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The Psychotic Dictatorship of Rennd

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National Wonder(s)


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Great Asnahird Wall


Place Constructed: 100 miles northwest of Onyx.


Existed: It was completed in 47 AD




This wall was commanded to be built by Emperor Yvalner II and named after his wife Asnahird. It was built by 700,000 men and took a total of 3 years for its completion. The wall was built after the invasion of Humnorix the Reand barbarian warlord. The invasions failed on many occasions. They begun in 15AD and had never really stopped since then. The campaign for the conquering of "Vald" - (what rennd was known as before the invasion) was started by Humnorix's grandfather, Dcaic. In AD 44 the emperor was tired of the barbarian tribes to the north trying to conquer his lands. He ordered the construction of the wall to halt their advance. Eventually Humnorix gave up. It is this wall which celebrates the triumph of the emperor in stopping the invasion although approximately 150 years later in AD 164, Reand footsoilders stormed in, battering the wall through. After a bloody battle the emperor was overthrown and reand troops looted and raped in the streets. And it is from the Reand tribe that rennd was born.




Only parts of the wall are left. What stretched for 375 miles is now been reduced to just 190 because of erosion and the invading reands.

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