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Crisis in Tamurin


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Just about half an hour after President Granger announced that peace-keeping forces would leave for the Cenepa islands, an enormous explosion nearly destroyed the Parliament. Fire spread on surrounding buildings.


First reports indicate hundrets of dead and even more wounded. At the moment of the explosion, the President, all ministers and nearly all members of the parliament were inside the building. If anyone of them survived is not certain.


It is also totally unclear, who is responsible for this attack.


Alaghons mayor Jonathan Hartman has declared the state of emergency and mobilized the army into the city.


We will keep you informed if anything new comes up.


user posted image


The burning parliament

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Orioni is shocked. Many people can't believe that someone would attack a government institution. "Aren't those people being treated right?", ask a small boy in front of a newscamera. The Orioni Government has released a statement saying they are willing to send medics to Alaghon.

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Phil IV is saddened by the unfortunate turn of events, but is also worried about the state of Tamurins security if a bomb can be set off only half an hour after the controversial decision.


This new state of highly organised terrorism is a scary thought, but it appears to be more and more apparent in todyas world that terrorists are incresingly organised and ingenious in their attacks.

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Might this have anything to do with the drugtrafficants of the Cenape Islands not wanting our presence? Possibly. They may have chosen a smaller nation to give us a warning. OP (Orioni Police) and OSS (Orioni Secret Service) have been put on high alert, there might be more attacks to follow..

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Para-military units have begun firing on Tamurin police forces. STOP

Widespread street fighting in Alaghon. STOP

Mayor talks of uprising within the nation. Embassies should close, personal should get out asap! STOP

Still no word from the President or the Parliament. STOP


user posted image


Only image from the centre of Alaghon


TV station shutting down; under artillery fire. Will send news when possible.

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The embassy of Orioni has been secured. All Orioni nationals are to contact the embassy. Those who wish to leave the country will receive help.


Orioni is preparing the 5th Reserve. At Tamurin's request, we will transport them to Alaghon. We request that our good neighbour Phil IV let us pass through his country, in order to get to Alaghon as fast as posssible. We will bring riotgear and medication.

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Phil IV is extremely worried about the recent developments in Tamurin, the Philian Embassy has been prepared for evacuation, and the choppers started shipping people out a few minites ago.


Phil IV has opened its boaders to Orioni immedietly to allow them to send aid, Phil IV has little standing army, but they are preparing to secure the boaders from these apparent terrorists.


King Phil IV calls for the terrorists themselves to state their aims in the country ofTamurin, and we hope that there is a peacful solution to the whole affair.

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Argenian Government is very worried. The Prime Minister put up the alarm in CONDEF 4 and send the 16th Infantry Division to protect the Embassy of Tamurin in Nueva Buenos Aires.

The Argenian people is very worried and a lots of people think Ekaniak's people could be unsatifacted with the treat of Cenepa Islands and make thinks as this.


Argenian Government offers to Tamurin all the help that they could need.

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Byzantine Embassy has been barricaded and the soldiers securing the Embassy have led the civilian personnel to the bunker below the building. All citizens of empire in country are to contact the Embassy immediately. Battleship Mikael has set course towards Alaghon to evacuate embassy immediately and offer its marine detachment as fast reaction troops if needed.


Byzantine Empire has ordered the 1st Carrier fleet to travel to Alaghon if need be and if remaining Tamurian authorities allow it. Additionally the "Anti-rebel" 3rd Mountain division has been activated and alarmed.

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Several of the Mongol-Swede commando cells stationed on the Mongol-Swede Embassy in Tamurin have secured the compound. The Tribal Tribunal issues an offer to the Tamurinans, as a part of its commitment to aiding the pro-socialist government, to aid in combating the terrorism that has recently gripped the Tamurinian nation.


Further, the proud citizens of the Mongol-Swede tribelands that are currently visting here should immediately report to the embassy for evacuation.

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After hearing news of these happenings, the nation of Niederoestereich has offered condolences to the families of those killed, and has taken immediate steps to

strengthen sercuity around landmarks, industrial and political centers. All ports and

military bases are locked down.


The defence force has been raised to a higher warning state ready to act.


The people of Niederoestereich offer support to Tamurin, and hopes that this situation will be resolved quickly with as little bloodshed as possible

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We share in the sorrow of Tamurin at this terrible turn of events. At the same time we condem in the strongest possible words the actions that a group of individuals has resorted to. Under no cirumstances are such actions acceptable.


Meteorola has issued a travel ban on Tamurin. All government personel are currently being airlifted out. All Meteorolan citizens are told to evacuate immediately. As is our policy regarding international affairs, we will send no military to Tamurin- however we will open our borders to persons seeking refuge from the growing insurgancy.


We formally request that Tarium withdraw the forces it has commited to the Dew Point Accords. It is the opinion of Meteorola that these forces are not crucial, and that Tamurin's forces are needed at home. We ask that other nations fill the need- and that only in a major emergency will Meteorla send its military abroad.

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We formally request that Tarium withdraw the forces it has commited to the Dew Point Accords.  It is the opinion of Meteorola that these forces are not crucial, and that Tamurin's forces are needed at home. We ask that other nations fill the need- and that only in a major emergency will Meteorla send its military abroad.

Orioni has already made such a proposal yesterday. You can read it here: http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.ph...dpost&p=2055044

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In a large house outside of Alaghon...


"It is done, my Lord!" said the young man. "We've wiped out the government and the parliament. Our troops have overrun several army barracks and air force bases. The victory is ours."


His voice was filled with enthusiasm. Just like he himself sounded when he was young and listening to the stories of his great-grandfather.


"Son, this is no victory." he said calm. "This is just the beginning."


He stood up and looked around. His villa showed his wealth in a very direct way. Floors made of marble; walls decorated with fine pieces of art. Golden lamps. Dishes made of silver. And the look outside: Downhill on his many acres of land. Wealth as much as he wanted. There was just one thing missing.


"Power, son." he continued. "This is a battle for power. And it just begun. Do you think, the republicans will just stand down and surrender?" He fake-laughed. "No, son. They didn't do it 90 years ago, they won't do it now. It took more than ten years to build up our forces in the dark, to arm and train them. The League didn't do this to strike once. If we want to succeed, we have to go all the way through...all the way..."


The young man waited a few moments. Then he asked: "What do you mean, my Lord?"


He turned around and looked into the young mans eyes. "You'll see." He nodded. "You'll see, son. It'll take time and blood until the Republic of Tamurin will be history and the League will be in charge again."


He turned around and looked out again. "Much blood, before my family will be in charge again." He was smiling when he saw the burning Alaghon, the fleeing choppers and heard the sound of artillery. "Yes, you damn Republicans. Flee, as long as you can. This is our revenge for your revolution; and this time we will WIN!"





Mayor Hartman recalling troops for Cenepa Islands. Orders to support government troops. STOP

Terrorists and unknown para-military troops have overrun several army barracks and air force bases. Must have had support from within the police forces and the military. STOP

Reports coming in, that some units of police and military have defected to the enemy. STOP

Still no word from the President or the Parliament members. Mayor Hartman has assumed command. STOP

Since 0800 he has declared martial law. STOP

Smaller uprisings in Hlondeth and Arrabar have been dealt with. Contact to several regions in the North and the East lost. STOP

Reservists are ordered to report to their units. STOP

Still heavy fighting in Alaghon. Possibly 1000 dead at this moment. STOP


user posted image


Heavy artillery fire around Alaghon



--- Message to all concerning nations ---


From: Tamurin delegation at Dew Point


Communication to our home has been difficult, but we were able to make contact to Hlondeth and we received some orders from Mayor Hartman.


The delegation at Dew Point will be the voice of Tamurin in Europa, because we are best equipped. For the time being we will coordinate all Tamurin embassies.


The Mayor asked me to thank the nations of Orioni, Phil IV, Argenland, Byzantinum Nova, Mongol-Swedes, Kant and Meteorola for all they are offering and doing. But at this moment it would be unwise to act hastily for we don't know exactly who we are fighting, what they want and where they are.

We recommend that all European forces head to Arrabar or Hlondeth. Alaghon Air Port is under heavy fire and we lost contact to our regions in the north and the east, so we have to assume, that the terrorists are controlling the borders there and will open fire on any troops that are about to assist us.


We ask all nations to help defend our embassies in your countries.


We recommend that you evacuate your people through the harbours of Arrabar and Hlondeth. Also, Arrabar Civil Airport will be open for transport aircrafts of your countries.


I would like to close this announcement with a quote from Mayor Hartman in Alaghon:

"Wish us luck; we're gonna need it - a LOT of it."

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Orioni Secret Service has provided a map of Tamurin. We would like to request that Tamurin edit this map to present a detailed picture of what is happening. That way I believe it would be easier for the other nations to co?rdinate their actions.


user posted image

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From: Voice of Tamurin at Dew Point

To: Orioni

Re: Thanks


user posted image





Enemies have taken control of the center of Alaghon STOP

Loyal troops massing around Arrabar and Hlondeth STOP

Mayor Hartman retreating to Hlondeth STOP

Enemy still unknown STOP

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Meteorola has dispatched every availible navy ship to the port cities in hopes of getting innocent civils fleeing the violence out of Tamurin. Commerical ships, whom have thier home port in a Meteorolan city, are being asked to do the same.


Can the Tamurin government (or its remains) give any more information beyond that availible to the news media? We wish to save as many lives of its citizens as possible.

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Argenian Government has authorized the mobilization of the 3rd National Fleet to Arrabar's outside if they solicite support.


The 3rd National Fleet is formed by a Carrier, 2 Battleships and 4 Destroyers.


The 3rd National Fleet, in this event, will transport the 8th and 9th Condors Division (Elite's Divisions, like Rangers for USA) for the reforce of the Argenian Embassy in Alaghon and possibly evacuation.

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--- Announcement of the Dew Point Delegation ---


I asked for information concerning refugees. I pass on the answer I got:


"Refugees are moving out of Alaghon along the main streets to Arrabar and Hlondeth. There are no refugees from the regions we've lost contact with. Although our scout-groups have met heavy resistance along the borders of these regions.


The refugees need medical supplies, food, cloth and shelter. At the moment, the local authorities in Hlondeth and Arrabar manage, but in a couple of days and regarding that it's winter the situation will be much worse.


I ask the mayors of Arrabar and Hlondeth to make room for the refugees and organize cloth, food and medical supply as much as possible.


Field Marshall Markus von Steinburg, Chief of Staff"






First airstrikes by government troops against rebels. Bombs fell in centre of Alaghon. Anti-Aircraft-Fire with missiles and guns.


user posted image


Heavy fighter-bomber F-111 of the Tamurin Luftwaffe

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The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes is preparing it's Mongol-Swede Shipping Company(All industry is owned by the government, naturally) to distribute several thousand tons of the tribelands' surplus medicial supplies and non-perishable foods at both Arrabar and Hlondeth.


Along with humanitarian aid one merchantmen vessel will be marked as a military ship, carrying 50 of our ten-man commando cells to aid the Tamurinian government in any recon operations in contested border regions with the paramilitary forces.


The Mongol-Swede embassy at the outskirts of Alaghon has reported that it is still holding out with veritable success and will continue to send regular reports.

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After a major debate in the Niederoestereich paraliment, a decision has been made to despatch a fleet of armed ships along with a hospital vessel to the coastline of Tamurin. The fleet will consist of the ships:


RNHS Nightingale

RNS Arunta

RNS Advance

RNS Hotspur


We advise that all serious injures be sent to the Nightingale as soon, as the fleet is with-in range. Civilian and Military


user posted image

Niederoestereichs Fleet leaving the heads at Wirraway



Hon. H. Throssell

Minister for Defence

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Battleship Mikael arrived in coast of Tamurin. It was in full alert. As soon as the ship arrived in harbor of Arrabar two Orion-transport helicopters and one Apollo attack copter took off and headed to the remains of Alaghon.


Meanwhile 1st Carrier fleet set course to Arrabar.


In Konstantinopoli The Emperor agreed to set hundred Imperial Guards to keep the embassy of Tamurin safe.

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Suddenly, the messages from the government troops in Alaghon go silent and another, much stronger signal is received on the same frequency


--- Announcement ---


This is the Imperial Network News. We are broadcasting from a location in the free Tamurin, ruled by the Tamurin Imperial League under the wise leadership of First Lord Lance Warren.


We officially announce, that the republican government is crushed. The period, in which Tamurin was weakened by this republian scum, is over.


We now go live to the centre of Alaghon:


Picture switches to the centre of Alaghon; you can see many destroyed trucks and tanks with the official markings of the republican government; in the back you can see the "House of Unity". At the top of it, an unknown flag is put into place. In the front you can see a reporter with a mid-aged man in a highly decorated uniform.


"Field Marshall Lord James Mason, what is the current situation in Alaghon?"


"We control most of the city now. Just some outer zones are still held by republican troops, but they are now under heavy artillery fire and I think, we'll free them within the day."


"How will the war continue?"


"This ain't a war, son, this is a campaign to free Tamurin. We have very powerful forces that are moving into position and will begin to strike any time now. And YOU..." he is looking into the camera "...you european guys, DO NOT INTERFERE. This is an internal conflict and has NOTHING to do with you. We are now in charge here and we DO NOT WANT YOU HERE, got that?"


Picture changing back to the news speaker


The Imperial League wants to thank all the individuals, who infiltrated the ministries and the military and helped us to free Tamurin. You will be rewarded greatly!


We are also proud to say that 7 of the 24 F-111 bombers of the republican Luftwaffe were shot down over Alaghon this night."



--- Message from the republican government in Hlondeth ---


Imperials were the enemy in the civil war 1903-1911 STOP

Are not elected and not the official representatives of Tamurin people STOP

We ask european governments not to answer imperials STOP

Reports from zones under imperial control indicate mass executions and imprisonments STOP

We are moving to army headquarters and will be able to communicate properly within two days STOP


Mayor Hartman

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