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Capabilities of the Space Agencies

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Many nations are engaged in activities related to outer space and space exploration.

The capabilities of these nations are not always equal.

The capabilities can be classified according to the following incremental scale of complexity.

Each tier on the scale includes all of the previous tier capabilities as well.

  1. No space activities
  2. Operates Satellites
  3. Launch Capability
  4. Operates Extraterrestrial Probes
  5. Manned Space Flight (beyond this point, multinational alliances only)
  6. Unmanned Lunar Exploration
  7. Operates Space Station
  8. Manned Lunar Exploration
  9. Unmanned Martian Exploration
  10. Manned Martian Exploration

Source: List of government space agencies (Wikipedia)

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At every possibility with those issues presented I opt for the most space faring option that does not involve weapons (I remember one about building giant space lazers), so I guess that places Jilderen in the Lunar Exploration category? I've posted about a Jilder Space Station, so that's out there for sure.


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I missed this topic when it was first posted.

I did back a few years ago when there was a pretty serious arms race in Europa, roleplay Adaptus having a pretty active space programme. The Adapton Space Institute as it was called, operated a space station and even at one point space weapon platforms, in the form of the well Roleplayed Railgun arch that occurred a good few years ago now. Which of course was eventually disbanded.

But later on I added a second Space Station, along with a branch of the military even armed 'space marines' in the form of force protection troops for the military branch of the space programme, as well as two fully fledged dedicated spacecraft for 'exploration' purposes. Although no manned lunar operations took place. So I guess that would put us in the second category.

Not sure how much of that will exist in my revised Adaptus though.

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