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The Queendom of Floxivid

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General Information on Floxivid


Population: Celtic English. - Nationalized as Floxividians. There are few foreigners.


Languages: Celtic and English


Government Type: Monarchy


Currency: The Monet (not sure of the exchange rate lol)


Capital City: Kintyrese


Largest City: Cathairane


Port Cities with Money Exchange Offices: Illiunov, Cathairane, Kintyrese,

Murre Nab


Other Points of Interest:

Candelia Castle located within the lush forests of inland Kintyrese


Gloreen University of Applied Science and Arts located in the foothills of the

Rollendes just N of Candelia Castle.


Law and Order is upheld by The Order of the Phoenix, a paramilitary/military group. Their main complex can be found in the Whistling

Plains south of their training grounds at Bally.


Grand Phoenix Order location: Bally (The Whistling Plains)

Golden Phoenix Order location: Kintyrese NE of the capital city.

Silver Phoenix Order location: The large port town of Cathairane

Crimson Phoenix Order location: along the shoreline SE of Murre Nab.

Other Locations: Smaller, yet still efficient complexes are located throughout the land.


Terrorist groups known to be in the area: The Monks of Velsignede Sted who have a fortress hidden within the Rollende Mountains.


Largest Lake: Uhyrevann centered in between Uhrye And Bally


People of note:


Queen Spaigne Grand Candelia - Queen/Ruler

Jardin LeNoir Candelia - Son of the Queen/Heir of the Throne

Maximov LeNoir - Governer General

Garelig Grand - Prime Minister

Count Palentine Gunthar Sigismondo: Leader of the Phoenix Order - Minister of Defense

George Isengar - Minister of Mining and Agriculture

Leonora Ross - Minister of Health and Welfare

Marilynn Swithin = Minister of Foreign Affairs - Diplomat/Ambassador

Leonardo Sigismondo - Minister of the Treasury

Golden Duke Ramsden Swithin - Golden Phoenix Order Leader

Silver Duke Sebastian Polyxena - Silver Phoenix Order Leader

Crimson Duke Rilez Lerramaine - Crimson Phoenix Order Leader

Vaiselle Bell - Dean of University - Diplomat/Ambassador



Rindel Lairame

Sir Arigonia Maxus

Lady Othella Maximov



(just a little info lol..)


edited for a little more

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Ok this is a pitiful representation that was done a long time ago. I have no excuse, I do CADD for a living lol. This was originally made for a fantasy/medievel type land but in making it for more recent times, I will soon change the Bard School to a University of Applied Sciences and Arts. I haven't even noted what equals a mile or more...just for a general idea of it..here is this pitiful thing..


user posted image


More info (for now) can be found on this thread..


Floxivid on this Thread


You can add it to the main map if you want...I suppose the land could connect with the mainlad at the end where Bally shores is (the sandy looking area). Floxivid does have a lot of port towns, however.

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