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République Démocratique d'Afropa

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  • Asimbas forest
  • Cuvette City, district of Dieudonné
  • Dieudonné, capital city
  • Hawamas, northern city
  • Lac Lamartine, central lake
  • Parc National d'Afropa
  • Port Royal, second largest city, along the coast in the province of Porte-Noire
  • Rivdonu Baie, town 200km east of Port-Noire
  • Université de Dieudonné, national university

Political characters

  • Charles CHOCOLAT, Europan Nations Origanisation Special Representative for Afropa
  • Jules César JAJO, army chief
  • Georges GRENOUILLE, ambassador to Magnaeus
  • Dr Tim MURITHI, secretary of state
  • Pierre PANZA, président of Afropa

Non-political characters

  • Bishop Albert AMATA, a Roman Catholic leader
  • Franq FROPE, C.O.O. for Save the Elephants
  • Guillaume GONZO, the director of the Afropan Center for Human Rights
  • Dr. Jared M. JEBATEN, from the University of Dieudonné
  • Jean-Baptiste TSONGA, cyclist


  • Afropan Center for Human Rights
  • Contras, right-wing rebels
  • Daallo Airlines
  • Greenpeace
  • L'Afropa Quotidien, newspaper
  • Mouvement National pour la Liberation d'Afropa (MNLA)
  • Order of Violet
  • Roman Catholic church
  • Save the Elephants, a prominent wildlife organisation
  • Violetist Liberation Army (V.L.A.)
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