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Its ~Pot~!

Stoned Smurfs

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this is a post about, well... nothing. just want to rant and speak randomly so i figured, since the General Board said "just about anything" i'd give ya just about anything off the top of my dome. so here goes...


Stopped by at the request of some fellow MMRTA members and got high (well higher) and decided to type away!


For the newbies I am and old forum member and helped get the forums of her feet. Looks like they have kept it up great...


Orioni wants my body... <O-EDIT: NOT>


She can have it... <O-EDIT: DON'T WANT TO>


I have a very odd history with this place...


I have 222 dollars, weird all two's huh???


Wonder if when snails do it do they go all night because their good or slow???


whats up with non-acoholic beer???


i hope the Eagles win the super bowl...


i have stopped using caps...


want me to start again???






nope, sitll no...


look a typo!!!


im not fixin it, HA...


dang there was some caps again...


damn you caps, damn you...


me wooden leg Phil! ME WOODEN LEG!!!

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well i wasnt planning on any posting besides the MMRTA subject but when i get all this love i gotta hang out a little while. besides someone has sparked my interests.


got a new car, blew up my truck. got a 2004 Pontiac Gand Prix SE. its nice. two 7 and a half inch screens with a xbox/dvd in the panel. ill post a pic as soon as it stops snowing and i can clean her.


well off to smoke my christmas tree!


Orioni still wants me! <O-Edit: No she doesn't>


and i have alot of typos!


im not fixin them either!




damn caps!


me wooden leg Phil! ME WOODEN LEG!

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man is it me or is it a differnt kinda crowd round these parts?


wheres Phil BZ Van Karp and all the ones who made it fun?


the word association game has even been a little stale lately...


too many proper words and not enuff typos...


need more thugs...


or potheads...


or anyone that isnt wound up so tight...


wow, a thread where i talk to myself...


thats progress...

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hey, we're still around, Vans not on that often any more though, theres a new crowd arrived since ou left though, they're a good bunch mostly, don't make to much trouble (havn't been paying their pie tax though, <grumble grumble>)


welcome back though, i'm sure that not even Europa would want to kick you out, stick around, youre more than welcome

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lol, ahhh ~pot~ how i missed you.....


weve needed someone to shake this place up, hitting on Orioni, taking every chance possible to annoy Europa


heh, well, i'm sure EE will be back soon, weather to say helllo or just to get pissy we'll just have to see...

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Hitting on Orioni!? (she's hot) Well I NEVER! (i want her body) I am shocked that you would think that. (i would love 9 hours with her alone) I am very respectful and would never chase after a girl because she's hot. (chases Orioni)


ahh look its P-S! GROUP HUG!


wait, Phil, where's your hand?


YAY! TYPOS! and caps!

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*waves at pot with her new Glock 18C with laser*


Pot notices a little red dot on his chest, going lower and lower..


"If you ever try anything, I'll make sure you can't", Orioni says, while laughing wickedly.

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I've been busy the last few days. It's the week before the holidays, lots of work at school... I try to keep up with the forum, and I did noticed you're back, but the last thing I need is an argument...


A member of our regional government turned out to be an invader... This totally contradicted the basics of this region, which should be a safe haven. I gave you a choice between Europa and Den. You chose Den. That's a decision you've made, so take your responsability. I did not ban you, I did not eject you,.. Hell, I did never even told you to leave... Still you kept on saying I kicked you, and you even accused me of being a Den-member. blink.gif


You hardly can't expect me to be excessively enthousiastic when you left into excile blaming me for all what happened. huh.gif

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god damn EE shut up. all the rambling you do you gotta get tired huh? all im doing is posting and bringing a little humor to the boards. yea i said humor, i know you may not know what humor was even if it kicked you square in the nads.


who cares what decision i made or didnt make dude, read my posts its not about that. you need to loosen up and maybe put a blunt in the air, bro. if you havent noticed you're the only one who has had anything negative to say, well unless you take in account Orioni's last post lol.


i dont care about you, i dont care about the den, i dont care about the europa gov, im just here to help out my friends in the MMRTA (i got a few TGs to come and help) and to have fun with my people, ME WOODEN LEG PHIL, ME WOODEN LEG! if you dont want me here boot me, if not shut up. only thing i said was i was mad you hadnt said HI which you have still yet to do.


so in short, bite my ass and lighten up.




The People's Choice

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hmm, well, he's straight talker that for sure...

You'd be surprised what he says when not high.

shhh... be good O.


as for the above unedited comment i may have talked a little harsh but i meant everytihng i said. i didnt call EE out i just noted that he had not said hello. then here we go on this den, invader/defender crap. im not in the region so chill. im not in the gov so chill. im not even talking about anything like that so chill. im just here to post with some friends so again, chill.


as for my random ramblings here goes...



O has her hand on my butt...


im high...


i have 26 bucks to my name...


i hate the day before payday...


almost christmas...


im under the mistletoe O baby...


stay away Phil...



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