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Hello from Afropa

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I must say this is a lot slower than CN. Don't get me wrong. Slow is a good thing. No more pressure to be only at a set time to click on the attack button. A lot less coordination for resource trade, tech deals or other nonsense. I don't really have time for that anyway.


Europa certainly is interesting. You seem to know each other rather well already. As a noob I find this is a little intimidating. You should look into how you can reduce this angst.

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Oh, by all means, jump aboard, even if it is for comments only.

As I'm your closest neighbour (and I've got tons of time left at work), send me a PM if you got an RP idea you want to work on. A small clash of our navies, an airplane crash somewhere, an official diplomatic visit, whatever. Let me know so we can orchestrate something.

Or just start something and others will join.

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