaking down through mechanical failures. Stavro Ionas, a former driver and father of Erika Ionas, commenting on Orioni television, said the race looked like a "demolition derby" at the start.

user posted image

But throughout the race, it was wheel-to-wheel racing up and down the pack, with Abel Guiomar charging up from behind to second place by Lap 37, when Ceaușescu made his third pit stop. But Guiomar later dropped back to third again.

"We had pretty good speed, but not enough to win," said Ceaușescu. "A nice weekend, but we'll have to improve on that."

Cadu TX's car was hit at the first corner by Menser in a Lautus Perambulo, which damaged the front wing and the floor of Cadu TX's car, causing the Emakeran driver to lose a second per lap throughout the race, according to his team.

user posted image

One of the best results came from the AF Racing cars, of the new Afropan-based team, which, after finishing fifth in the first race of the season, finished fourth in Afropa, with Alain Frère passing car after car. Unfortunately, his teammate, Paul Riosnal, had been involved in a spectacular accident and failed to finish on Sunday.

Other standout drives came from Erika Ionas in a Typhoon. Ionas started in 10th position and finished the race in sixth.

Since Cadu TX took his second podium in a row, Apostol has driven on a different level, while Cadu TX — who has been criticised for becoming distracted by his activities outside the track, playing music and attending fashion shows — has appeared to somewhat lose an edge to his driving.


1. Cadu TX / Biruleiby: 25 points

2. Ceaușescu / LADA Fulger: 18 points

3. Menser / Lautus Perambulo: 15 points

4. Frère (Afropa) / AF Racing: 12 points

5. Guiomar (Pirilao) / Typhoon: 10 points

6. Ionas (Orioni) / Typhoon: 8 points

7. Guto / Biruleiby: 6 points

DNF. Apostol / LADA Fulger

DNF. Augois / Lautus Perambulo

DNF. Riosnal / AF Racing

Championship standings

After two races, Cadu TX now leads the series by 3 points with 43 points, to 40 points for Menser, who lies in second, while Ceaușescu, a driver at the LADA Fulger team who finished 2nd in the race, is 3rd in the series with 18 points. He shares this place with Guiomar of Typhoon.

Drivers' Championship standings

  1. Cadu TX: 43 points
  2. Menser: 40 points
  3. Ceaușescu: 18 points
  4. Guiomar: 18 points
  5. Guto: 15 points
  6. Augois: 12 points
  7. Frère: 12 points
  8. Riosnal: 10 points
  9. Ionas: 8 points

Constructors' Championship standings

  1. Biruleiby: 58 points
  2. Lautus Perambulo: 52 points
  3. Typhoon: 26 points
  4. AF Racing: 22 points
  5. LADA Fulger: 18 points

Still, Cadu TX's raw speed remains. While the teams and organisation behind Formula One continued to discuss how to make the cars faster and more exciting, Cadu TX set the fastest qualifying lap ever on the track in Afropa on Saturday. Just two years after the new, hybrid engine formula was introduced to replace the normally aspirated V8 engines of the past, the V6 hybrid cars are already faster than any of their predecessors.

In total, 3 of the 10 cars failed to finish the race, with technical problems.

"I'm just taking it race by race," said Cadu TX. "It is a good moment because we have a good car, and I'm just trying to make the most of it."

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      The KSP's seal is shown on the broadcast, the national anthem is played, and it fades to black.
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      The 2018 UENA World Cup will be the 3rd round of the international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of the member associations of UENA. It is scheduled to take place in Orioni from June to July 2018. This will be the first World Cup held in Orioni.
      The tournament will involve 16 national teams, which include 15 teams determined through qualifying competitions and the automatically qualified host team. A total of 31 matches will be played at venues located in 14 cities. The opening match will take place on June 14th at the Zuidmax Stadium in Zuidhaven. The final will take place on July 14th at the New National Stadium in O'polis.
      The choice for official World Cup anthem was made by the Andro Academy of Fine Arts. From half a dozen nomitions, the preference went to L'Été Oriental by Baloji, a musician-refugee from the war-torn nation of Afropa.
      Participants (A-Z)
      With regional qualifications started in March 2018, the current and final roster includes the following 16 nations:
      Adaptus (team) Asgeirria (team) Cristina (team) Derthalen (team) Eurofuhrer, The Fulgistan (team) Gallambria (team) Iverica (team) Mauridiviah (team) Morheim Orioni (team) Prymont (team) Selayar (team) Shffahkia (team) Sunset Sea Islands (team) Variota (team) Group of 16
      The draw for the final tournament will take place on June 13th at the Palace of Arts in Andro, Orioni. The hour-long ceremony will be hosted by Atalan Phoenike and Debora Bozena, television presenters from the host country.
      Group A : Orioni (host), Derthalen, Shffahkia, Variota Group B : Adaptus, Fulgistan, Iverica, Selayar Group C : Asgeirria, The_Eurofuhrer, Gallambria, Mauridiviah Group D : Cristina, Morheim, Prymont, Sunset Sea Islands
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      The teams finishing in the top two positions in each of the four groups progress to the quarter-finals, while the bottom two teams are eliminated from the tournament. Tiebreaker rules will apply.
      First matches
      Group A match 1: Orioni v Derthalen (June 14 in Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven) Group A match 2: Shffahkia v Variota (June 15 in Vega Big Arch, Vega) Group B match 1: Adaptus v Fulgistan (June 16 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Group B match 2: Iverica v Selayar (June 17 in Azadi Stadium, Perseus) Group C match 1: Asgeirria v The_Eurofuhrer (June 18 in CCC Arena, Corona Borealis) Group C match 2: Gallambria v Mauridiviah (June 19 in Siena Fleet Park, Cygnus) Group D match 1: Cristina v Morheim (June 20 in Andro Arena, Andro ) Group D match 2: Prymont v Sunset Sea Islands (June 21 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Second matches
      Group A match 3: Orioni v Shffahkia (June 22 in Green Stadium, Gruis) Group A match 4: Derthalen v Variota (June 23 in New National Stadium, O'polis) Group B match 3: Adaptus v Iverica (June 24 in Pontus Athletic Stadium, Pontus) Group B match 4: Fulgistan v Selayar (June 25 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Group C match 3: Asgeirria v Gallambria (June 26 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Group C match 4: The_Eurofuhrer v Mauridiviah (June 27 in CCC Arena, Corona Borealis) Group D match 3: Cristina v Prymont (June 28 in Oris City Stadium, Oris) Group D match 4: Morheim v Sunset Sea Islands (June 29 in Andro Arena, Andro) Third matches
      Group A match 5: Orioni v Variota (June 30 in Vega Big Arch, Vega) Group A match 6: Derthalen v Shffahkia (June 30 in Green Stadium, Gruis) Group B match 5: Adaptus v Selayar (July 1 in Azadi Stadium, Perseus) Group B match 6: Fulgistan v Iverica (July 1 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Group C match 5: Asgeirria v Mauridiviah (July 2 in Siena Fleet Park, Cygnus) Group C match 6: The_Eurofuhrer v Gallambria (July 2 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Group D match 5: Cristina v Sunset Sea Islands (July 3 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Group D match 6: Prymont v Morheim (July 3 in Oris City Stadium, Oris) Knockout Phase
      In the knockout phase, extra time and a penalty shoot-out are used to decide the winner if necessary.
      Quarter-final 1 Variata (group A winner) v Cristina (group D runner-up) (July 6 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Quarter-final 2 Selayar (group B winner) v Gallambria (group C runner-up) (July 6 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Quarter-final 3 Asgeirria (group C winner) v Iverica (group B runner-up) (July 7 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Quarter-final 4 Sunset Sea Islands (group D winner) v Derthalen (group A runner-up) (July 7 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Semi-finals
      Semi-final 1 Variota (QF1 winner) v Gallambria (QF2 winner) (July 10 in Andro Arena, Andro) Semi-final 2 (QF3 winner) v (QF4 winner) (July 11 in Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven) Final
      Third place play-off Gallambria (SF1 loser) v Iverica (SF2 loser) (July 14 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Final semi-final 1 Variota (SF1 winner) v Sunset Sea Islands (SF2 winner) (July 15 in New National Stadium, O'polis) Game Mechanics
      The OOC signup topic can be consulted here. http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=4701
      Room for reply
      As host and game master for this RP, I will be generating random match results with the FIFA Football Match Generator. I will copypaste the results in this topic. Each match will be generated only once so the results are random. After the results are posted, each participant in the match is welcome to RP the story of their team. I will leave 2 days or 48 hours for you to reply with an RP story. This is not an obligation, but will earn you the advantage of a "second chance".
      Gain a higher chance of winning
      Players who reply with RP a story of at least 300 words will be awarded a "second chance" in the next match, meaning: I will generate two match results. This feature serves to reward active participation.
      One RP player. Should one of these two results be in favour of the player who RP'ed the story of their last match, then the favourable result will be chosen. Should a "second chance" deliver two bad results for the player who RP'd, then the result that is least negative for their side is chosen. Two RP players. This "second chance" is ignored if both players RP'd their last match.
    • By Sayf
      The Eurth Rally series a competitive series where manufacturers and drivers represent their countries in a cross-country race that tests the endurance, capability, and agility of both driver's and their cars. In the winter, drivers face off going both offroad and on the street through over 3,000 miles in Alharu, and in the Summer, they do the same through Argis.
      How to enter your car and driver:
      To enter, submit the following application below:
      Driver, Age, Gender: 
      Co-Driver, Age, Gender
      Car Make, Model, and Year: 
      Real Life Equivalent:
      Make sure to check with everybody to make sure that no one has claimed the real life manufacturer you're using.
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