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Royal and Imperial Declaration!

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"Who's in favour?"


All in the Ducal Chamber stood up to show their support for the proposed bill. It had been a long time since they had been in agreeance, let alone in such unison. With a the ultimate majority of the votes, it was so: the Grand Duke had been elevated to Archduke. With a surprisingly simple statement it was made known to the world, the first political statement made by the nation in several years. It revealed nothing as to the reason why that nation had kept silent for so long.


TO: All nations of Europa

FROM: The Archduchy of Jilderen


Let it forthwith be known that the Grand Duke of Jilderen, Xallander, shall henceforth be known as Archduke Xallander I of Jilderen as a token of gratitude for all that he did for his nation. All styles will be changed accordingly.


Proclaimed by the people,


On behalf of the Archduke,

the Imperial Counsellor

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The announcement came rather unexpected, even for an experienced ambassador as Mr Dupont. As representative of the Orioni government to Jilderen since 2011, he considered himself a well-informed man. Apparently, that was not the case, to the equal surprise of his secretary Mr Dupond. Then again, you could never really tell what with all this media cacophony.

"Can you believe this, Dupont?", the ambassador asked, "The bloody Grand Duke has gone and restyled himself as an Archduke now."

"To be precise: he has gone and restyled himself," his secretary chimed in.

Dupont and Dupond worked in unison to present a congratulatory statement. Approval from the Motherland was quickly dealt with over the phone; one of the perks of working for an insomniac like Sir Pipkin.

TO: The Archduchy of Jilderen

Well wishes to you. Let me be the first to congratulate your highness on this proud and glorious occasion. Long live HRH. Archduke Xallander I.

On behalf of Her Imperial Grace, I extend the goodwill and friendship from the good people of Orioni. May the good sun bless you with its prosperous light and make fertile the great nation that is the Archduchy.

Marcel Dupont
Ambassador to Jilderen
The Beautiful Empire of Orioni

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Archduke, yuck! Just saying the title makes me feel like a filthy traitor to the Revolution. But I guess we have to get used to it, Comrade. Even if we've been indoctrinated for years to hate everything associated with the pre-revolutionary days, back when our nation was the Archduchy of Suverina. How fondly I remember those weeks in 1990. Have I told you that I was there on the Chisinau square and took part in the storming of the parliament?

The ambassador's eyes were starting to look dreamy and nostalgic, just as he was interrupted by his aid:

Yes, yes you have. More times than I'd care to count, Comrade.

Oh... Sorry. Of course, of course, naturally I've told you a couple of times... But speaking about this title change, what's the weird deal with them styling everything as "imperial", what odd traditions do the Jilders have? In the rest of Europa, imperial is something related to an empire and archducal something related to an archduchy. Such an oddity. Different cultures different customs and traditions I guess. But on a more serious note, have we been told how the Archduke styles himself? Is it His Archducal Highness, His Royal Highness or His Imperial Highness?

No, I actually don't think they have, I guess we'll have to find out, we don't want to embarass ourselves.


OOC: Would be nice to know what style of address to use. *Nudge, nudge*

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