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The Republic of Pirilao

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Official Name: The Republic of PIRILAO


Capital City: Alentejo


Government type: Parliamentary Inoffensive Centrist Democracy


Number of Legislative Branches: 1, Members of Parliament (637)


Federalist or Unitary: Federalist


Provinces/Territories (if applicable): 10 districts


Formal Head of State: PIRILAO


Political Head of State: PIRILAO


Official Language: Portuguese Alentejano and English


Official Religion: None , life is a dream


Population: 1.493 billion


Major Minorities: Alentejanos , Algarvios and Alfacinhas


Separation of Powers: None

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At this moment!!!


Government Ideology: Live is a dream

Official language/s: Pirolense ( Portugu?s) , and translation Google biggrin.gif

National population/s: Pirol?s

Official capital/s: Alentejo

Official religion/s: atheistic, atheistical.


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