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The Grand Commonwealth of Damak Var

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Official Name: The Grand Commonwealth of Damak Var

Capital City: Avantine

Government type: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Government Branches: The Grand Council of the Thirteen Proud Provinces

Federalist or Unitary: Federalist, each province elects a consul to be part of the Grand Council.

Provinces/Territories (if applicable): 13 provinces

Formal Head of State: The High Executor

Political Head of State:The Grand Council of the Thirteen Province

Official Language: English

Official Religion: None

Population: 1.55 million (right now)

Major Minorities: None

Currency: The Nitch "/\/"

Separation of Powers: The Grand Council appoints a High Executor to manage day to day affairs and carry out the will of the Grand Council. The High Executor appoints his own Executors to run each government department. Though they have the right to replace him and his cabinet at any moment.

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Behold, the thirteen provinces of Damak Var (the name of the province is the name of their largest and capital city which are marked by black dots). Much of the population live in the suburb outskirts and well populated counties outside the city. As well as some large towns and villages in the countryside. There are a few protected wildlife reserves. When leaving the main cities and passing through the outskirts you will see hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of forest. Evergreen trees dominate the countryside creating a beautiful landscape. The peninsula in the east is the only flat land in Damak Var which serves as its agricultural center.


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Important Areas


Avantine (Vonrickover)


This city was renamed to its original name preceding the fall of the old fascist regime. It the capital of the nation and the largest city in all of Damak Var. In it there are countless skyscrapers, as well as a very efficient public transportation system. The city also happens to be the financial center of the country.





Another skyscraper infested city. Many information technology and software companies are based in Alesia. Avantine and Alesia have been vigorously competing against each other in business for over three hundred years with a slight pause during the time of Emperor Imbel.


Durimanica, Wallerton, Northern Selfax, and Southern Selfax (The Peninsula Cities)


All agriculture products of the nation come from these four provinces. The Peninsula Cities are small, low crime, and generally pleasant.


Cascade, Covingtal, Ravensdale and Blenheim


These cities first began as small fishing villages but grew into something even larger. Today they host the largest of all Varian fishing fleets, and have grown other industries as well. Deeper the these provinces towards the center of the island the altitude grows higher, creating some of the coldest regions in Damak Var.


Kenland, Renwick, and Gannington


Southern cities are the countries largest manufacturing centers the most prominent being Renwick. All Southern cities however are poorer cities, with a higher crime rate. High levels of smog and pollution in the air have made these cities a very unpleasant place to visit.

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