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This guide will help you create the story of your nation.


Outlining a factbook


Let's start with a basic structure to help you create a more in-depth story of your nation. This will help others better understand you, and will help you discover more details while writing. We recommend including (some of) the following elements.

  1. Etymology - Where does your nation' name come from?
  2. Geography - What does your nation look like?
  3. History - How did your nation come to be?
  4. Government - Who is in charge of your nation?
  5. Military - How is your nation's safety ensured?
  6. Economy - How do your citizens earn their income?
  7. Demographics - More details about your citizens
  8. Culture - What do your people like doing?

Factbook encyclopedia


Other players have already written an extensive backstory about their own nation. Here you can find an easy index. The colours used here indicate either active nation (green), or former nation (gray).



Adaptus, The Grand Federal Kingdom of

Akiiryu, The Principality of





Haken Rider, The Gentlemen's Aristocracy of

Ide Jima, The Empire of



Jilderen, Archduchy of



Machina Haruspex, The Sovereign Imperium of

Orioni, The Beautiful Empire of





Tagmatium, The Greater Holy Empire of



Vanarambaion, The Holy Confederacy of

Vocenae, The Imperial Star Republic of


Note: Index will be completed in due time.

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Thanks Suv for building that index of factbooks. I can set these subforums so it is sorted alphabetically by name of the original submitter. That would avoid having to do any upkeep.

As for active vs inactive nations, I was thinking of just pinning the currently remaining ones, and letting everything else fill out underneath. All of this is, of course, open to discussion.

For rules: what did you have in mind?

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I've gone and added an iframe to the top of this forum, to capture all information that is now still hidden in separate threads. I have shared access with Suverina, and can do this for everyone else who wants to help out.

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