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[OOC] In search for Adlantis

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Something I PM'd to Adaptus yesterday. We jump into the time-machine for a historical RP about the lost civilisation of Adlantis. smile.gif I thought that could be fun, since he also claimed to have a city called 'Adthens'.

Now the questions is: how far back in time will we go:

  1. RP it in classical time itself?
  2. Go pre-modern and do something like Indiana Jones?
  3. Something completely different?
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I like this!

Obviously, Adaptus is heavily based on Ancient Greece, so Adlantis fits right in. We could - if participants willing - do a semi-historic, semi-fantasy RP based on Greek mythology and the lost city of Adlantis?

Nothing too over the top, but a collection of characters based on ancient Greek mythology like Perseus, Hercules, Achilles, travelling around the Occident in search of it? Maybe coming into contact with each other along the way?

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Place it far enough in the past and anything becomes semi-fantasy. Gods and beasts and immortal beings. We can always blame misinterpretation of ancient texts by modern scholars.

Not sure it Adlantis would be just a city or an entire civilisation. Doesn't really need to be predefined. We can make it up as we go along. I'm ok with placing this in the Ooccident. Don't really need a map.

As for characters, I prefer creating our own ones. These can, of course, be based on RL examples, but if anything they should have original names. For example:

  • Adax instead of Ajax
  • Adthena instead of Athena
  • Adysseus instead of Odysseus
  • Euros instead of Zeus
  • Jiliad instead of Iliad
  • Suphrodite instead of Aphrodite
  • Suverilles instead of Achilles
  • Osiri instead of Isis/Osiris
  • Oseidon instead of Poseidon
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This could work really well.

I think defining Adlantis as a civilisation, spanning an island with a city, and maybe territory across the Occident?

Adlantis could be an enemy that all of our heroes united to try and defeat. Which results, int he Gods stepping in to sink it into the sea upon its defeat (or victory?)

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Would love to get Tagmatium on board with this. If anyone knows the classical era, it surely is Mr. Silchester himself.

  • Jilodysos instead of Dionysos
  • Miira instead of Hera
  • Miires instead of Ares
  • Miirmes instead of Hermes
  • Miirtemis instead of Artemis
  • Taglassa instead of Thalassa
  • Tagneas instead of Aeneas
  • Tagpollo instead of Apollo
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Ok, so I've penned a concept for the RP. Work in progress and I would like some input from those who'd like to take part.

The roleplay will take place in a semi-fantasy semi-history setting in ancient Europa. Because of that nature, I don't expect this RP to be Europa Canon, but more so the basis for future mythology.

The initial outlay of the RP will be heavily influenced by Greek Mythology, but the direction will be 100% our own making. There will also be very much a dungeons and dragons element to this in terms of how the RP will play out. And in order to make that work without overreaching, I had the idea of adding a framework for some elements, for example, fighting. Where it can be difficult to construct a concise structure. So here it goes.


The RP will take place in Ancient Adaptus. While no such state of Adaptus actually exists, the area as a whole is known as Adaptus. In terms of geopolitical entities, there exists four city states, and one loose collective civilisation. I've added a map below to illustrate. And forgive me for taking liberties with plots I don't own.

As you can see the five states are:
  • Phalkia - A civilisation based on the Minoans. Slightly mysterious and full of legend.
  • Atulia - Am authoritarian State loosely based on Sparta, without the extreme militarism.
  • Thessapolis - A democratic state based on Athens.
  • Bonesis - A small Kingdom based on ancient Macedonia
  • Causicrus - A Small tribal confederacy based on Thrace/Dacia.

And finally, there exists, where the star lies, the Lost City of Adlantis. Now I didn't visualise Adlantis because the nature of the island, as you'll see is very mythological. Therefore it's fair to say this island can become anything, limited only by our imagination.

At this time, there have been no major empires in Europa, and much of this time period is still very tribal in nature. Which is why this is very steeped in mythology. This also means the 5 political entities, 6 if you include Adlantis may not be the only civilisations in the area. It's possible there are other tribes and peoples to be encountered in the RP.


So here is the general idea behind the story.

The region of Europa known as Adaptus is in turmoil. Relations and hegemonies between the states have broken down. Atulia is at war with Thessapolis, and Bonesis is constantly fighting off incursions from the Causicrussian tribes. While those in Phalkia are falling into a state of extreme hedonism. Becoming ever increasingly unhinged with the world.

As a result of the mass turmoil across the region, religious worship has dwindled. And as such, the power of the Olympian Gods has receded. For the sake of ease. I am taking the gods directly from Greek Mythology. We can adapt them into our own later down the line if we please. However for now, for the sake of simplicity, I'll use the current crop of Greek gods, from their Mythology.

In this time, for Gods to keep their power they require people to worship them, however during this time of strife, Adaptons are not worshipping their gods. As a result, the Olympian Gods have suffered largely. Taking advantage of this, the former Gods, the Titans have freed themselves from their entrapment. The Titans, being born of the earth, do not require worshippers to feed their power.

Prior to the existence of humanity. In 'Adapton' mythology, there existed a highly advanced civilisation known as Adlantis. Adlantis was created by the Titans, as their crowning achievement. A civilisation made up of highly advanced, almost ethereal beings, was a timeless utopia. When the Olympian Gods rebelled against the Titans (I.E the Titanomachy in Greek mythology.) they wrestled control from the Titans, and usurped the earth. Upon doing so, they took Adlantis, and cast it into the sea. Purging the great utopia forever. And in it's placed they created humanity. Their own crown jewel.

Upon the resurgence of the Titans, and the weak state of the Olympians. The Titans have taken it upon themselves to raise Adlantis from the sea. In doing so creating a threat to all of humanity. The Titans, having influenced the Adlantians, and are raising them as an army, to conquer the earth in the name of the Titans, and in doing so, extinguish humanity.

In their weakened state, the Olympians know they can not face the Titans themselves, as they will lose. So hiding away in the mountains in east Adaptus they devise a plan to stop the Titans.

The Olympians decide to collect the best warriors and heroes from across the earth together, bestow upon them gifts in order to help them. And then send them on a quest to find Adlantis and defeat the Titans. Encountering many mysteries and side adventures along the way.

This is where you come in. RPers are to create their hero (or heroes) to fight in the name of the Olympians. They can be from any culture or background. They can be mighty warriors, cunning thieves, nobles, religious figures, or even skilled seductresses. That's up to you.

But together they will travel through the heart of a troubled Adaptus, take to the sea, and sail for Adlantis.

Roleplay Mechanics

Now because this may become somewhat complicated in terms of scope. I thought I'd throw out the idea of perhaps introducing some mechanics to help the RP flow better and to avoid it becoming stale.

Firstly. An informal GM: Or rather a group conscious GM mentality. What I mean by this is after every 'phase' of the adventure there is a clear OOC narrative agreed on and then pursued next. Or something like a rotation for a Game Master for each encounter, or leg of the RP, to champion the narrative for that section of the play. If that makes sense?

Secondly, is fighting. Playing as multiple characters, which could possibly be up against singular or few opponents. I had the idea of perhaps introducing a turn-based element to fighting encounters. Where one person posts their attack, the current GM posts a retaliation, and then the next participant takes their attack, with the GM RPing the retaliation and so on and so on.

Of course, these are just thoughts I had that may help. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

But yeah, that's the general idea I have so far. Whats the consensus?

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Very well. This all sounds very straightforward. I am ok with your use of Greek mythology. As a scholar of history, I am familiar with this pantheon, amongst others. Plus when I was a kid we had 'Hercules' on television so.

Character. At first thought, I am thinking of playing either an old or a young trader from the oriental Orioni. Not much the hero, rather someone who is more persuasive than strong. With permission, there will also be some jokes here and there.

Story. You seem to have a pretty good idea of where you want to take this. I prefer not to read too many spoilers.

RP mechanics. This one seems pretty easy. I learn by example, so this one is really all up to you. I'll see how you play it. Feel free to steer my attempts in the right direction.

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On 04/02/2016 at 10:23 PM, Orioni said:

Would love to get Tagmatium on board with this. If anyone knows the classical era, it surely is Mr. Silchester himself.

I'm afraid I'm definitely not someone to ask about the Classics or the Classical era.

I'm pretty good at the Byzantines and other bits and pieces of medieval history but I'm pretty fuzzy on most other things.

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12 hours ago, Tagmatium Rules said:

I'm afraid I'm definitely not someone to ask about the Classics or the Classical era.

I'm pretty good at the Byzantines and other bits and pieces of medieval history but I'm pretty fuzzy on most other things.

Surely all you need to be qualified in Classical Antiquity is to watch Disney's Hercules.ย 

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Excellent work @Orioni.

I have a rough bit of back story to do to set the scene on this. But the story is set to follow the above structure loosely.ย 

As stated above, this is going to take place somewhat like a play through of Dungeons and Dragons. Albeit, a bit more flexible, and more creative. This is open for submitting applications to join. There is no limit on the number of characters involved. I'll be RPing as Adysseus, and somewhat as a GM. Both as a means to mainly direct the flow of the story.ย 

Your characters can be of any nationality, race, and background. We will fit them in, the more diverse the better. This is mythological so we can take a bit of leeway. The above story may change somewhat, because I think I have a better approach to it in mind.ย 

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